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Meet Bear 32 Chunk – Bears of Brooks Falls

Can a brown bear be dominant, patient, and
even playful at the same time? For at least one adult male at Brooks River,
the answer is yes. In
this episode of “Bears of Brooks Falls,” meet 32 Chunk, a bear who shows a high degree
of individuality. Chunk is a large adult male with narrowly-set
eyes and a prominent brow ridge. Even at his leanest, Chunk carries substantial
fat reserves, especially on his hind quarters. He tends to shed much of the fur around his
shoulders and neck. This gives him a two-toned appearance and
exposes numerous scars and wounds. Importantly, he is also one of the largest adult male bears at Brooks River. Chunk was first identified in 2007 as an independent,
and chunky-looking, two and half year-old bear. Since then, he’s grown to become one of
the largest adults at Brooks River. Due to his size and strength, Chunk now ranks
within the top tier of the bear hierarchy. This allows him greater access to mating opportunities
and fishing spots. Like most large bears, Chunk is not hesitant
to displace others from the resources he wants. However, his behavior can also be enigmatic. In recent years he’s shown a tendency to
wait patiently to scavenge leftover salmon and even play with other bears. These are two uncommon behaviors for a dominant
bear to display. Due to his size and strength, 32 Chunk is
poised to take advantage of opportunities not available to most other bears. Yet, it is only by observing his full range
of behaviors that we can get a true sense of his individuality. Watch Chunk compete with the river’s biggest
bears on the bearcams in Katmai National Park, Alaska, brought to you by

Cesar Sullivan

16 thoughts on “Meet Bear 32 Chunk – Bears of Brooks Falls

  1. I love goofy, precious Chunk. He and Otis have stolen my heart this summer. Chunk has done some really silly, endearing things that have tickled me to pieces. Love you, Chunk! ❤️🐻

  2. Aww, this was great. I really love how I we get the chance to know the bears, especially all the regulars, in a more personal way and see their wide variety of personalities. So fun and interesting!

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