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Most Kills Wins $10,000 (FaZe Mongraal Vs FaZe Jarvis Vs FaZe Kay)

you're always gonna guys me jobs and back in the video and today I'm with Hmong ground Frazier you guys saw I won't be my Fraser on his channel and I go absolutely destroyed so I thought maybe you know I might have a chance of winning this so pretty much whoever gets the most kills wins so we have two games whoever gets the most kills combined I'm not doing this just to win I don't want to just I just um okay how about 10k 10k here we go drugs I like coming with you like them I'm gonna be really I mean you can do whatever you want you can go solo squat if ya do you want to basically go get more kills than both of you on my own right yeah that's that should be easy for you right what's the press car by Oh hey this isn't good done more there's so many kids my house will go to bits like so many kids outside it's pretty pretty crazy oh my god there's a bull I'm getting out of their birth my losses dog for I seem like seven suppressed cause was going on I mean if you revive nothing else since were you wanted a that's a good idea that's going on die notes one let me get him up again if I get the Schuylkill yes for a mile it's kind of insane now is that more on you yeah don't worry I'm gonna come and get the toast so just one guy pretty sure he's still chasing you he's still chasing you boys run back to his teammate no way is trying to steal my boo same amount of kills as me bro right did you hear that don't worry there's no one that I'm just tripping on head it broke oh my go this guy's scare me Oh squad burrow where are they going oh my god javis is destroying these women's easy collapse oh wait yeah do you see people and the right right in the middle bowed and literally on the middle building this o squad where's the Scot oh let's go Jarvis is popping off money they just lead accent yeah I'm 110 right now do you have any mats there's someone just dropped the song la la la la la la who talks about 30 kills oh my god still 19 people left brothers Heather kids under us Chavez hey I know there was kids that pulled up but I don't know where they were all that on you again die let's go all right there's a guy like guy well you're gonna break the trap down Oh javis is dropping a tournament well how many did you get this game on free bro oh my god listen oh wait he was alone oh wait now no way I'm not have Whitesburg no way we missed those oh let's go how many do you have Frasier hey I mean that's actually not too bad 8 3 and 21 okay javis has got the lead bro God nice okay this actually might not be good there's so many kids in this already isn't good to distance I have two systems oh my god I just beam this kid yes oh no what's going on yeah you're the one the games in the combat let's go what's going on man I thought like I stole his skills I'll try to be nice to him my god she insane my god he's insane Brad these kids are so bad if I thought you're they jump in me to people with jumped in me what's he doing oh my god this is actually gonna be close yeah my god I just got so like oh my god I'm happy I'm keeping my money yeah well guys everyone make sure to check out Frasier among crowd like a link is gonna be down below I hope you enjoyed the video guys and I'll see you my next one peace out guys

Cesar Sullivan

46 thoughts on “Most Kills Wins $10,000 (FaZe Mongraal Vs FaZe Jarvis Vs FaZe Kay)

  1. Btw secret made a video of bye mongraal they care so much when mongraal prob leaves faze they won’t make a bye video secret will care for him more then Faze will ever….

  2. I dont really think that if Kay or Mongraal won he would give them the money!I think that this is a clickbait

  3. These challenges with 10k and like 50k from faze clan is always against other faze members and it just goes towards back to the team not actually giving people money lmao if they actually want to do challenges more entertaining than just getting money back that they are giving then do it with subscribers or strangers 🤦‍♂️

  4. Am just asking like what profit do Kay , adapt, banks, blaze and Apex have for faze like they are not professional gamers anymore

  5. Make a video where you are takling about if it’s good to jump with r3 or if claw I better (jumping with x)

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