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Mom Abusing A REAL CHILD on Fortnite! *Mom Voice Impression*

do you want to see me do mom abusing child with a real kid like actually here in the room with me drop a like let's get 20,000 likes on this video I'm actually really excited I've been wanting to do that video for a while I'm excited I picked up a shootie $50 headset well it's not shitty but it's just like when I'm ruffling around his mic and stuff it's gonna sound hilariously like realistic so I'm gonna yell at Joey for this one I'm gonna be his angry mom coming in with my mom voice impression I'm gonna yell at him for cursing and you know just saying f-bombs and stuff so yeah here we go good luck Joey thank you we're gonna keep the mic muted they're gonna think it's fake unless you stand still so what do they saying what are the same you know I can't cuz sometimes I forgot his home see pea CPS isn't that bad homie I mean like an Amish gonna be a foster home you know she loves me sometimes sometimes ya know I mean she cooks with it's all with love I guess all right don't be on me Jesus I hate this game not dying then all right I will not die in vain well obviously you can't get your card right out when you spawn and just sit there it's a save room because they're gonna revive you yeah cuz the bus is right there or the the revive station is right there so once he gets revived he's just gonna stand on top of the revived boss or whatever you call it he's just gonna stand there and we're going to see the reactions I'm excited for this changing man Gigi Jesus Christ loves you holy shit dude okay so what do you think what do you think so far how's it feel getting abused by your mom do better yeah we could we definitely could get better reactions we're gonna do that okay I promise you or else this video probably isn't gonna get uploaded Oh Mike so are you you good at the game decent at the game yeah you know yeah dickon's decent yeah I live in my own I got I'm pretty rich and I live on my own what you don't and then they are you know I'll have the oh my god that's crazy no no he did no that just did not just happen surprise okay the guy's not dead this ball kill do you like I'm back like not a makes it place a real quick back yeah just almost like you're upset like you got your ass kicked and you're like it's out of energy well are you serious that that just happened yeah I kind of lied to you I don't I don't think you're a team because you see said you're failing ball I'm in college I go beat his ass just like unexpected like I've been telling us go beat us as she told you to get off the game like you're not oh this is afraid okay doh where you get that from bro it's a prank though it's super dope this is not a break this is not a break bill I'm telling you part of the reason why people are finding this believable it's because of the low quality ass headset you can't determine whether or not that's real or not not afraid when I got on the mic as them I was like okay this is not a prank oh my God look alike on the video we'll do this again if we get 25 doesn't like oh okay I promise you yeah what's good boy yes bro let's go naked oh no this is it this is absolutely if there's ever been it this guy right here talk to me talk to me talk to me talk to me where is that so I'm feeling Joey's friend and Joey's mom comes in and yells at us for being too loud let's realize yeah I need somebody I'm sick and tired of you it's your last game my frickin friend left okay I'm gonna call him back like we need we need to hype you know we need to win let them know let them know no we're just too loud my work in the morning like you know like we can still be hype you know we gotta win this game you know couple notches down huh that's right yeah just consistent for [Applause] can I talk to your mom number maybe I called your bitch a little too loud but it's alright you know my mom mom go to bed shop I didn't call you okay I called you bitch no mom the 16 yrs old this is just the best humor I'm the sixth Dylan can I do you for what's the rule on that she's kicking me out I know be quiet okay she's she's freaking out bro I can't even handle the stress she's giving me anxiety like I don't wanna be here you got beat by a girl dude what am I supposed to do hit my mom yeah I would hit that Vince I mean I would too but like I can't do that would you guys hit your mom she sounded like that fuck okay I'd slap the shit out of her say she shut the fuck up I'm playing for tonight no she's not what is he gonna do come in here and kill me bro probably she's not even gonna kill me bro hello trying to get a full spa going you know get with a high heel you but I can't fool me we're not good guess what I'm wearing all those kids on me then you're getting clapped over there by your mom why you can say anything about this board bro all right guys well if you enjoyed the video drop a like on it I would really appreciate it thank you so much Joey for helping me out I do have this damn for real man you're a real bro thank you thank you so much if we get twenty five thousand likes on this video we'll make a part two you're seeing me from

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  1. How u have 2 million subscribers and ur so funny btw I liked and subscribed ur the beast

  2. What voice changer do u use like if u could give me the name of where u got it that would be great also the name of it

  3. Hi Best in Class, Iโ€™ve been bullied in my school most my life because i had issues with my face from surgery and they physically push me and say mean things and put me down about my youtube channel saying itโ€™s a failure. What should i do?

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