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Motorcycle Accident Victims Need Legal Representation

Motorcycle riders are at a particular
disadvantage when it comes to insurance adjusters. I’ve had insurance adjusters
ask me for the leathers that the motorcycle riders are wearing so that they
can show those to a jury and use those as evidence to say “oh look – it was that
they had their racing suit on” or they look at the bike, they’ll take
pictures and they’ll take pictures of the muffler and the sports nature of the
bike and the knobby tires because they know there’s a bias against motorcycles.
You need someone that’s going to recognize these tactics and is going
to not deny people fair compensation. A motorcycle accident victim is entitled
to lost wages, their entitled to their medical expenses. And they are entitled to future medical expenses, future lost wages. If they’re disabled, if they’ve been declared to be
impaired in some way going forward they’re entitled to compensation for all
those things. A lot of times when people represent themselves, they don’t realize
that. They think that because the insurance adjuster told them that they
should get their medicals, plus a little of pain and suffering, that that’s all
they’re entitled to – it’s not. Because motorcycle accidents are so
different from auto accidents, not only in the types of injuries and damages you
can have, but also in the perception of the adjusters and how insurance
companies can look at them. You really need to speak to a professional about
that. Even if you don’t really want to hire a lawyer. We offer free
consultations and we’d be glad to take your call.

Cesar Sullivan

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