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MAX KILLS in PLAYGROUND MODE – Fortnite Battle Royale

maximum efficiency the maximum kills in playground mode boys were the only people willing to spend the time to do this no one else is doing this shit Yeah right g'day g'day sorry I'm sick so playground mode in playground mode you can get as many kills as you want they're absolutely meaningless nobody cares about them but you can get them now there's an hour time limit so I thought like how many kills can you get in an hour I made I'm about to bloody fine dear I've assembled a crack team of the only people that would agree to let me kill them for an hour straight and we're gonna figure out the max amount of kills you can get everyone everyone meet up around here squad I'm coming I'm coming I say yeah stand there this is so much fun Teddy do you have a bush can I just say that come over here for a sec Tara it's coming every second come here get in the box please can I get in the box get in the box all right everyone you you guys can watch this if you want if you alright you ready let's toasted bees toasted arrived toasted watch this watch this feel free to get a viewing platform I'm just building my self up look at looking at her in the box you watching here in the box I'm sorry Tara I do I do love you as a sister but like come on you can try it Tara you can try it's all over for you sweetheart nothing says sibling love like gasnet you sister right boys stay there stay there stay still oh nice try toasted nice try boy that's five down let's see how high this county goes so this is gonna be the main killing arena okay this is like the main spot so guys every time you drop in and just drop in down here try and get here as fast as possible alright send us back okay tanner is now going again thanks for participating tanner yeah let me know when you guys land back get to stand there stand there stand there stand there boys let me know when you land again it's gonna be fun alright guys honestly you could probably just keep running on these traps all day yes my lord yeah call me daddy all right call me daddy all right to my peasants I command Z to walk on Z traps to your own death all right guys so if we really want to inflate my kill count you could honestly just keep landing on these traps but I'm gonna go look for some llamas see if I can get some more bounce pads so I want to try cycling for the net for next three or four minutes just keep waiting on that just like you know get born fresh out of the womb straight onto a sport 49 guys 49 got a little dive and boiler ID voice you know spice it up a bit I want you to jump down under the traps from all the way up here okay no these are like your diving boards I want you to get up on this jump into them traps do it with style yeah it's still a trap kill but god damn was that stylish so what so what I'm just gonna so you're each gonna be in a box on that this is your idea Tyson I'm just gonna shoot a random one you guys gonna die right you guys in boxes you know what yeah oh my god Tina oh my god I know exactly which one 10 is in so that's where I've gone first I wasn't supposed to know who was in what box so was all supposed to be you know supposed to be no personal feelings but sorry she's going sorry sorry sister say tasted Oh congratulations Mullin I'm the only one who's Big Daddy's baby Shh daddy's coming daddy's coming say so your prize your prize for winning the competition is you get to pick how you die you get you get to choose your own death how do you want it mate we knew to step back that kill game alright we're going doing nothing but focusing on kills now all right you guys if I don't get to you first just start learning in the traps again Oh No okay I've got the best one all right we're gonna really pick up the pace all right I'm going to Mac side I've got twenty nine traps I've figured out a way to pick up the pace all right yeah yeah and it's gonna be a max height with 29 traps and you guys are just gonna fall and die dude I'm built I'm building a little little something for you guys I'm feeling a little something for ya up here you guys just want to land on this at some point oh yeah no worries man Merry Christmas Mary go my god first kill first killed the death traps 29 traps Wow oh my god all right this is wicked oh my god see 10 up Mullen didn't even make it man 113 kills I reckon we could make maybe 150 if you guys keep dying yeah I mean you could put our extra way you could probably get 300 I reckon 300s probably the max skills you can get just because of respawn time and stuff like you guys got to respawn hey I see you running up tenner I saw you running up tenner oh that's so depressing this is too much fun but we've got a hundred and fifty kills 151 what a day this is so epic gonna try and shoot you out of the air just like a bit of duck hunt to end it I reckon stay just a hovering celebrant oh damn it I just missed ya I'm trying to throw it clean his yfy you float down come here taste it hover hover like right in front of me got him oh no don't blow me up you bitch this is fun this was really fun alright it's over for me ten tick damage it's all over what a damn day hundred and sixty-six kills the next day spongebob timecard alright boys we're gonna actually see what the true highest amount of possible kills is we're gonna build that trap base and you guys are gonna fly onto it for the entire match yes if we build this if we build this at max high you guys will respond and then immediately die so it's like maximum efficiency of death super exciting stuff for you guys honestly the most fun part for me the most fun part for me is gonna be watching you guys torture yourself at least the last match was kinda entertaining because we did things in like funny ways for this one pure boredom and torture I'm so excited here we go this will work so yeah like this and now what you guys alright on to it alright here you go thanks bud or I can fill this up with traps the else that's know us might the efficiency the absolute efficiency this is gotta be so golden I'll just sit back I watch and I enjoy like 51 minutes of the absolute fastest possible kill method yeah boy I got some more traps for you I'm just gonna extend it a little bit I spent a while getting some llamas you guys have been doing good man 166 kills great job Tara I'm so proud of you you're doing fantastic oh my God look at this trap platform this is ridiculous this is maximum kill efficiency right here boys all right why you guys keep dying I'm kind of getting bored so I'm just gonna entertain myself by building a giant bounce house because I got 27 bounce pads so uh you guys just keep that up I'm gonna build this bouncy bouncy bouncy bouncy shoes all in a line bouncy bouncy all right five minutes the storms coming in 350 kills I feel like we can go higher boys keep that pace up keep that pace up we've got until the storm closes in maximum efficiency the maximum kills in playground mode boys were the only people willing to spend the time to do this no one else is doing this shit all right the storm is it's gonna get us soon and that's a 10 ticker and those key and those kills don't count as mine wear it 360 for you guys keep killing yourselves I'm gonna get a weapon so that we can kill each other as a storm comes in maximum efficiency all right the storm is taking over the spike traps if we want maximum kills you guys are gonna fly to me that storms coming in where's everyone else come in quick we need maximum kills all right I'm goin boys I'm gonna launch pad keep flying to me keep wide to the center fly to the center I'll put a marker where I am dodging it you idiot here we go boys 379 quick keep going I can't put enough sky rip right above me no more boys Ryan 383 and I think that's gonna be it 382 kills in one match boys absolute legends the kings of the game the world record kills I don't think that's ever gonna be broken I literally don't think you can break that that's as good as a bloody gets 382 man what's fun day I had a lot of fun my mum said I'd never achieve anything in my life and she was right

Cesar Sullivan

32 thoughts on “MAX KILLS in PLAYGROUND MODE – Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. you grab a spiky stadium and set traps by the spawn pads and every time they spawn back on the stadium they will get hit by the trap(s)

  2. Im selling replays of Lazarbeam Jumping in the bouncyhouse but Ant Size
    It only costs one like, for lazarbeam it costs one heart :3


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