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Kung Fu Stretches : Kung Fu Hamstring Stretch

Hello, I’m Sifu Mallon with the Clearwater
Kung Fu Center. This is my assistant, Melissa, and this is stretching Kung Fu for Health.
This next stretch is going to be a lying down stretch. So Melissa, let’s go ahead and get
onto the floor and lay flat onto your back. OK, this stretch is going to be mainly working
on your hamstring. So this is a comfortable way to get a nice good stretch throughout
your hamstring. Melissa’s going to go ahead and take her right leg and she’s going to
pull her foot in nice and close to her buttocks. Nice and flat on the floor. Now at this point
you’re going to lift your left leg straight up, Melissa, to the ceiling. Now here, the
first three seconds of the stretch you just want to use to muscles, right, to kind of
pull your foot to where you can get it. Alright? Well, after you’ve done this you’re kind of
warmed up into the action. You’re going to take your hand and you can grab to the back
of the thigh to the calf and if you can, you can even grab the foot. Wherever you grab
you want to maintain your legs straightened. You want to make sure to breathe. Now you’ll
notice here, if you keep the hips down onto the floor, it makes the stretch a little more
difficult for you. You don’t have such a range of motion. To increase the range of motion,
Melissa, go ahead and lift your hips up a little bit and pull inward toward you. And
you’ll see that as she did this, right, she gains more mobility and more range of motion
in the hamstring here. Again, you want to make sure to remember your breathing, nice
and controlled. And you want to hold this stretch in the beginning anywhere fifteen
to thirty seconds working up to a full minute. This is how we do the lying down hamstring
stretch Kung Fu for Health.

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