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Mouth Injuries in Toddlers | A Parent’s Guide

What to do if your toddler inevitably
falls on their face – so, the mouth is actually the most common place for
injury and the mouth also is one of the most vascular areas of the body. So
when your child tends to fall on their face it is bloody but keep in mind it’s
blood mixed with spit. Many babies have this thing in between their two front
teeth which is called a maxillary frenum, or frenulum, and kids tend to fall
and bust it and the thing that I’d always tell parents, it’s gonna be bloody,
but they performed a surgery on themself. What I mean by that is, they
actually cut this little piece of soft tissue that’s in between their teeth
that’s causing the teeth to stay apart, so once kids inevitably fall those teeth
tend to actually come together, and kids are miraculous little creatures that
heal themselves, so some kids bump their teeth actually up but they re-erupt on
their own and so there’s not really any intervention that needs to happen. The
things to remember whenever your child does fall on their face is: one, apply
pressure, you want to stop the bleed, something to keep in mind is blood
mixed with spit looks like blood so even though the bleeding may have stopped
their spit may still look red. Two, you may want to give some over-the-counter pain
medication, it could be either ibuprofen or Tylenol but the thing you want to
avoid is that numbing gel, that numbing gel wears off very quickly and it’s easy
to overdose on. Three, it’s time for extra snuggles – it’s gonna hurt so it’s a good
time to give an extra hug. If you have any questions feel free to contact your
local dentist. You will want to get an x-ray of that mouth within about a week
to make sure that developing smile is still looking beautiful.

Cesar Sullivan

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