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Killing Mothers In America: Vaccination!

this is American heretic funded by you please put a couple dollars into the PayPal vaccination is a eugenics project that is it is meant to improve the health of the species before sickness arrives we're supposed to be taking blood and pus from cows baka cows and other animals and in stabbing it into ourselves a man named Edward Jenner did this he took pus and blood from animals and stabbed it into people there was human cry during his period he was called a fraud and a blood poisoner much as we call Andy Wakefield a fraud for not believing in vaccinations but let's think about that for a moment there were other George Bernard Shaw there you know called it fraud called it blood poisoning there were many good minds at the time saying this isn't working there were people in towns in america and england who said we're not going to do the blood pus stab that seems to increase the rates of illness and febrile fever illness and in fact amputations and in fact the same illness that you say you're protecting us from we seem to be getting more of and worse they did something called sanitation they quarantined the sick they gave them clean fresh water they gave them clean fresh sheets they separated the effluence the stuff that comes out of us and out of the houses from the influx the clean water that comes in the houses and they found that they were able to grind their smallpox rates down to almost nil if not no that's zero very very very close while everybody who was doing vaccinations had huge outbreaks it was noted in standard medical journals at the time that they were that the smallpox and even though the the Pasteur driven rabies vaccine campaigns were huge failures in many ways nevertheless it's stuck it became more well rarefied codified they began to take to machine it better you know to disguise it more so they would take little elements from the pus and blood and then mix that with water alcohol and put some metals into it and then inject people with that we seem to be having a problem with that now the eugenics movement has always been problematic it always reflected a desire to have people in perfect health as a society not really as individuals but as a group and that kind of groupthink well we never really do well when we do that kind of groupthink you can go back to the old Hebraic Judea 613 prescriptions against not doing anything that doesn't revolve around tribal identity you can see a lot of problems there in terms of applying it to an entire world of people there are always tribal ideas that don't work when you make them international and a lot of what we're doing in medicine seems to be that but there's something dark underneath isn't there I want to talk about how you can kill a family just by hurting one child now we live in a society in which eugenics is you know prohibited we're a society that says that it doesn't believe really an abortion we certainly don't believe in infanticide but we seem to be killing a lot of children anyway don't we we seem to be killing a lot of children slowly and this is the trick the medical establishment has learned to practice a very dark eugenics the kind that came up in the 19-teens 20s 30s came through Cold Spring Harbor Institute in the United States in New York jumps the pond – well Germany who found it a very valuable tool – getting rid of people scientifically ethically that they didn't like by sterilizing them we sterilized hundred hundreds of thousands of people worldwide probably millions but certainly hunted hundreds of thousands of people worldwide from the period of the teens all the way up to about well the late 80s I think we were still doing medical sterilizations under eugenic purposes some people are really outraged by this all societies have eugenic strains in all tribal societies children who are not going to make it are not fed and they don't become part of the tribe when you reach a certain point of infirmity you may be cared for if you offer extraordinary gifts to the tribe but if you can't you're allowed to wither and go away we are not not an entirely lovable species at all times we have many dark components that just have to do with survival in limited resources but right now we don't really have limited resources in terms of food we may be running lower on oil so why are we killing all of the children in America slowly oh but we're not we're vaccinating them just like we did in well England when the smallpox rates went up after vaccination which were protested we're not killing children are we well no we're just wounding them and that is how you kill a family these days because we're all isolated in our little two-person life pods we're not allowed to reach to each other or we're considered some sort of you know aberrant communist sinner or something like that trying to retry belies America be Hippias and rely on each other a little bit to know where our food and water come from which is of course unamerican because our food and water come from Monsanto and Nestle but don't we know that Cod how could we be so stupid as to mistrust the giant corporations that control all of the resources no no we're not permitted to get out of the two-person lifeboat