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what up everyone yogi here and if you can't tell the sickness is back doing challenges instead of sleeping it's cause the tonsillitis to return and it feels like I just swallowed my Raiders revenge anyway I'm not gonna let that hold me back especially today when I have the chance to tell you about Dragon City an awesome free game for Android and iOS sorry OE BlackBerry users out there it's time to upgrade are you sick and tired of waiting for the dragon eggs to hatch in fortnight we'll stop waiting and get dragon city today and collect hundreds of different cool dragons over time your dragons generate gold you use that gold to buy food that makes your dragons even stronger breeding different species of dragons allows you to unlock new ones I just unlocked this pure ice dragon with some sweet eyebrows you can also send your dragons out on quests and missions to unlock yourself some new buildings if you were thinking this was just a single-player game then think again there are different PvP modes where you can take your strongest dragons in to fight in leagues or in the arena that's not enough you can also fight your friends and show them who's boss got a Facebook suite connect your dragon city to your account with Facebook Connect dragon city has new events every week like this maze for example where you can unlock new dragons and collect cool items so if you want to download Dragon City today make sure to use my link in the description get it so the other day I was watching YouTube and I stumbled across this video T foo doing the no kills and no weapons challenge t food pretty much just sits there and eats the whole time while easily meeting this challenge I thought hey I also want to do that challenge I'm an above-average builder and a mediocre editor do these done way harder challenges so today I'm doing the no kills and no weapons challenge alright boys where we dropped in we obviously don't want to drop near anyone because we don't want to die Bob will try and make it exciting still and drop to dusty divot okay so if I'm gonna beat this my building and editing has to be on point ah shrimps the inferior Apple all right well that's max would already we get would rich Oh some items fell down and now this man wants to kill me I might just leave night he wants me he wants me oh no no no no no you go to the booty bump not today baby I got those builds I think I may have escaped him nope he's on my tail he wants me so bad he wants to be so bad yes someone else has taken nope he wants me that bad all right I'm out of it oh lucky cuz I ran out of materials it's probably best if I just avoid everyone I'm gonna do what I used to do back in the day and literally chop down the whole of dusty Depot I used to cut down all three warehouses back in the day people trying to interrupt my renovations oh god I just realized I've deleted all my cover it's looking quite spacious in here now though oh no this man wants to be dead come on manage try to renovate someone else killing please that's right you guys kill each other my work here is done you see me Oh you sold me alright going to be run oh yes perfect getaway planned what you'll never take me alive demo feels good to be a hamster hey I found a friend maybe he's doing the same challenge get off me get off me oh don't break my ball no Ron juvie all design.i wants me he's not gonna have me that I'm not gonna let him it's the last thing I do Ron Jogi Ron judy judy round juji juji juji I think I have literally escaped I think I actually escaped I made my materials back now just wasted so many okay it's getting tense now you know what if I beat this first game anyone that's using code T through watching this you have to switch to code Jogi but as soon as I say it goddamn as soon as I say it alright I have to have a better plan it's the last game I tried to land in the dangerous place dusty Depot and build in the face of danger obviously didn't work I'm now gonna go to junk Junction I'm gonna get full materials full shield a vehicle and then I'm probably gonna beat up this game in which case you have to switch to coach Ruby ha ha someone actually land here Oh am i what are the odds I suppose it was where the boss ended but still what that white sky going so hot at jump Junction getting out of here what the hell he's got balloons these Ashley oh my god what are you doing he's dancing uh you are a lucky little boy cuz you would be a slate now if I was picking up guns all right take two on the junk Junction area taking a hoverboard in case some guy wants to dance on me at junk Junction there is another guy there what wire people landing at junk Junction Oh a treasure map I'll be taking that that's a free jug job right there treasure okay perfect chug chug I'll be taking that shields and health are actually important this game because I won't be able to get shield or help from killing anyone Oh a vending machine oh that's what I'm talking about shoot oh yes that's what I'm talking about I need some campfire to the end game go more bandages I'm loving it imagine getting excited over bandages imagine leaving your hoverboard unattended for 30 seconds and it gets stolen Wow okay now for the most exciting thing you're gonna see until the end game me try to use a campfire on the ice oh oh give me the campfire why he wants me he's getting shot I'm getting out of here again seeks help from the campfire win wait is this an epic strat I think this is an epic strap around here okay perfect perfect get me up there get me up there get me up chill now chew no one is ever gonna see me up here if I stop swinging Juhi has the best strats in fortnight and now we wait how do you say that how do you say that Oh God someone else this man please haha okay third attempt I'm going to land in the jungle this time and this time gonna make sure I have 500 of each material before the end the end is all about positioning and that last game suit how are they people here and why they trying to kill me one thing go for