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Massage Techniques for Hamstring Injuries

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Massage Techniques for Hamstring Injuries

  1. Maria 👍🏻 love your videos you 🤟 the way you explain, very informative, techniques, form, drawing of muscles, great instructor😉👏👏

  2. I just discovered you today. I can’t stop watching and re-watching you are such an amazing teacher!! Please continue to share with us.. Love ya!

  3. If it's a type two strain along the inguinal ligament without any bruising can you stretch with plenty of communication?

  4. really it is so beneficial for patients , could you please let me know your email address as well what's app number. i am consultant physiotherapist working with Bilal Hospital Pakistan. +923337250997

  5. Excellent and innovative way of teaching, it's easy to understand location and shape of hamstrings and calves 💪.

  6. Excelente vídeo,bien por la traducción ,pero pudieran poner los subtítulos en la parte superior? Bloquean la imagen justamente donde están sus manos aplicando el masaje, Gracias

  7. Hi dear Maria. As first I would like to thank you for your amazing lessons. U are a great. It is helping me. Second I want ask for front legs massage and feet massage lessons. Thank once more for your job. Renata

  8. Extremely useful, informative video. I m a medical yoga therapist and yoga teacher in India and very keen to learn this massage therapy, to help my yoga students. Where are u located Maria?

  9. Thank you Gorgeous Lady Maria…love this lol … I have been trying to get Hamstrings muscles origin and insertion…by heart lol…thank you so much ❤❤❤

  10. I really enjoyed this video. You are clear and easy to understand, also the drawings are a bonus! 🙂 Subed!

  11. Hello Ma’am!!! I came across your channel, I watched it and I must say , I was impressed b your teachings and expertise , your videos are on point , you even colored the muscles , who does that ? Anyways , thank you for what you do . God bless your journey here and after . Very good stuff !!!

  12. I'm sharing your channel to the Facebook Mblex study group! Extremely helpful to those of us trying to pass the MBlex test! So much gratitude for your time and guidance! I am learning so many new techniques.

  13. Deberia tambien explicarlo en espanol e ingles al mismo tiempo me encantan ver como da masajes la felicito de Isabel Flores

  14. Buenas tardes, podria saber con que tinta dibuja sobre la piel para que no se borre durante la manipulación?
    Enhorabuena por su canal y por su forma de explicarlo todo. Me gusta mucho. Gracias por compartir su sabiduría.

  15. Love how you teach! Been massaging for a couple years & it never hurts to review some techniques just to know you have done everything you can with clients.

  16. Hi! Just wanted to say how educative and relaxing your videos are! You seem like the nicest person, too! Keep up the great work! You are obviously extremelly knoledgeable
    You are a true healer! Looooove it! 😊🙂

  17. I need to find me a massage program to attend. I've been wanting to do it for a while, and viewing these videos is like a confirmation that I need to just do it. Thank you for quality information.

  18. Очень хочу услышать в русском переводе! Очень ИНТЕРЕСНО!

  19. I just found these videos courtesy of my classmate. I'm in my last month at school and my MBLEx is scheduled for August 1st. I'm nervous but eager to jump into the work. And I like the A&P videos you have because they give me a visual of the muscles on the limbs, which helps cement it into my mind.

    I hope you make more of these kinds of videos in the near future! It's been over a year since I took A&P, so I'm struggling to catch up on this subject in general.

  20. Для русскоговорящих: Я очень благодарна за такую честь оказания помощи другим. Многие люди помогли мне и были со мной на протяжении многих лет, поэтому я чувствую, что пора отплатить вперёд и поделиться знаниями, накопленными мною спустя все года практики. Я надеюсь, что эти видео вдохновят хотя бы одного человека заняться массажем. Спасибо за просмотр моих видео, а теперь идите и сделайте свой день прекрасным!

  21. RICE is no longer recommended? It is MEAT – movement, exercise, analgesics and treatment.
    I enjoy your A&P videos! Thank you

  22. Hello beautiful🌹
    If the client does not know he/she is suffering from strain then what will best to find out to do?

  23. I just followed your massage technique to my husband and he felt better after and saves me $60.00 . Thank you 😊

  24. I wish I had seen this and other videos by Maria when I was in massage classes, Very good instruction and memory aides.

  25. Thank you soo much, its soo clearly, good, you are the best!! i would like soo much to learn from you and metting you . Im leaving in Greece to far, soo i will keep watching your videos!! ❤️❤️🤗🤗

  26. Thank you!!!! <3
    I learn so much with you!
    I live in Belgium and my english is very basic but I LOOOOOOOVE your videos!
    So with your teachings I improve too my english 😀 😀 😀
    A lot of gratitude <3 Thank you very much for everything

  27. I found you very humble and knowledgeable.I love also your way of sharing with us on your videos.
    I have a question.It's a month into my rapture (cut clean with the door of the car…I know-ridiculous…) of Achilles tendon.Do you have some advices on coming back to balance and way of healing?

  28. earlier I wrote you about low volume, but it was with one video only not with other videos . thank you for your reply.

  29. Thank you for the translation in Spanish … it's you. an excellent professional .Teacher and communicator

  30. Absolutely love the painted muscle videos. I'm currently a massage student, and this is a fantastic study tool that I'm using myself and passing on to students and professors to help review/learn the muscles and discover ways to work on specific muscles! Thank you for creating this content! I feel like I found a gold mine.

  31. This is the best video on massage therapy I have ever seen. I am a massage student and I can't thank you enough for all these videos. Please keep it coming… kudos.

  32. I had a girl who walked on my whole legs and back it did help a bit the question is isit good or not for my stiff hamstring and back

  33. Ugghhhhh… My right hamstring has been bothering me so much lately… I’m a dancer, so I do a lot of splits. In fact, before I had problems with my right hamstring, I could get an over-split on that side. Then, I took 2 weeks off of dance for mental health reasons, went back, and found just the slightest stretching of the hamstring really painful. During the break, I kept stretching in P.E., had my splits then, went back to dance, and my body said “Aw HELL NAW.”

    This video really helps me understand which muscle might be causing the problem. Hmmmmmm….

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