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LONGEST KILL POSSIBLE (4000M+) in Fortnite Battle Royale

g'day g'day welcome back to laser beams essentially my week of playground mode they just told us they're takin it out in five days so we've got it for five more days we have to test out every stupid thing we wanted we want to do in the next five days what do you say we try and get the longest possible kill today those do all right well toast it everyone he's keen as say how about yeah we'll see we'll see how long have a sniper shot we can get just get loaded up and then we'll then I'll kill you a bunch whoa I got a sniper dude I'm good I'm ready trying get as much ammo as possible I accidentally boogie by myself ah this is awkward this is awkward oh dude I want to go to max Hyatt and you be it like Maxim and shot distance and see if I can hit you with a minigun world's longest minigun kill alright mate so we got everything we need to start testing this all right gonna get the world's longest kill and we're also gonna get some like minigun thousand meter kills all right so we've got a sniper rifle let's start with the world's longest sniper short then we'll do the world's longest minigun kill just a little tip tap alright so yeah you go about what butch will do the render distance to start with right and can I just say guys a big shout-out to toasted for being willing to die to me again make sure to go subscribe it a bit over yeah he's done a lot of dawn to me you still go am I still gone just mate though I just try to scare you a little bit oh my god you're so far away you are literally floating Paulo you are toasted is Jesus that's probably the right spot though stay there that way that looks like it you right in the ball sack for 82 toasted there's got to be the longest sniper short ever hit like beyond that they just do not do damage we were testing it obviously okay they come forward a couple steps you just couple steps I don't know we got much more than that I try I'm gonna say the absolute maximum distance yes 493 holy shit where the waves greatest scientists no lab coats for us just sniper rifles and bodies falling from the sky yes it literally we're at we're at the peak of it oh my god we were doing that step by step is 500 possible we're at the peak of humans ability to snipe right here man we're breaking barriers Oh for how is that less how is that alright guys I think 498 is like the absolute maximum I don't think 500 is possible I really don't all right mate since you've done so much testing for us I'll let you snipe me back you've got to do it why I'm dabbing my gangster scientist you are hit and stop fucking Lee Modi I just I just saw it miss again Oh 87 go to Tam posted I don't see if I can kill you from max heart with the minigun just for sheets and gigs you know for my happy fourth of July Oh sad I'm gonna minigun you from max are you ready oh holy shit actually the new meta minigun from max Hoyt time for a max height quickscopes there there nice go get noscoped let's not talk about it alright match – alright made attempt – you know what sniper shots are for pussies we got the world's long – sniper shot that was cool happening but that's not even close to the longest kill alright I've got a theory right see this see this look at this beautiful thing oh yeah mate so I reckon if you build sky bridges to either corner of the map actually we go on that side to that side and then you plant c4 and detonate it across the map I reckon that'll give you the highest and longest kill credit possible in the game now we've turned this into a race cuz we're really dumb whoever builds to the corner plants the c4 and makes it to the other corner first gets to be the one to detonate right the race is all this go let's go let's go race is on man race is on I've got 3,000 mats already I don't think it's gonna be enough to make it out there but hopefully it is well I'm getting there mate I'm getting there you go down tasted I'm gonna blow you to smithereens no I mean world record laser beams gonna have the world record kill my screw doing something creative I'm just going for big numbers because I'm dumb I saw it's going too far no it hasn't gone far enough we're going where no man has ever gone before the 5000 meter kill oh my god Tyson is choking it right now absolute failure of a human what happened was I open my map while I was building excuses okay I've really gotta go now I'm losing to you talking to you mommy go get your mommy taste it she can't save you now tasted okay I'm almost there I'm almost there I gotta be careful not to step off the edge gonna be careful not to step off the edge this is too far this is beyond the limits of human capabilities right now I'm going where no man has ever gone before I'm off the map toasted holy shit I need to go back I need more mats I have to go until I can't go any further holy crap this is unreal look honestly the race is important toasted but more important than anything we have to go as scientists as what I like to call dumb shit scientists that's gonna be on a t-shirt soon we are gonna see how far out we can go that is more important than anything it's gonna take me 20 minutes to get to bed oh no I see the storm I'm reaching a storm dude the storm before the storm has come to you I can see the storm before the storm is started alright so I think that's gonna be the barrier then unless I want to die – the storm which will be really funny I think I'm great I've ever reach I've reached the barrier oh haha I'm bounce padding up here right now this is this is ridiculous man this thing is monstrous I'll put a little box for you to come into when you with the safe alright right so I've got four say for planar there at the very edge of the map I'd rather have any c4 planning the race is over like you're done Foreman if you lost your c4 it's like it's done for I get the honor of killing you I'll give you the honor of destroying the sky base I'll stay on the L stay on the edge of it and let you destroy me and all it should take forever to get to me oh my god I'm at your c4 Lannon you're at my safe or oh my in shaded infinite dabbe I will dub till you kill me Lannon but are you ready toasted are you dabbing my boy are you dabbing in that little box you make sure you're standing directly on that c4 your ante man I'm on the storm I can see my marker all the way across the map I have c4 planted I have the trigger in my hand the work of the water sky base is gonna give us the world's longest kill four thousand two hundred and seventy three meters what the hell what the hell that is so far like I don't see how you go further than I think that's like that's max distance like I'm right up against the storm I'm gonna give you the honor of destroying the sky base it will be my honor before you kill me over something I want to try I've worked max height oh it's totally gonna build a giant dick but I can't go any higher because I'm at maxed gg's man you got me you got me science I'm at the ramp I'm at the ramp okay wait wait hold on we're gonna find it I'm gonna find the perfect demo for this bring the world's longest sky base down it's going it's going I'm just waiting for my own impending dirt but I'm doing it in style boys come come to me toasted I can't see it yet I still can't see it oh no I see it now holy shit I've come to meet Oh Stillman let's die together brother let's die and dad together get your dad ready I'm just gonna make it I'm just gonna make it we will die is epic late dabbas man Freddie what what oh my god it finally made it to me well there you have it by is the world's longest kill it's still rendered in for me the base of sky base is still there for me this thing is so massive I can't believe it we're legends with scientists and we're dumb as shit make sure to LIKE favorite and subscribe bout the bloody like button go check out toasted you know he did things in this video and a victory Royale for the thumbnail can't forget that part

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  1. I’m going through a hard time right now and you have made things much better for me. You just make me feel like I forget about all the bad things. I’ve been upset the way that I treated my parents. They do everything for me and my sister. They love us to death. And I put it hard on them. A bear on this comment would be much appreciated. Sorry I’m late

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