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"Most Kills Wins $1,000" – FaZe vs. FaZe

you just do uh two games I think I'll be fine it's up to you guys let's do it by office bar okay let's go oh yeah this is West for his game by the way it was a nice landing on one shot bro I got a jug jug Jarvis but sooo bad I got a play for myself right now hey these players are good these players are so good at sorting I haven't seen one parolee other than I fish landing I haven't seen anybody what is this like in tournaments I just can't I can't compete yeah I just got unlucky yeah these players are so good these players are so good okay then insane six kills already I don't got any I haven't found anybody other than that fish that I couldn't fight beautiful they only have the material to fight us what other place no I'll replace the I'll replace oh yeah Oh replay okay oh my god hit the slipstream give me that he'll give me that kill buddy's not oh my god god these are my kill suede suede these are my kills my kills no no sway that's my buddy that's my y'all right it's a hundred paint hi grant retake real quick oh my god I'm actually building on Kandra pink hello yeah you're building but I'm not again I killed Oh or where are people oh you gotta tell me these things what about 20 bomber Naja paint by the way yeah no ice guy you never know what could happen you can come back next game and drop a 20 bomb or something got a job afford a bomb the world record Mott's this guy's ever an orchard match on him it's all good Jarvis I might have an G buddy is gonna land up there well yes oh my god oh my god I smoked that one I can't I can't help build this not a ping bro oh this is the ping pong but I was about having a bill Thao know how your pink I see if I could still build get up this way maybe swear to God did you miss all your shots as I did yeah okay I said smiling strongly oh wow hold on this guy's looking at me come on men oh it's got your depth I think easy yeah doing no way bro no way we are do it Oh oh my god dead I've 60 kills you have 16 Oh Danny I gotta make these kills count on here what's this guy doing he's not even safe I got to make sure I can add up my kills I mean this one doesn't matter I can still add up for next game yeah it doesn't matter practice game what it bro what is this guy doing I'm probably dead in here talk about one big eye where my hands are sweating and what's going on I'm not even nervous a little bit of a hint sway or they get or not now you're not good not good you're terrible know that yeah they're together good I'm gonna go into this far you thinking either the best this guy's hiding behind an ice cream truck oh boy they waste their shields here oh oh my god bro this is so delayed I don't even know say although to shoot me down no you have plenty of oh yeah yeah you're right you'd have to help me out like that but yeah bro die I feel scared is doing that I'm gonna miss the bill don't worry about it no math you have no bats we're showing about a second I think the guy's wall and 100 ping all right let's get a last game bro I don't know a mega malls looking pretty spicy right now but it's a little risky I'm going I'm doing it I'm going all out I don't like going here but I'm doing it I don't even care I don't even care oh my god half the lobbies here oh yeah I'm ottoman can you have the lobbies here meds can't tell where this guy is oh my god I feel like a god off this slow pain what's going on I brought the most shield in the world kind of messy oh my god no no no no not like this I killed them but let's go once I please die I'm gonna die I'm dead I'm gonna be dead in a second oh no oh my god oh why is it that I have no health bro look at good advantages my god I just while I was saying that's what I found the fuss right now oh my god yeah the guys literally just walking around he's building up this oh my god I just died to this point I just died oh yeah I think that was it one of the noise oh my god well I said it I think we're near there right this way wins it yeah alrighty that was fun wait Jarvis Jarvis in the game [Laughter]

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  2. Not that anyone would read this but some players including my self live in South Africa man😭 we literally live on 180 ping minnimum 150 plz can someone try speak to epic

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