each other oh my god they're all gone for me wait where is this guy going Scott just killed himself why is he done this could impose be classed as a weapon our ranged weapon can't use it what about a balloon nope that's consumable that's okay our bush is it a weapon no it's a consumable and I'm using it I'm gonna take gliders as well they will help me get out of a sticky situation I don't think they're a weapon either no they're not it's a banana here what that I killed him no it's the night use challenge what am i doing oh why have I killed the banana I bet I'll win this game now – I'm gonna finish it off just to see if I can practice my endgame building but I bet a whole win it now he's got a rocket launcher this has just become so much harder alright let's do it forget him here forget him here forget him here forget him here not maybe not I think you go to I yeah we got away almost had him whoa settle down son nah Oh mice I tried to block him with the ramp that game when he counted anyway but if I had of that was a pretty good attempt I think we can get it next game alright Game five we're back in we're looking pretty good I've actually got full materials this time just waiting on this juicy little airdrop see if I can't get something nice out of it and there is someone here tries to do my airdrop boy oh where am I going Oh which way ever gone which way my god oh you will never get this you will never get this this guy looks pretty nervous I'm gonna try and steal night he wants it he wants it I'm gonna try and steal his materials no oh I'm definitely stealing his bowl off to that later die destroy your iron ball oh god I'm gonna need a fresh bowl oh oh yes nein nein nein I do not get the do you bring it nein nein nein nein and I can't kill you with it Julie loves apples why do I have so many spectators I haven't killed anyone okay here's that teddy bear familiar go back they can fight they can fight only three left three left it's the bear and that other guy on the down fighting down there that's so good for me I can block them off I can block them off if they try to come up ah that's still in the zone kill each other kill each other kill each other oh he got him wait that was the guy who won last game he just killed him okay Beavis the teddy bear whose ball I stole before he's mad he wants revenge they always have an RPG at the end and a basic my life very hard as this guy tries to come up I'm gonna block him he's gonna die I think he got up yeah he got up damn it yeah he's got the high ground no he doesn't yeah I need to get him some out four four four no I did they always have the RPG they always have the RPG now this is a good endzone to do this challenging because it's some uneven ground you do not want it to be an open end zone because you want you can't build on people these one is perfect they have to go up as well as across all that zone still on the mountain it's how the ball goes yeah I swear I always run into other people at balls what is happening why does this always happen whoa whoa that was some epic speed that was I have never gone that fast in a ball before let's try that again I kind of want someone to kill it come up and kill this ball guy because he's gonna just kill me when it stopped – its cat on me it's a cat in the house okay these guys are fighting good who is this man he's just here the whole time and there's a cat in this house hey cat I need the Red Riding Hood to kill the other guy I need him to make the ultimate sacrifice oh no the capitalist the cat doing the chats going for him Go Red Riding Hood kill him Red Riding Hood come on Red Riding Hood go for the Q yes Red Riding Hood he killed the good guy I love this Red Riding Hood now he's killing the cat Seifert right right I think he might become he's just dancing kill me he's not even trying to kill me just try and kill me please why isn't he trying to kill me I did try and kill me now he's gone for me now he's gone for me now he's gone for me top-7 sitting pretty as well got a good inventory great materials max materials I mean you couldn't get any better okay we're down to four left all the circles back over there I may have a chance because I have a launch pad three left ones above me and one is over there do some price grim stuff here it's gonna burn my materials though oh god I got a guy got it this guy does not have it yes this guy's gonna try and get out this guy's gonna it's got gonna die this old come on come on Tookie yes I did it I finally did it yes Dewey vector ded yo Judy Wow oh my god yeah hey hey you like that map boost a food cuz Judy loves these apples well hope you guys enjoy watching the night kills night weapon challenge if you did hit the light please subscribe heaps you watch my videos you're not subscribed please subscribe use code Doogie in the items store and I'll see you when I'm looking that job

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43 thoughts on “Joogie VS Tfue 's 0 KILLS & NO WEAPONS CHALLENGE

  1. Have you guys seen any other challenges on YouTube that you want to see me try? I've got some good original ideas, but I need more! β“β”πŸ‘½

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  2. joogie me and my brother share an acount my name is HereComesSim i used code joogie πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

  3. I downloaded dragon city when I was younger and i used so many gift cards after just using one 1 hour ago I dropped my tablet that was cracked and broke it so I had to get a new (was a cheap tablet that I got when I was 4

  4. Joog u can take a baller off the edge and then dance on kids snd get joogie with it thats how i get dubs whike using code joogie

  5. Well done Joggie I tried the challenge, but a lowlife name WiFI-Lowground or something killed me while I was in a baller just rolling and doing nothing to anybody. I am just glad the lowlife did not win that round. Thank good I had 3 dynamite to chuck at him so the last guy easily took him out

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