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Let’s Fighting Love | South Park the Fractured But Whole- Part 9

All right so now We gotta find mrs. Cartman He’s probably up in a room getting fucked Or she’s in the kitchen here. She is Well I’ve just finished up your little reward you’ve earned it, sweetie Mrs.. Carmen’s double-stuffed brownies Okay, I take it damn she’s quick We now know for a fact that scrambles the missing cat is part of a larger conspiracy We also know that the fucking Freedom House have more information about this conspiracy than we do FAC Maybe we should just face it guys. Maybe Freda pals have a better super franchise that we do Hey, that’s no way to talk mosquito The only reason that Freda pals are ahead of us right now is because they’re but fuckin cheaters who sold out yeah But freedom paths have dr. Timothy and he can read people’s knives and bend reality Yeah, cuz he just said that when we made up our superpowers. He was like well I have every power to do fuck it everything you think that’s fair It’s time for us to be as dirty as them we have to know at the Freedom House know How we ever gonna get the help of freedom panel? We send a spy someone in our group who pretends to want to switch sides and join freedom at Somebody who they don’t know very well Then you kick joins Freedom House think ask for assistance investigating the community see hope the new cut is good at bullshitting You’ll never get past security Craig’s exchange. It everything I can get the new kid inside I’ve got hacking abilities Remember cuz I’m the gadget to your class with the tinkling ability known as chaos You just saying that to get out of jail you better let him go the new kid will need him alright fine Get the new kid inside freedom pals base ok If he tries anything funny kill him As bad as my difference. There’s no way to unsee the board with Where they cleaned up for a while so what were you stepping? Where have you been mister oh hey Dad I Didn’t come home last night butters your mom and I were worried sick. We could barely enjoy the movie we were watching I’m sorry dad. That’s just my new friend because you really mean sorry’s not gonna. Cut it mister and you what’s your name? You gotta say shit you don’t escape I Asked you a question. Who are you? Please please don’t do this cut does it butters you are grounded, and so is your smartass little friend Teenage now Klein minion recipe There’s no escape there we go And fire Hey, why is sweet I grounded you how could you be here right now? You have some kind of ability to unground people Whoever you touch becomes ungrounded is that it your evil magic is not welcome here darling Fucking butters dad man, okay. Let’s see I Think we’re good for right now Your buddies can’t join the fight until you unground them the ability and ground has replaced your ultimate power in this fight I Know this is your fault I Know you doubt butters you are shampooing the carpet after this Hey only an adult has the authority to unground a time Last of last Anakin confusing Shaka fo There we go gather ungrounded Nice There you go, buddy Many times have I told you not to play around with raw energy beams there we go Yeah, let’s get bastard Let’s see what will reduce these fools to cinders oh, I know up he goes There we go Making fun of the x-men movies they’re Southpark I Have done the unthinkable I have ungrounded butters I am a hero There we go In the old days before cellphones if you’ve got our superheroes kind of played out chaos is calling you out yeah, bitch Alright, I’m gonna go and help Clyde Then why did you say hang on I’ll be right back with my dad’s credit card He won’t even know it’s gone. No more head games. Give me the car. There’s gonna be trouble problem here gasps All right, so everyone’s locked I can’t change anyone You guys met my main squeeze don’t you care lay a hand on her that didn’t take long, right? Goddammit Yeah, it’s not that common are we gonna fight Rebecca? I’ll probably die anyway There we go skip her turn That’s a snappy shit, dude There we go I’ll handle these little pervs I Said more than sure then like what’s his name what’s her name Rebecca is gonna come back There she’s go step Out for you, dude There we go Goddamn it Clyde Snap out of it Nearly kind of ratty right now. I won’t lie There we go heal myself up Time for ya That’s up it for you And I’ll take care of two of them That’s going to leave some scars She really make more burritos Well I guess it’s just you and me now bitches, oh wait I brought a friend. I’m not hitting on you Damn it. They keep on charming him Okay Welcome to lazytown oh I can finally go thanks, but that’s all your Yeah, she broke through the protect Here for a sticking up Let’s take out Rebecca she’s the biggest threat Bechet NL Batman was a cyborg I literally eat kids like you for breakfast there we go Skipper turn That’s no way to