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LAUGHING after every kill I get in Fortnite: Battle Royale

today is another stupid video I'll be laughing after every kill I get in for tonight enjoy the video yo what's up men how are you how do you like the new update and for tonight yeah you get that extra health huh yeah I like that too what do you want to drop it what do you think that how do I sound like a youtuber I'm just a kid playing for tonight trying to have some fun you feel me you kind of sound like a youtuber its she bush yeah you got that youtuber voice you're pretty young to be a youtuber yeah doesn't matter how young you are bro I'm done I'm ten years old none and I had pure video 9 it's weird oh wow yeah I know people make fun of me for it even my mom makes fun fun of me I'm not gonna make you like it my voice no to like me do I like being made fun of yeah your mom they just mess around you know like they like really mess with me it gets to my feelings yeah I'm not gonna thank you man how old are you oh so great yeah well you seem pretty mature for an eight-year-old it's someone over here come in after I take this six ready go I know don't don't go don't go but I've been the news for you oh you do yeah I just it's more people over here I got one be careful wait I killed him oh my God he's actually dead my god I killed him no the guy that was hiding he's dead oh are they gonna finish I got him [Laughter] I can't breathe oh my god why you laugh so much when you get kills I don't know man the way they just die is just too funny yes yeah isn't it funny for you to like oh my god wait why come on man laugh with me bro that was too funny man did my chest really hurt after that oh my god won't they get after this how do you accept friend requests on for tonight um do you have any friend no I don't have any friends no people in your family that can help you uh I could ask my mom but she's just gonna make fun of me why she's gonna say look at this 10 year old playing for at night ha ha ha that's what she always says to me can you talk to my mom and tell her that she's wrong for saying that yeah sure you will yeah bro thank you man mom mom okay I think she's on her way wait so what do you have again on the face face yeah a beer muscles a six-pack hey what how do you talk like that like what is that cold a microphone no like how you talk is a cold voice chat no your wait what it was yeah voice job no your real voice like hell like why do you why don't what's that thing called because you don't have regular voice a voice changer hmm okay nevermind wait I'm sorry wait what are you trying to say um why didn't you like first said like everybody makes fun of you because your voice what is that called oh I'm a squeaker oh that's a squeak person with the high voice oh it's fine with me oh my god building up woman denna don't leave what if she dies I got him both oh my god ha ha oh my god they're dead it's funny right oh my god it's funny how you just like this boy I know right there is so bad at the game just so funny how you destroy them yeah I know so you think it's funny too huh yeah there we go do people thinks funny um no not really they make fun of me for like whenever I laughs they're like be quiet you weirdo this is why you're ten years old I'm just like I'm sorry no should I say that to my mom no I wouldn't say to your mom but like can you say to my mom though no no no I'll just I'll just say don't laugh at your son that's rude doesn't matter if he has a squeaky voice were all the same thanks man I appreciate it give a Mike Ronnie Ronnie whoa these beans are you the real deal beans are you the real Dean beans right now no I'm just a fan you are the real Dean beans oh my are you recording no I'm just playing for fun right now oh can you record uh no I'm not in the mood okay but can i friend you how do you friend people in for tonight oh ha ha ha you're trolling yeah all right what do I drop you what you choose you are the my favorite youtuber in the world you troll everybody with your brother you brought brother rose it's kids also funny oh it is thanks man I subscribe you are my favorite yeah thanks no I appreciate that Thank You Barrow oh you know I was supporting – I'm the I'm supporting a creator and it's year really yeah yo I was I I'm always playing man and do this so I could be in the same game as you and I'm finally in the same game as you are you sure you only play random duelist again into my game yeah or like anybody can youtuber but I want to go into your game Oh sawsan then I want you to friend me so badly you're my favorite make sure you guys use creator codeine beams in the item shop thanks for watching the video I love you guys and I'll see you guys next time peace thank you for watching didn't beans video don't forget to leave a like if you enjoyed it and subscribe who are what you wanna sleep at night ok bye bye see you next time

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21 thoughts on “LAUGHING after every kill I get in Fortnite: Battle Royale

  1. i like the end of ur videos xD. "thank you for watching deanbeans videeio and like if you enjoyed and subscribe or i will watch you sleep at night HAaHAHahahaHAHaHAHa"

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