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More Stray Bullet Shootings Injure 2 Women

police are searching for the gunman in separate shootings that sent two women to the hospital both women are now in the hospital still after getting hit by stray bullets CBS 2's Matt Kozar is live for us in East Harlem with the latest Matt Jessica yet another incident of an innocent bystander getting caught in the crossfire here in Harlem we've been watching crime scene investigators use a special 3d mapping camera to photograph the entrance of this building here at the Washington houses on East 102nd Street where a shooting happened early this morning according to investigators around 1:00 a.m. a 67 year old woman was struck in the leg by a bullet while standing in the vegetable of a building we're told she's in stable condition at Metropolitan Hospital a 29 year old man was also shot and police believe he was the intended target so far no arrests have been made we met a resident of the Washington houses named curtis williams who says he knows the woman who was injured he describes her as Pleasant and kind and he's hoping police make an arrest sometimes that night though like when everybody sleep I'll be here a beer like fights outside and stuff from my window and stuff so gunshots – yeah does that make you feel unsafe here sometimes they do but at the same time I'm scared because my window is right there and I don't want no no no bullets to come in through the window so I'm right there and mom's in the back so I don't want that happen to my family and stuff but I hope they catch this guy there was another shooting this weekend to tell you about where an innocent person was shot on Friday night in Jamaica Queen Queen's police say a man fired a gun at a group of men standing along guy our Brewer Boulevard but he missed and instead hit a 76 year-old woman in the back of her neck she was sitting in her car at the time the victim was taken to Jamaica hospital and is in stable condition police released surveillance video of the suspect who has a thin build curly hair was last seen wearing a blue sweatshirt white Nike sneakers and black jeans according to the police department shootings have been up 27% in June which included eight stray bullet shootings and ten innocent victims the police commissioner says he wants to work closely with social media sites like Facebook to patrol the website and flag posts that promote gang violence the department has also launched a program called some are all out to place more cops in areas that are experiencing bar holding live tonight in East Harlem Matt Kozar CBS 2 News

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