treat a lady true, but you ain’t no lady She’s dead More love with me boys. I’m sorry it didn’t work out between us There we go Yes, lovely Me bur blame eBay Who is the farting vanilla Johnny scrap I’m going I just got a look in this Terrance and Phillip backpack. Oh Xxxx I think this is what Cartman put in mr.. Mackey’s food after mr. Mackey literally threw carbon under the bus Time for the hamster on my ass Superhero base, holy smokes they got a clean room and computers and lights well this makes a crap out of codes based on okay? I can play here every day. What are you doing here? Hey mysterion well we were just hoping to speak with dr. Timothy why the new kid wants to switch to my help Hey, new kid you might end up here? They’re here to spy on You know Anything Don’t trust them doc they can’t see what you’ve been working on back there What if the new kid really wants to switch we can see if the new kids intentions up here? We’re sending tuck away on a very important mission today, you can help them with that mission I don’t need backup especially not a new easy tough remember the freedom pals motto yeah retribution But with inclusion I’ll send you the details on the mission when you get there we can begin in the meantime I must get back to my work That’s another thing all right Freda pals are now available What All right, let’s see how this is gonna blow up Okay apparently we’re having a little quarrel Craig and tweek have agreed to some counseling as long as your present new kid, okay, so No Craig. What do you? What do you want to say to tweek? I? Think he has some stuff. He should say to me. Oh good good. You want to start Okay, okay, well maybe a new kid maybe you should share some of your thoughts I have some kids here to help us out when we’re trying to have some therapy the first thing we need to do is is take out our resentments, okay, so Let’s have a resentments come out coming out over come over resentment Okay, and then in any relationship. We also have expectations okay because expectations And then that of course leads to victimization and withdrawal Now you’ve got to learn to overcome all of these things. Okay. You ready you ready go fuck him up There they are right there drink ready go go beat the shit out of them Not literally because I don’t dance let’s Pudge Hello mr. Mackey’s just in the background Okay blasted shock flow is lightning Attack for your charity shrinkage and chilled Let’s do this Fondant dentist sweet dreams are made of these Who am I to disagree? I Love mr.. Becky commenting in the background There we go a microaggression Hey girl aggression still oh God that is not a good sign Jesus expectations doesn’t go down that easy. There’s always more expectations You boys have to work together if you’re going to eliminate all of those expectations do they Wait he’s right Huh we’re only going to get rid of these expectations and everything else if we do it together Okay eros throughout PDA the damages and confuses nearby foes That Was hilarious oh my God Oh, oh my god, Lily fuck you cried Now seeing this how we have freedom powers unlocked as characters, I wonder what everybody else’s powers are cuz we have Token we like everybody that we’ve met has had powers the only one that I haven’t met is like a buddy power It makes me smile I Love to play my mandolin my mandolin goes And makes me smile Off the stage to play my mandolin my mandolin goes Horn goes I Love to hear my bugle horn go My characters my the whole thing a Shady Acres oh My god, Kyle I held a colostomy bag. I do not want to see that shit Bodies is gonna get All right, let’s see tokens ultimate Well hello They’re pretty cool. Yeah, it’s like two turns three turns Oh Yes Let’s fight II love I just had to get out of there I’m glad Tokyo is there otherwise I would not have made that Doc this is mysterion we had some trouble, but the mission Nice work everyone new kid congratulations You’re officially a member of freedom palace you can join us tonight on our mission to the police station We’ve ascertained that police are being paid off by whoever’s running crime in the city. That’s right We believe we’ll find the answers to what’s going on there welcome to the team friend. We’ll see you tonight Don’t tell anyone we’re going to the police station Attention all conference report to the COO there we know now with the Freedom House No, I’ll come into the turn their great work, but Nord Alright Talk to the queue at the Koon lair I could really use a hero right now my tutoring business seems to have attracted the attention of a competitor Come by for a teensy moment and help me handle this. Thanks daddy Alright guys well I’m gonna leave that episode here, otherwise. I’m gonna die from laughing just on this shit If you guys are liking this be sure to let me know and I’ll see you guys in the next video

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