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Mariota says ‘I’m in a good spot’ three months after season-ending injury

2ND-SEASON IN THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL BACK-HOME IN THE ALOHA-STATE… OF THE CAST AND WALKING-BOOT… AFTER SUFFERING A FRACTURED RIGHT- FIBULA…ON CHRISTMAS- EVE AGAINST JACKSONVILLE… NOW…POST- SURGERY…THE SAINT- LOUIS-GRADUATE…SPENT MAJORITY OF HIS REHAB… AT HIS COLLEGIATE ALMA-MATER…OF OREGON… AND IN HIS FIRST…ON- CAMERA A CONVERSATION…THAT’S ONLY…ON…2… ROB DEMELLO: “where are you physically, mentally on your road to recovery now 3 months since Christmas Eve?” MARCUS MARIOTA: “it’s been incredible. the opportunity to come home, to relax, to see family, to hang to get healthy mentally, along with getting healthy with the progress you’ve made so far? have you met all the bench marks that you set out, that the medical staff maybe set out over the beneficial to be in so many different places — whether it have an opportunity here back home to do some of the as i continue on this path i will be ready to go once fall a super positive person, going back to high school. Almost scary how you find the positivity in every situation that comes up. That that just the blood, sweat and tears going through rehab like this?” MARCUS MARIOTA: “Umm…yeah there’s frustrations. As close as we were last year, it was a tough pill to swallow because, we were right in the thick of it. having this injury has really made me realize I have to opportunity for me to learn from this and to grow from it and I’m going to do my best to do that.” ROB DeMELLO: IF YOU NOTICE…HE SAID NOT ALL-TIME-TIME… NOW…MARIOTA…SAYS HE IS EXPECTED TO RE-JOIN JULY…PRIOR TO THE PRE- MARCUS…TOMORROW ON THE KHON-2 NEWS AT SIX…

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