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MAX ZOMBIE KILLS in Fortnite Battle Royale

was spooky fortnight Halloween there's now zombies in the game yeah I don't know what drugs the developers are taking whatever the cube island has exploded there's two new guns a revolver and a crossbow perfect for zombie huntin also they've made it so there's no full damage if you jump from any height you can redeploy your glider very weird decision also look at these awesome new skins in the item store for Halloween if you guys are thinking about picking these up spooky Halloween I'm gonna hop in check out the map changes and we're doing something a bit different instead of focusing on kills and dubs I'm gonna be a zombie hunter all rights update know that means the twitch stream is awright so I brought my own twitch streamer it's up fresh yes I like that you're on my side this time unlike yesterday where you deleted me for hours sorry you ready to go zombie huntin bro oh yeah I'm ready so spooky we're just trying to get sammy zombie kills we can get screwed going for dubs just go home first off honestly we could just land in the middle of nowhere then like a whale in the woods one will go to the underground place to get the guns we need and then spend the whole game killing zombies we'll have to delete the people that are dropping with us first blow us through they're gonna just drop and get guns and delete they'll be distracted by zombies initially beside you go back do I need to carry here I'm just going to the maze yeah you can handle them Coby who actually can stuck one not one get chased by zombies fresh Oh Oh leave me alone I killed him there's another one over here there yeah I'm good so far don't have mass Oh zombies beating on me then beat my ass got him get hurt I'm coming good so far I'm just getting chased by zombies they're everywhere leave me laughing you fat bastard's I've got a zombie horde going on leave me alone I'm all right you come with me all right I don't want to go I see him I see him fodder on them yeah yeah fired on am I getting the good old fun he died it he died good job good job you'll have to say it chug chug over here I'll grab that Oh crossbow oh yes the ideas fresh see how it is ah on give me the crossbow fresh I'll just get that kill counter going up yeah start let's start getting on the zombie kill count it doesn't show your zombie kills I'll let you know that I've got to I'm on 20 you go breakdance oh this thing actually does delete zombies eh I'm going for a theory I reckon all right great great I think I trigger one of these oh it doesn't do do it do any damage to like the obelisk thing yeah I'm just I'm just no scoping zombies this is actually the easiest thing I've ever done my life this is hilarious stop zombies I love that I go green this new skin is filthy it's amazing yeah sup zombies the thing is the crossbow does like no damage to players but it is very efficient for this one become literally made for it I'm over on 63 I'm currently on 40 together we have a hundred that's not bad start no bad round one this is way better than trying to actually play for it night because like these zombies suck it's like beating up children this is like if you transport it back to like October fortnight from last year and you would be fighting default let's say exactly absolutely what's public things oh yeah you'll have to say it we are slaying these zombies it's like being beaten up kids love doing that I'm at I'm at 91 zombie kills 91 Jesus yeah I'm 61 62 the lating deleting like no health yeah absolutely shredded gone you love to say it now the crossbar Oh Serbs arms they drop so many rips why well what's I seen you RPG I want it I want it I come here I want the Halloween RPG 100 your slain chill champ oh they didn't why that they don't like me doing that oh this is so much better than playing actual fortnight what has happened to this game dude what has happened to for night we never play stag the world in battery out it's literally that right I don't know if it's like a good thing though this game is maybe gotten too weird maybe maybe it's gotten too weird too fast out of there but I'm having a lot of fun destroying these things it's very satisfying oh my god they're coming its ambience they're trying killing them to foxy if you need zombies cleared out you know who to call oh this thing is so dope blowing these things up oh well the players though like where's all the other players I'm in a hundred zombie kills by the way I'm at 130 I mean we could probably also go get the winner after this this is actually a legitimate looting strategy like just blowing these things up yeah I'm gonna head to another one of these things and good thing is I don't need a launch pad I can just build up like an idiot you good you go down there bro all right just had a big boy on me