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his ninjas gonna win ninjas the best player in the world he's gonna win we need to clap this door and I get the gaming Oh bro trying to pick up Jones's incredibly put happen I'm just minding some brick and it's taking bloody two years like you're good enough to play these guys oh I am I'm the biggest all right I'm the biggest pot no say yeah yeah this is tough for me kind of like me so you should be good this is kind of like memes can I somehow beat them with memes I don't think that's possible I don't think you bait World Cup doers did memes did okay how am i beating a World Cup do over this damn oh dear hey they're not just a World Cup joyed they're freaking qualified solo duo and done multiple damn good a crossbar oh well I mean freakin yeah can I can I find a damn gun that I could possibly kill someone with please I'm on 300 ping I'm a damn charity why'd we go here this place is awful because I was scared I'm not gonna how do you push me okay we're gonna by the time we go into the map everyone's gonna be dead I've got a big shield here for ya that's gonna make sure all right here give me give me give me come here oh all right so our mission now is to foreign weapons what are they on right now right there only we're doing great this is easy we're only one kill behind so far on Europe service easy class oh my gosh dude yeah oh my god there's a chest over here I'm getting awful I still haven't seen a shotgun I have a gray a cane a gray I have a deagle and a revolver I don't even have an oh yeah oh there we go infantry rifles are actually sick on ping though sir thank you madam yes famous name is the a K yeah anything just kind of dinkum with it's trying to hit continuous shots that's hard on ping so you need those big hitters yes I am straight by the way chat but it's for a good cause I'm trying to beat ninja we're beating ninja try to beat ninja here oh and I need to get into the same lobbyist ninja and tell him how much I love his underwear that is my mission okay I would I just need a fucking shotgun we got a guy cuz do with so done we're not cooked I don't have a shot I haven't Minnie got a dude don't worry bro forget the same do I have to get it tattooed on me for you okay they've got a bunch of kills that's bad but I will say in general let's start getting out of here let's for me it's gonna beat sweat any day of the week chief we'll be fine we're on European servers they so that's how it's gonna work in Friday for nine right we're gonna go on to OCA servers after this and get four to five kills each each cuz I have ninja wear on my head and anyone who's willing to wear ninja underwear on the head you don't fuck with them alright they're hardcore motherfucker I gotta stop swearing yeah you gotta stop that it's a it's a YouTube stream that's why I said Frick before you know let us you know that was swear on a YouTube stream yes we will beat them with memes oh my gosh dude I just want a shotgun that's all I want you'll be right fresh sea fresh you're the best player in the world no that's not you can make up for a couple of sweaty boys one of them Powderly a fish right he's literally a fish suckers you know right he's a fish with a damn keyboard there your pains man there's a reason why we escaped to those people oh my gosh look my loadout is an infantry rifle a revolver a minigun five minis and glider redeploy there's a four-minute delay I'm sorry there's a four-minute delay I can't really interact guys that breaks my heart but it's a rule everyone put in you know cam made us use a four minute delay okay what do they get their only way to kill onon Lynam wait up oh I'm taking my free shot all right so I'm gonna yeah no shit kid it's the brackets we're in Friday fortnight right now so it's two games yeah you're competing against the other bloke for the most kills over those two games now these are the best players in the world so it's gonna be tough oh god there's bills dear we can't bridge dude I'm Aiman fresh completely now we're gonna destroy it so our adversaries can't follow us bro series followers stretch we are good what are you worried about I'm leeching the damn shotgun from the wish you over there I might be your dad I have been around once again I will read all super chats at the end of the game it's just too hard while we're sweating this hard oh fuck the Zarin dude you know why don't you tell me yes come on what I know I thought you know cuz you're running with me no no I was following you there's a launch come come to the drones the launch pad right here I will see now you didn't call that oh my god just even trying to build a ramp up here my one mod has had his parents revoke his internet access so I'm living big f d XD okay okay we're now behind by eight kills that's okay well let's a learnin come with me we're gonna find paper to laminate we're gonna get this shotgun so we have shotguns yeah I'm still Raoul we're gonna get to do it right off the bat we're gonna be right mate we're gonna do whatever it takes to first look at them we're a hundred up what we're good on health look at two hundred health there they start to get lower you know they start new that's just hope the pressure someone comes by and dumps ISM real quick no they're not from people with traps all right yeah they're literally trap killing people okay I have a minigun in close to a single soul of my there's someone in the slipstream oh I tagged a 51 Oh in another 50 tired to free I didn't even get a shot off let's rush a full 150 total damage over there I hope they they're basing on let's run at him oh I think him 400 let's go let's go let's go I'm running they're tagged dude they're so tired going I'm going you don't have to tell me they European players they suck at the game no that's not how it works okay I tried the minute I got hit the rest fresh hits the rest ninja ninja bring me back