and put ourselves into a local community in which were actually bonded together know where our food and water come from and interact with each other in a meaningful more meaningful level than asking if we've seen the last episode of The Walking Dead is there a metaphor somewhere in there and so we kill children no but we're not allowed to kill them because that's of course eugenic or really just cold-hearted and tribal and well it's anti-life and we have to be pro-life so you know you're not allowed to kill children so you can just wound them just wound them enough so that the mother knows that she's going crazy the mother who is attached to the well-being of the child feels that she's part of having wounded her child she brought him to the doctor she carried him out because he had fainted or she had fainted or she was no longer feeling okay she drove her child home and the child began to not seem to be the same child and the mother slowly goes crazy going am I crazy there's something wrong here and so this she turns on this terrible terrible devil machine called the internet and she sees thousands and thousands and thousands of pages medical articles other mothers in the same boat this happened because of vaccinations and her whole world begins to crack and crumble I believed in this I believed in this I believed in this I believed in this how could out and then she did it it's her fault she did it she knows she did it in her heart begins to crack and be filled with blackness and fear that she broke her child before her child had a right to even be a person and she wants to say something and she screws up the courage to say something and she timidly posts on some website and Here Come the Psychopaths there's or Orrock or whatever and Tara Smith and all the people from the scientists like the scientist or supports I were so bored with you you stupid mothers we're so bored with you we know your child passed out but that was just a normal side effect and you're fine and autism is just occurring for mysterious reasons that have to do with your genetic failures don't you know that you stupid anti science and then it comes out you stupid anti science bitches and these women sit at home play my god these people are attacking me and I'm terrified am I wrong am I wrong I might be wrong I'm just you know I'm just a housewife I'm just a mother I just have a degree in English I just have a degree in business I just have a degree in something but they're the scientists so I'm gonna keep reading maybe I'm wrong I'm gonna try every diet in the world I'm gonna try every single fucking diet in the world I'm gonna try everything in the world everything in the world to try to help my child my god it seems to be the vaccine some of them aren't convinced then they take them for the second vaccine and that's when their child completely falls back and never speaks a word again of the from the from the place that they once were developing and then they go holy motherfucking shit it was the vaccines and then they go and they read and they go oh my god there was an anti vaccine movement in the 1800s there were people calling it blood poisoning in 1800s my god that the smallpox rate went up in towns where they were 100% vaccinated against smallpox God they used blood and pus in this fucking shit ah fuck you calling me an anti-science bitch fuck you and then they get mad and then they get political and they come out and they want it to be different they want it to change but meanwhile their husbands don't quite know what to do oh my god am i married to an anti-science crazy person what do i do and let me go please honey please don't turn away right now please don't turn away right now and the dads are going to work and the mother cannot work anymore because the child is request the child is regress tan doll the mother can do is stay home and take care of the child and the father goes to work and he's working I don't know and maybe he's one of the good ones who believes a little bit and has that thing that mystery human component that mystery human component that you cannot put in with a pill it's called compassion I'm gonna read this stuff and I have friends like my friend Eric Lyon who dutifully reads this stuff my friend Scott Taylor who dutifully reads this stuff and they know and they read it and I go holy fucking shit it was the vaccines and now they're in this two-person lifeboat and they're trying desperately to help the child who was wounded and they know that the mother who is the most attached to the child is dying somewhere in her heart on the inside because she can't do anything about it you can't my friend April my friend one of my best friends in the world April used to run truther talk has a very vaccine damaged child and she needs your help now she needs your help now to fund some new interventions because her child is getting older and bigger and we have read the news reports about what happens when these kids get older and bigger and there is nobody to help because nobody believes and you're fighting the school and you're fighting the fucking religious school you're fighting like my friend Alicia she's fighting the religious school these god damn it and if you don't think that if Jewish people are gonna understand what eugenics