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Let’s Talk: Navigating Disability at Scripps College

Disability on campus seems like an invisible topic because there hasn’t been very much conversation, there doesn’t seem like there
is much dialogue about the subject I had no idea what ableism was when I came
to college There’s a lot of work to be done in terms
of understanding and unpacking that term, and making sure everyone is aware to the point
that a lot more people are better served in how we talk about things
Never make assumptions about one’s experiences, and no matter how well you know somebody just,
kinda of, allow for some room, that everyone kind of has their own experiences
Creating a better understanding of like, what disability can look like in all its different forms I feel like a lot of issues on these campuses stem from a lack of understanding of chronic
illnesses or mental health that is fluctuating Especially on college campuses, mental health
is such an important issue and I don’t feel like it’s talked about enough
The things I wish first years knew, I wish they had – they were aware of the resources
available to them. I think that would help them feel less like it was an issue they had
to deal with and more like something that they could be in charge of. There’s certain
stigmas about having to reach out and ask for help, and I wish that they knew they shouldn’t
have to feel like that I would like to see more dialogue about disability
on campus I don’t really utilize the disability resource
center, and I don’t really know that much about it, but from what I understand – I think
it could be better advertised I think just like, making help or just resources
a lot more accessible I’m really hoping, right now it’s just sort
of a testing facility and not really a space, um, that’s like disability community – become
a place where people can go to congregate to discuss topics or discuss issues, or like
a place to foster community rather than just a place to do your testing
There are a lot of aspects to disability; there’s classism as well, I would hope it
would be able to recommend free counseling – but like, good quality counseling I have one friend actually who’s dealing with trying to get diagnosed right now, and her
diagnoses keeps on changing, and when it changes you have to get re-approved and do accommodations.
So she’s been dealing with that all year and I know that’s not unique to just her.
I haven’t done the whole process but I’ve started it, and it’s such a pain in the ass
Well, there’s paperwork and you have to have documentation of “disability”, um, and there
can be times when that’s not available. Not having that documentation pretty much means
you’re not going to get formal accommodations, and that really sucks
And I think there’s a lot of hoops you have to jump through in order to get accommodations
I have, like, plenty of friends who’ve just gotten swept underneath rugs because they
didn’t, or weren’t proactive, didn’t reach out to school and put all of their energy
into that, and that’s not really, or shouldn’t be on the student Be prepared to be your own self advocate Make friends with everyone in DIDA, and, just
like, find the community on campus College is a completely blank slate and you
have to start from the bottom up with trying to get things done for yourself I really hope that students when they come here can understand the importance of both
advocating for themselves and finding people that will advocate for them. I think that
college can be really hard to navigate, especially with a disability
I’ve worked pretty closely with Sonia De La Torre, who’s like the coolest person in the
entire world, I absolutely love her has always been very supportive and easy to
get in contact with, very accessible, and I found her to have helped my self
advocacy process Everyone should have an equal opportunity
to thrive here, and if they’re not… that’s really messed up I definitely think there’s a need on campus for a comprehensive disability resource guide,
especially for new students Having a guide would be extraordinarily helpful Just… like a guide to navigating college would be really freaking cool You’re a student here like everyone else and you really deserve to be getting everything
out of Scripps that you can

Cesar Sullivan

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