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Mark Ronson – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Mark Ronson – Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus

  1. This song is perfect. It’s a country song but it’s rammed with Mark Ronson’s musical influences. It comments on politics but it’s also deeply personal to both Miley and Ronson as they were going through break ups. Heartfelt but beautiful and the production is as good as it gets. Always astonishes me when people say music is no good these days. This is up there with anything from any genre in any period.

  2. Most real song she's ever made. "This world can hurt you. It cuts you deep and leaves a scar."
    Real talk my nigga.
    I feel her pain.
    This song made her a human being to me. Not a celeb. She has a heart and fucking feelings man.
    You think she's fucked up… Then you never had your heart broke and had to pick up the pieces to put yourself back together cuz so and so who said they cared is no longer there.
    Feel me?

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  4. this song reminds me of jimmy from south park. 'these buh-buhh-broken rec-c-curds will cut you deep and leave a s-s-s-sc-sc-sc-aaaarrrr''

  5. I'm gonna mirror a lot of comments here:
    I'm not a huge Miley Cyrus fan, but she absolutely was on fire in this song. I can't stop listening to it! Bravo Miley!!

  6. Agora à pergunta que não quer calar é, o que essa música tem haver com uma personagem tão vazia quanto Vivi Guedes de A Dona do Pedaço?!

  7. A novela A DONA DO PEDAÇO ajudou a divulgar esta música

    #Angola Na Área
    👇 Nothing Breaks Like a heart 👍👍

  8. So de ouvi essa música me lembro da Vivi da novela A dona do pedaço fazendo aquelas fotos riquíssimas😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Mano eu nao vir nem por causa da novrla eu vir mais por causa da vivi guedes essa desgracada e muito honita e essa musica foi feita pra ela .

  10. I love this song. The images on this video are fascinating, not sure the story it tells matches the song though. Regardless Miley and Mark sound amazing!!

  11. Omg never thought I’d like a Miley Cyrus song but this is brilliant, a mixture of Dolly Parton and Stevie Nicks 👌🏻

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