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Mike D’Antoni Rips Kobe Bryant?

Mike D’Antoni had some interesting
comments when he was talking to Colin coward about the possible ego question mark up Kobe Bryant so here’s what he said no
media guys kobe is a unique individual and he is very headstrong and one of the reasons why he’s been the
best in the game and will be and is is that he is that where you are
definitely not handling him you’re trying to work with him I thought that was interesting any a
certain ideas and you take that away from him and then he becomes a little
bit more normal and he is anything but normal so to challenge at the same time it’s probably like riding Secretariat I
mean you get up there there’s a lot of times all you’re doing
is writing he scaring you & Co is carrying us a lot no shit
obviously you would like certain things to soften up but you can’t take away his spirit
Secretariat won the Triple Crown so high praise by
the way for Kobe Bryant being a pair secretary so you could win the Triple Crown if you
don’t mind being compared to an animal but yeah okay said but I got humanity I
think Kobe Bryant’s avatar underwriters Alliance you know and I’m sorry love that so what
are you I mean what do you think about a than Tony’s comment um you know they’re
they’re interesting you know and I don’t know what value
they resent him sharing that yeah I was winning at there’s the house takes a while this I
mean that doesn’t seem long for that job to me at because they’re going to
struggle he seems like a small market guy Mike D’Antoni nice they don’t have the
right team in like eagerly you got higher coach that the galley
Kobe Bryant really likes me that just thats you know I mean if
nfte Kevin Durant didn’t like Scott Brooks the win because
they’re either total is the right decision that’s okay
that’s understandable in NBA is a is a there’s gotta be some degree in
chemistry there for a team that’s has as the aspirations long-term that
the Lakers at so it seems like to get they screwed up
that hiring process you know why they screwed up the gym
buses 50/50 shoulda gone with Phil Jackson are brian sharpe
Yahoo backlinks is now were turned down but there were other there were other choice there were other
troopers along much Alicia fired Mike Brown on biking by Gibson’s one for the team
was then you know a you know what i mean
it’s possible this could happen this perspective with yeah thing you make a point about Avery
Johnson last year when the Nets fired in and
you’re like no no no no this was the right movie might well get it over with
now and if anything isn’t that what they did
with Mike Brown they got it over with now and tried to go on from there no I don’t
think it was a five games that I think they were
peculiar in their assessment Mike Brown died on the Lakers were not facing the reality love the issues that the Lakers
hat I so I don’t know that’s why I’m not
saying that Mike Brown was a great hire or fire you know in the first place but yeah it
wasn’t the same situation you i’m what i’m saying is that you no you
don’t want a guy he should fire him in the middle the Seas because you don’t want to give him an
opportunity to turn around yeah if you larry you don’t want to be in the situation up
great empire every job that we went to the Frick any convert files not seem like an ass of a
fire you know you don’t want a few 100 percent sure and let’s go and that’s
why the Buccaneers sure-fire christiana because God forbid
they want for their next five games yeah I know and then there’s that word
so they would he think that was coming from kobe yet let me let me read this
the only time you are definitely not handling him you’re trying to work with
them any a certain ideas you take that away from him and then he becomes a
little bit more normal minutes again I’m not sure why missiles said or valued as historic as a
Mike D’Antoni things work way home no Kobe runs every team been on
except for one for taxes go said so that’s their anger that’s built his
career as a rain check out but yea war kinda been thought the Internet
midst as we know it will coached the lakers is going to have this
attitude is a if I would say that its I’ll see that what is being this
dominating notes that’s changing people anyway anybody he says a run and go play
defense and it’s getting the people he said you know it’s a gets really insightful
what he said I think that sounds true but I would have shut up data

Cesar Sullivan

15 thoughts on “Mike D’Antoni Rips Kobe Bryant?

  1. If the Lakers want to go back to being the Lakers they absolutely need to sit Kobe for the year and ensure they are the worst record team in the NBA.
    They then draft Wiggins as im sure they will magically get the first overall pick, convince Kobe to resign for another 3 years or so at 5-8 mill a year. Which im sure he will at this point. Let everyone expire, convince Nash to retire, sign Love, draft centers.

  2. Kobe can suck a fat cock a doodle do you think he can win another title. Fuck no not unless he decides to stop jackin up thirty five shots a game

  3. kobe's one of the greatest players ever you should show him some respect its his job to shoot 35 shots a game thats what dantoni wants him to do

  4. shitty comments..d'antoni wants a NASH system like he had in phoenix but kobe has the ball in his hands 90% of the time which made nash useless.

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