oh god it's lagging how are we good dude we got I got a campfire go minis now I got mini like I'm eating some good what's a big show there I know you popped a big yet yeah give me the campfire I'm popping bigs is there any sure you use that damn minigun right good have some more liar that minigun will be good come on I'll take this shorty oh yeah I got a combats right oh we good we they're getting so far ahead we gotta go oh shit they get so many kills many Yona Yona alright let's go hit me with them I'm not stressing I'm just trying to get your ass is all about being patient man how do you not remember that which I'll have a look at some great boys all right runnin I'm split from you and I need your ass anyway how do I get into the slipstream you build up to it okay let's go go and fresh I'll save you we will verse ninja come down the slipstream we need to find the bots while they where's their time on the sweats say I have one kill yep we re there in 15 and we're three so we're on even more fun as many as we can get wait for mine stop worrying River dude oh there's garnets report here alright there's no one back oh wait is that a purse all there's people at the bridge here if we want to jump up grab them I'm pulling back a little bit okay lag is a beautiful thing alright so apparently I didn't hit him at all lag is a beautiful thing alright Fred oh they're everywhere did I forgot we're doing squats hundred tag 1 100 I'm just trying not to get Bane trying to play support oh my god just freakin lag when I'm building bro okay so the thing I said I didn't want to do here's the thing I did London you've put me in quite the pickle here like you'll press you'll be fired up and I got one combat it all right look okay maybe I'll Reza's maybe they'll come back and Reza's you don't know oh oh that was a great time me there'll be a bunch of good boys and they will resurrect us you never know great fun you don't know apparently my super chat thing has crashed so I can't actually reason great fun I've crashed the super chat system so that's that's epic I literally can't read of my cards look look coming for our cards oh they come for our cards what's coming overnight the enemies they come to bring us back bring it back make this a fair competition yeah you you won't bring us back you might do it what the heck eighty thousand viewers you you aren't resurrect us you know in the spirit of competition wait you scared you scared we're gonna clap oh no say hey yo there Anita Watson OCE right now so they're gonna be my ninja underwear and got no chance against this shit look at this oh my gosh please don't say anything that could destroy your career don't worry there's a four-minute delay I can I can just quickly kill the vibe don't worry you can do this wait I appreciate you and your belief in me but it's not looking good commit give me what are they on there on 23 right we're on three so we needed them to dice the band get like a 30 bonded they're out there already there's ten more limbs on the table form oh well this was a fun first right so guys I'm gonna hop off guys enjoy loses gets around reverse ninja Iver sees guys every freakin week okay this may be the one time when memes don't beat sweat when the sweaty boys are literally qualified doesn't win sometimes it's just same streams nothing but I died good like I'm trying to realize that 27 where 24 behind then they get in cats 7 more limbs broken for me I want to shout out to Blake Beca these are the only ones I can say I'm really sorry venomous girl by the way and skull boy Taber cat I love you thank you I love you too shoutout to Jace Murphy he says I watch all your videos I appreciate you dude sorry it seems like the super chat thing has literally broken it's it's it's a screenshot it's literally crashed if people are doubting me it's literally crashed Baroda 85k viewers that is fat as hell I appreciate you all I haven't even seen me die yet oh they're only just about to start what should we die lane number one person streaming Friday for now right now by the way yes we beaten injuring who gives a shit hey panini this is how I cope with my sadness that we're getting fucking destroyed right now my viewers are gonna drop the moment I die there you watched I'm about to get sniped on stream and watch me get sniped on stream right now hey Jason come in here me and Jason Jason will get me through this boys don't worry me and Jason we're gonna get through it we're gonna get through a boys yeah to be careful I was near a bridge could have pulled a PewDiePie yeah what's my feelers died now that I died but you know what the real ones stay true the real ones hang out in the stream all right see how far ahead are they my super chats are literally broken I feel terrible I shout out to cash boy 25 or love your vids I love you dude I have to literally click on them in the chat I have to click on them in the chat for want to zoom so I'm really sorry I'm I will find a way to try and read them later I'm really sorry but probably we just best not to donate because I can't read them I appreciate your support but probably best not to just waste your dollars do I have any news on if ninjas freaking lost I mean alex is probably tell I will do my research we're gonna be anyone behind let no savage literally drop to 21 savage drop to 20 bomb Benji's got 12 33 right now and wear it wear it wear it they got oh and last guy is dancing last guy is like a stream stop up that's it all up disqualified is full of they've been using streams knife is this whole time they will roleplay you guys been using stream snipers this whole time to get those kills Oh clearly that's it I'm gonna call okay disqualification is how you qualify for walk up to our bet that's it oh no no yeah I'm not denying you with 30 kills behind any claps you don't believe in yourself that's my secret

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