I haven't had a legendary one yet sad come on come on give me some zombies give me some zombies it's so satisfying the RPG dude oh man so good I'm just like herding them up too and then just speeding around RPG come on boys come on boys oh you love to say it two hundred two hundred Jesus man I thought this would be like the one thing we'd be pretty like similar at but you still just met embarrassing me I guess I'm having more fun with it you know RPG in am aiming a bit yeah I be sweating with hair you're sweating it out is there anything you don't sweat there oh dude this is actually there's a lot I right now they're all gone don't think I forgot you guys all there's so much loot over there I wanted it did we want to head to that here or do we just want to like find two of these freestanding ones it's really old legendary one is gonna kill him oh he's gonna kill him really quick cuz he's just sitting there and taking it imagine being a legendary zombie and just taking this like absolute penetration thanks for that bro you did really love it oh this is gonna be the max on me kills like we've spent the whole match killing zombies I don't see how you get more yes I'm at $245 chill champ I'm at almost at 200 but still dude relax you don't have to out sweat me in zombie-killing fresh day eating you like the what's his name Rick you're the Rick from Walking Dead and I'm like I'm on the kid what is that a Karl I'm Karl also top 13 by just literally killing zombies though again this is great I love fortnight now fortnight season six is the best holy shit alright chill chill all right well we're top ten and 200 zombie kills at least each closing in on 300 oh you're almost of 300 is this dude we are sweating hardcore on these zombie kills I'm building a horde of these things come on zombies do I look tasty you want some of these laser beam booty oh what's that you're done you love to see it it's so fun and satisfying I'll give me more zombies come on come on yes you love it I want more give me more zombies I want more I so good I'm at 240 Oh what's on what's on got people over here magic if it just gets eaten by a zombie if you die with zombie in this game but you can never show your face again that's FBI open up FBI open up zombie huntin coming for you chief the veil yeah well we the somme bees are kind of calling us and about where this guy's gone there he is let me kill him don't you I'll let me have a kill fresh dude oh how dare you play the game as he's people on this hill out there we can just keep sweating zombies or we can ghost like kill those guys I will this all that then I look 307 307 between 550 550 where's the legendary one think they're fighting up there and then I'll pop it now I'm just gonna fire some pumpkins up there get out there boys we've got out three other players left they can just fly away yeah yeah it's so cool I love it too just keep an eye out for islands with lust honestly I'm not too worried about these guys killing us they don't seem that great Bobby's gonna keep an eye out for him there's guys on the hill like everyone's in the hell yeah I'm just pumped at this one here yeah I'm out unless okay I'm gonna risk it cuz there's one over here I'm gonna head to this one it's probably made me killed yeah I'm skating like I'm getting shot at but like I don't want to get shot at well they're there on either side of me dude we may have to actually play for tonight right now because I got like no mats I'm actually at a matter there's two left fresh it's two left I got 250 zombie kills we sweated zombies all game but now it's up to you to get the dub I get don't get shredded from the low gram fresh dough it's a 1v1 so just like shred the guy shred him fresh this is what brought you here for sweat for me fresh sweat for me yeah all right so I had three kills you had a that's 11 like who cares about those though between us we had what 600 zombie kills yeah I got 349 349 between us we literally had 601 I think that's got to be like the max Amba kills happy Halloween ladies and gentlemen not a high kill player game but a higher kill zombie game with both blue and green well fresh is gone green I'm actually horribly dead but that makes a spooky oh I'm a zombie back to life or some shit I don't know Halloween what's your shout yourself the out–we Oh slash missed the fresh agent that's where it's at if you want to watch the guy that just destroyed me yesterday and also destroyed zombies with me today go check me out

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30 thoughts on “MAX ZOMBIE KILLS in Fortnite Battle Royale

  1. No shit you can get more with a squad but it was just fun to spend a match killing zombies 🤷🏻‍♂️

  2. Sorry I was playing a normal game in the zombie mode and got over 1,600 zombie kills and i did it alone.

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