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literally it's just me playing assault cause ranked is down – SMITE

what is going on guys it is Rexy here today we have a game of me literally just playing our Kelis in a salt one under why because rank servers have been fucky all day and I only have time to record one more video so guess what we're playing Hercules and a soft let's get it so what's up guys how y'all doing you ready to see me frag it's full damage big dick Hercules are good some some console plebs I'm just kidding we got JRM Jackrabbit 21 this is gonna be interesting yeah the duel the server is a and just rank servers in general today I've just been an absolute garbage so and I need to record now because I'm leaving here very shortly so you'll be hi how you doing voice line so yeah we're gonna go Yogi's probably gonna go one things I'm not an asshole but we're gonna be hitting the dankest of bank stuff and not even killing with anybody I am so look you're gonna dassault because the double J and trolley trail he's busy dave is afk and double J what a point the bed doesn't place my time look at this map would you isn't there like a bunch of like areas that you can walk into or something here they fixed it he's feel the walking Oh rocks mmm let's see if I can find any I hear jams they're jamming their unit at this cordilla someone else look at speeds you got what I don't trust this fuck you screw this hun Batz walk up and auto-attack me you ruined it all so you what in the fuck are these builds oh my god disgusting it's a casual assault that's fun in your life good lord give me I gotta yo ease it's disco Diaz like they have a hun Batz I need these fuck the health of the team so does this Merlin yeah and there we go got ourselves a swift with the first one Moe moves out of it all Oh too easy see look at that should have built the fence idiots oh I'm never gonna die oh no what did I just say what happened to my husband what well where did it go this is fucking me my mom just called me out on my bullshit yeah I don't play casuals too much if I do play them I'm normally either doing a drunk stream or I'm playing casually with some friends like me and Tralee and Dave and then we'll cue sometimes more bored but normally I don't really go to my would play casuals anymore the guy would never so look your casual ever first of all cause having to rely on people you know not too fun kind of wine module plan can get fat yield oh come on how you doing today you have it a good day you better get Saturday watch me play so what do you guys think that maybe I should invite some of you guys for this okay I got band we're going to try a few more of those say to me bitch you kill me why oh my god to score to even said be careful backups to wrong fuck off vemana what did I do to you what is rolling are there what did I do oh ah ha ha yeah out of my way asshole suckers all right well I guess liquors beans slap your ass box killer Jesus just children come on try this like as Merlin Scott talking shit in Spanish are you fucking somebody just already throw your fucking one it's and ricochets and shit teamate okay vodka there were a lot of things you could have done there oops is right this man in the law of you was just like you don't understand this is the best character someone was like Rio Blanco sir and he's like you don't get why are you going for this I mean okay I guess someone kill him please I'm full damage number support I don't use them any minute potions anyway come on baka best got in the game right there I shouldn't have sent me can you stop with Athena just talk jump in why was it really worth surviving they're trying dash away there doesn't even look away straight to the orb just died like honestly just – in what use are you apparently getting all the rolls I guess shit oh there's nothing happening Oh Pullo come on come on no what's eatin his ass oh my god he can shop for like two Hey go in you pussy alone please move bitch get out the way just bought Ivanka the entire time we're dying together I do later oh he's so close to dying just go something let the mana I live I need get off my ass monkey I've come to the conclusion that he did not want some of this but we did kill him Tina you had the perfect opportunity to die for free like no I need to survive with this would H be a little more what I could have literally just dashed away but hi you or not whatever I'm going blink full damage here Julie I find it's all kind of funny when I have you know friends are playing with any game what can be fun as long as you're with friends you know that I guess why is my computer boiling right my middle one so hey um hey bigger your big bigger better strongly to all right well Barker sure thinks so yeah let me tank hi the mighty Bakasura will waste all of my HP 3 T 2 I will take that oh yeah okay motherfucker I don't know what you guys are doing but I was busy killing police get his ass he didn't die from that just focus on we can kill him you just gotta hit him vodka who are you on vodka hello yes good job see look at that was that so hard there we go Wow I thought the knock was it wanted to go out it's totally kill this piece okay now all that's left is this fucking coke okay freaka Oh ricochet that just fountain damage get out of there I don't want down the image a little bit vodka vodka you know you tried who me mister I jumped in there trying to steal my kill I think token is afk though gonna be honest Astoria I'm saying we just kind of died and our life is not no minions can body-block okay which we build next right so you can probably like the best bang for my buck I have at least here to attack whatever they do okay I don't mind wait don't they yeah I could have gotten to one of the shit and health potions god damn it yeah Kukulcan JFK looks like waiting on and discord with you you damn I just shut them down I bet they're ready feel that Alright don't need to get cocky there mister just Cory oh hi mrs. I'm gonna bring this fucking Koken way out of it oh it looks like they're just chillin I'm about to serious though okay watch this don't hit me on that's don't be a dick ah ha ha look me in the eyes look at me look at me all right well that was something yours like bigger than this lightning you guys are doing watching this assault game hey I appreciate you left it like I knows a little random if you didn't Channel me sheet that subscribe button click the notification builder be notified anyways this next view guys have a fantastic day

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23 thoughts on “literally it's just me playing assault cause ranked is down – SMITE

  1. I thought I was subscribed and then when I saw you were close to 100k subs I realized I wasn’t subbed. I am very disappointed in myself and subbed instantly

  2. I think you should play with your fans. Maybe like once a month or so? And use them for a video. But would you be down to play with someone on console? You can literally just roast me the entire game

  3. I don’t think herc would have a big dick, he’s a body worker and your penis gets smaller when you look like him, plus looking like that is nasty not many people like those.

  4. I would ask for more Assault but seeing how you behave with others… yeeeaaaahhh I think we’ll avoid that for now, unless DoubleJ and Weaken are willing to play with

  5. Yeah definitely play with fans, we could like fight each other in assault and it would be kinda like a club. I wonder what we should call it though…

  6. Wait the fountain works in this new assault map? Or is Athena actually fkn nuts?

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