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Leg Exercises & Workouts : How to Do Hamstring Leg Exercises

Hi, my name is Katie Bowers with Expert Village
and we’re working on legs today; toning and tightening and firming those legs. We’re going
to focus on hamstrings. So I’m getting back onto my all fours and I’m just lifting my
heels straight up to the ceiling. You want to start with contracting the abs. Always
start with your core, you want this to be tight before you begin because you’ll fall
over like I just did. Lift that heel straight up to the ceiling. I’m going to lift, I’m
going lift a few up, just get a little bit warmed up. Then I’m going to hold. When I
say a few, I really mean 15, I just do 2 when I say that, probably 3 more but fifteen. So
say we did 15, hold it and then pulse it. You’ll go 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. Then
extend the leg, hold it again, bring that heel into your glute and then relax. Then
do the same thing on the other side. Oh boy! Lift the heel. Now notice I’m flexing the
foot, you don’t really need to point it, just keep it nice and flex. Lift with the heel.
Again, abs should be tight, lift and squeeze. After 3 more which means 15 more, hold and
pulse 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold. Push that leg out, squeeze.
You feel that through your leg, bring it back in and relax. Do about 3 sets of 15 of those
and you’ll be golding. Okay, so don’t make sure you’re not, you don’t need to point your
toe, just make sure it’s nice and flexed. So I’m lifting with the heel, not the toe.
Cause when you lift with the heel, you’re going to feel that in the back of your legs.

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25 thoughts on “Leg Exercises & Workouts : How to Do Hamstring Leg Exercises

  1. The hamstrings cross two joints, the hip joint and the knee joint. Because the origin of these muscles is the ischial tuberosity, the small bony projection on the bottom of the pelvis, just below the buttocks and the insertion is on the tibia and fibula, they hamstrings have two functions, to flex the knee AND to extend the hip. So, unfortunately mongobarn, you are incorrect. The demonstrated exercise is definitely exercising the hamstring musculotendinous group with hip extension.

  2. @JpeltakaCyberBeast
    Au contraire. The hamstrings help extend the hip and are responsible for flexion (bending) of the knee. The quadriceps are responsible for knee extension. So, to answer your question, the hamstrings do not decelerate knee flexion, the quadriceps do. Muscles work as agonist/antagonist pairs. The quadriceps as agonists can accelerate the rate of knee extension while the hamstrings act as antagonists and can help decelerate that knee extension.

  3. @JpeltakaCyberBeast
    The leg extension machine as potential cause of injury or pain from overuse, is a very lively debate that has not been resolved scientifically. However, emg testing has shown activity in the vastus lateralis and vastus medialis are stimulated in greater measure with squats than with the leg extension machine. More shear forces on the ACL present with the legex machine, so use moderation. Leg curls are very valid, but google "Razor Curl" as a more effective hamstring exercise.

  4. @JpeltakaCyberBeast
    That's good, most runners ignore hamstrings until they pull. Flexibility in the hamstrings is key, so warm up dynamically before every workout. Bridges both two and one leg wi Swiss ball are great. Lunges, fore, aft & diagonal holding 5kg dbs. Sumo squats. Bench stepups wi wts. Deadlifts @ 85% 1RM 3×8. Super tough is kneel, have s/o hold your ankles, then see how far you can lower yourself to a prone position (most ppl can't exceed 45-deg.) before you have to catch yourself.

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