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Learn the Evolution of Cannabis Strains with Master Ent

Here is a puppet and tree joke for you. What
type of tree fits in your hand? A palm tree. Greeting and welcome to vape wisdom, I am
master ent. Lets talk about the evolution of cannabis strains and the new species that
is recently discovered. So you might be updated with all the new cannabis strains and what
not but to date there are only three species of the beloved cannabis plant known to man.
Cannabis indica, the body numbing relaxing buzz high. Cannabis Sativa, the laugh your
ass off for no reason, cerebral head high and finally cannabis ruderalis. Which unlike
its cousins has very little THC value and does not flower based on the light cycle but
rather the plants maturity. Over the recent times in cannabis history, there have been
many groundbreaking crosses between the two most common species. Indica and Sativa. Whether
they are breed together to create hybrids, or with one another to create monster sativa
or indica. This has been a technique widely used by talented growers and breeders to dial
in the exact experience you are looking for. These crosses do not qualify as new species
though, just a cross breed between the species. Thank you for watching this episode of vape
wisdom, I am master ent and be sure to subscribe for more vaporization content.

Cesar Sullivan

One thought on “Learn the Evolution of Cannabis Strains with Master Ent

  1. couldnt we find a way to find the part of the seed that makes sativa grow tall and take that put it in indica to get more buds from indica or switch it and do it to sativas?

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