is then who the fuck is gonna understand what eugenics is and everybody is fighting these battles quietly and they're all dying or hearts are being blackened by this plague that was brought on by a eugenic medical infrastructure that totally misunderstands what it's doing doesn't understand biology won't read actual data and health won't ask the most important question in the world what the what is in a vaccine and what are the individual ingredients due to the human body it's not bloody rocket science it's simple metabolic biology you fuckers it's simple metabolic biology and in Terris Maasai science blogs or Rock oh you're an anti science bitch fucking anti science bitches I'll know Bryan dear fuck you you're not allowed to say that giving people 17 vaccines at once might cause problems fuck off and there are very very few of us who at weirdo Outsiders you know here who I don't believe we're incredibly monogamous because I think we're a tribal species I don't believe in the Big Bang Theory because it was invented by a priest guys like me very much on the outside then there's jeffrey jackson hardheaded tough-minded reporter the last of his breed Celia Farber Hart had a tough-minded reporter last of her breed bleeding heart cares about everything you've got Jon Rappoport who sees through the lies you got Mike Adams who sees through the lies none of us are perfect none of us are funded who the fuck is out there saying they're not anti science bitches you're murdering the mothers of America by killing their children slowly who's saying it what's gonna happen when we run into a low energy society where we don't have the resources to continue to run trucks all over the land diesel trucks oh if you don't think that's a problem look at peak oil go ahead look at peak oil peak coal see what's happening in the oil market see what's happening in the coal market in China see what's happening it's a decline see what happens when it's you can't go to the store to buy all of the shit that we buy and we actually have to live more locally we actually have to live locally like my friend jenny is trying to do by building some gardens with her kids who are damaged by goddamn fuckin vaccines I want to suggest to the anti-vaccine movement when to the pro vaccine movement that we're not going to survive in little nucleated pods the eugenics movement is more or less been successful in killing a lot of people slowly it's dragging the mothers of America who understand this down into a very black hole from which there is no escape alone we're not going to be able to get out of it alone we're going to have to you vaccine moms are going to have to get together and abandon the single family home I absolutely mean that you're going to have to live with other people so that there's not just one mom watching one broken child at a time there are several moms watching several of the kids trying to do their best knowing they may never come out of it entirely still not abandoning enough to the wolves and not allowing them to be taken down the black hole and not allowing your other children to be taken down because you have no time to do anything but care for the broken ones we're not going to get out of this mess alone and if we're not thinking seriously about developing communities around our infirmities and our weaknesses then we're not thinking seriously at all we're in a really really really really bad spot and if we don't join together a little bit we're not gonna make it my name is Liam chef my book is official stories you can support any of the people I've mentioned by finding them ginger Taylor's work April bones work truth or talk sorry if I'm leaving anybody out but every every other person I've mentioned everybody you can support their work it's for mine whatever buy a book throw a couple dollars into the PayPal but find some people to start to Co house with share kitchens know where your food and water come from and get serious about surviving this impending disaster see you next time

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15 thoughts on “Killing Mothers In America: Vaccination!

  1. I seen and heard him before from somewhere not just your podcast. I wished that God would have allowed him more time. Time is short. He did use his time well though, if he still has someone like you sharing his essence. This and Liam was appreciated.

  2. i want to share this over and over. but I have been attacked several times for my posts! RIP ❤ you are genius

  3. I understand you are right I feel for all of humanity I wish people could be on the same page and understand what reality is , we are so screwed on so many fronts , our technology has far out run our humanity

  4. There's a reason as to why they want you disarmed, like everything else IT'S A TRAP! Vaccines are A TRAP, 5G is A TRAP, the Public FOOL SYSTEM IS A TRAP …..they want you disarmed because like what it says on the Georgia Guidestones THEY WANT US DEAD, and that's a fact!

  5. I was agreeing until he started cussing and rambling and dismissing religion when it’s all man’s fault

  6. Yes he was…! I think his best interview was on caravan to midnight. my children and myself miss his presence immensely. R.I.P. Liam…!

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