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MLB Season Ending Injuries

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50 thoughts on “MLB Season Ending Injuries

  1. I just wanna share a baseball injury story. So I was watching my brother play showcase at UVA ( university of Virginia) and the pitcher threw the ball and when the batter hit it, it went flying back at his shin. I don't remember what had happened all I know is that he did not break it and that he his ok

  2. At 2:16, I thought these guys were digging his grave. Seriously, That looked like it killed him. If he fully recovered, he is ONE TOUGH DUDE!

  3. Looks like Cody Ross wouldn't have injured himself if he was RUNNING to first base instead of taking an afternoon jog. Just because you are a millionaire it doesn't mean you don't have to play every play. No sympathy and no sympathy from any of my little league coaches as well. Pathetic.

  4. I’m honestly watching these to make me feel better because during a softball game, I was running to second after a line drive that passed right and went to slide. The short stop was not in the right position which caused a collision and my ankle to break. I had surgery two weeks ago and I’m not going to be able to play for another like 6-8 weeks. Life is great

  5. What happened with Robertson? I was thinking some kind of neck or head injury, but he looked fine walking off the field. Can anybody fill me in on what happened with him?

  6. Can somebody tell me whenever someone is hurt they say give him space but the trainer is all up in their face right beside him

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