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M416 + AWM 28 KILLLLS 4700 DAMAGE! | HE IS INSANE!! 💀 | ChinesePlayer PubgMobile

no matter how you roast me no matter how you roast me no matter how you roast me, i won’t mad be happy from now on, i won’t talk about the tournament anymore after the final i will tell you guys about my plan okay? hardship is a good thing if someone does a thing without facing any problem, he will get cocky easily just like flying a kite…the string has broken there is a flare gun it’s useless, jump down for own safety teammate: where are they? teammate: which building? building number one come here damn, i can’t save him teammate: where? teammate: where are you? teammate: second floor don’t do that, wait for me! let’s do this together bro, don’t throw the grenade teammate: there is more this grenade…good throw that scared me push with your teammate or else you die whenever i lose a teammate, i feel sad no thanks in front of me, the other side of road em…i just knocked out a guy in the green building teammate: finish him i didn’t finish him there could be a guy on your left i’m finished teammate: throw a smoke grenade and save me teammate: smoke finish him, 275, bro teammate: smoke teammate: there is more where? i didn’t see them teammate: on the hill teammate: so rich getting rich instantly do you have extended mag? teammate: there is one here take it for me teammate: scare them there is one more guy behind us, a snake this is good teammate: 75, there could be en enemy all dead the guy in that house is dead too i thought my secondary weapon is M416 i fired it i was so confused teammate: well played teammate: what i can do is finishing them off…i didn’t get any kill i’m not that good have you ever heard of “single-handedly destroys a city when streaming” “hurts no one in tournament” do you know who this guy is? teammate: win the game without killing anyone clever yes “single-handedly destroys a city when streaming, hurts no one in tournament” who is the guy…things like this teammate: i don’t know, i never watch stream okay teammate: are you streaming on HuYa? i stream on HuYa BuShangRen teammate: let’s go there is no car teammate: where is our car? teammate: there is box on the second floor i don’t want to loot, i don’t want there is only one guy but they throw a lot of smoke teammate: the moment i saw him, you’ve already killed him push together, face the hardship together i think i can nade him teammate: where is his teammate? well played teammate: i finally got a kill not bad, you’ve killed 2 guys well played, bro i’m lazy to cancel this… there is a… f**k him go, hurry up, get in the car hide teammate: let me save you save him teammate: where is he? which direction the rock in front of me teammate: he is down teammate: which direction? teammate: one guy, the rock what is this? teammate: all dead? there is a snake, i can’t see him if you think i’m a cheater, fine whatever teammate: they are not in the circle why are you down? save him bro, save him otherwise he is gonna die teammate: enemy let’s go bro, get in the car, we leave after looting teammate: let’s go snake crawl here crawl toward me teammate: 26 kills teammate: what the f**k why is there no vest? what rank are you guys at? save me bro, just save me go to drive the buggy i can be saved, i can survive this let me drive the buggy follow me, drive this buggy let’s go to that toilet, get in the car be ready, get in the car, we go to the other side wait, let’s see where should we go not bad, keep doing it teammate: keep doing it keep doing it there is a something blocking…there must be a guy there one of them is dead wow, not bad, well played bro, i’m out bro, let me tell you my slogan “single-handedly destroys a city when streaming, hurts no one in tournament” who is this guy? only me, BuQiuRen search “BuQiuRen” on HuYa bro, remember this slogan i’m out

Cesar Sullivan

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