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Lincoln Financial Group Disability Insurance Claim Trends

I today I’m here with attorney Stephen
Jessup and we’re gonna talk a little bit about some recent trends and what
we’ve been seeing with Lincoln Financial Group also known as Lincoln National Life Insurance Company
and back probably in 2006 I think it was they acquired Jefferson Pilot There was Jefferson Pilot Group
or Jefferson Pilot Insurance company jefferson pilot had written a
lot of insurance companies so you may have an old jefferson pilot policy and
you got notice that it was changed to Lincoln Financial or you had a Lincoln
National they changed over to Brandit to Lincoln Financial so those are some the nuance getting the
nuances have the naming out of the way so what are you seeing in terms of. I know there are
some different things most of the Lincoln policies we see are ERISA governed policies ERISA and sometimes they have an individual
group. In the ERISA claims that you handle what’s unique about their
policies I think one the biggest is that they
have a mandatory second level of appeal so if you’re denied a following the first appeal they do
require second before you can bring lawsuit and the really shorten that timeframe in
only sixty days on the second appeal a lot companies will give you voluntary levels
their one of the only ones you see where there is that mandatory extra level of review and it’s required to do two appeals okay
so that’s kinda good and bad good in the sense submit additional information and build
the administrative record better somebody could call us and say hey I got
denied the appeal on my own and now what can I do and we have
the opportunity to do another appeal not that I’d recommend they ever do
their own appeal by themselves so that could be a good thing you know that you have that opportunity
to but it could also be a bad thing because now the company is giving themselves another
opportunity to try to correct whatever mistake they made before hand well not only that but if you fail to
get the second one in on time then there’s a question as to whether or not you satisfied the remedies to even file a
lawsuit so what would happen if you didn’t file the second appeal time timely? I think arguably they could argue that you
didn’t know exhaustion administrative remedies to be able to bring a lawsuit
at that point. One other thing about Lincoln
Financial some of these policies have the self-reported pain limitations in them
Do you find that in many in of the Lincoln policies that you reviewed? I don’t see that language nearly as much
its almost like they’re behind the times a bit when it comes to that I mean the standard mental health claims
are going to be limited to 24 months That is almost across the board now are but you
don’t see as many of the limitations that you see in other insurance company
products right one of the things I found I think
we’ve had a lot of great success on the appeals for Lincoln Financial I find that
once you do submit an appeal they tend to really want to review the claim appropriately many claims to say well we’re
just kind do a file review and they don’t have anyone else look at it is that your experience? I would
agree. I would agree. I think more often than not, especially at the appeals stage. Chances are you are even more successful in getting it overturned at least you know history of numbers in in
my experience. And then in terms of lawsuits with them we had the
opportunity most the lawyers that they hire because they will hire outside lawyers
outside of the company have been very reasonable, professional,
and easy to work with from my experience I would have to agree a one hundred percent.
Handling these cases for claimants all over the country that’s kinda been my same experience which
shows that whoever’s calling the shots for them from an in-house perspective
has a good understanding as to the type of defense attorney they need to hire in order to you know get the case resolved when I also think about the the Lincoln claims I think about the you know for the ones we help apply for
benefits which is something common about the time frames and how long it
takes them to evaluate a claim what has been your experience in that? Well you know under law they have 45 days
once you submitted everything that they’re going to need for
review to render a decision In the application stage and I mean
even in the peel stage you usually see once they have everything there within that 45 days they work very
quickly to get it. Some insurance companies will request an extension and you find
out later in reviewing a claim file it is because they didn’t bother to have a medical
review done until almost the 45th day are but Lincoln really works quickly to
try to process and you know figure out what’s going on with the claim right I think as one of the law firms in
the country the probably gets contacted by the most amount of people
to see if if we would be willing to assist them with their claim Lincoln’s not really is definitely not
in the top five of companies that’s denying claims
which is a you know probably shows that not necessarily
by volume . Obviously they’re not the biggest are not in top five but in terms
of when I look at the spectrum companies that are regularly denying and look at the percentages based upon
what their volume of claims is that they sell they’re not in that top five or even top
10 of the company’s that that do you deny claims So I am not saying
they don’t deny claims they do but I’m when they do there’s a good good
opportunity that you shouldn’t feel that you’re dead to rights in your not gonna when
your appeal correct and I think that’s important
because people feel desperate in you know hopeless once their claim has denied
saying they’re not going to have an opportunity but you really do if it’s done right correct and you know
this isn’t the video to say how you do it what you do that’s obviously why
you hire a lawyer but we have tons of videos on our website talking about ERISA and what you’re up against if it
is an ERISA claim and all the different things that need to be
considered but the easiest thing is go ahead and give myself a call or call Stephen
Call any of our disability lawyers if you’ve been denied will need a copy
of your denial letter, we would also want a copy your policy which you can just
email or fax to us and we’re gonna review it for you right
away set a phone conference almost within 24 hours and let you know immediately if we can
help you we appreciate the opportunity to speak with you

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