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Movie Roles That Seriously Damaged Actors’ Minds

When it comes to horror movies, not every
shrill shriek from its stars is fake. More often than not, production on a thriller
pic is as smooth-sailing as any other genre film, but every so often the fright factor
bleeds over into real life. In the case of these scary movies, some of
their cast members were left shaken by what they experienced on set. A Clockwork Orange Stanley Kubrick’s highly controversial adaptation
of A Clockwork Orange is disturbing enough for the viewer, let alone for the actor who
starred in it. “I’ve taught you much, my little droogies.” For the famous brainwashing scene in the film,
lead actor Malcolm McDowell allowed his eyes to be pinned open for every take. Unfortunately, McDowell didn’t leave unscathed:
the physical torment caused him to suffer from temporary blindness and a scratched cornea,
and it took decades for him to be able to watch the film and actually enjoy Kubrick’s
work. “I would like to smash ’em.” The Birds While filming The Birds, Alfred Hitchcock
absolutely tormented his star actress, Tippi Hedren, both on- and off-set. Through manipulation, sexual slurs, and obsessive
behaviors, the notoriously tough director made Hedren live to regret her decision to
star in his film. The tipping point for Hedren, though, was
when Hitchcock lied about the use of real birds in a particular scene. Instead of the mechanical birds used in the
rest of the film, Hedren was duped into acting with live ones that were hurled at her over
a week of filming. She left the set bruised, bloodied, and emotionally
scarred. “They really didn’t need five days of that. I don’t know what it was, cruelty? It was mean.” Psycho Tippi Hedren wasn’t the only one to experience
a real-life fright on the set of a Hitchcock film. Janet Leigh was never quite the same after
starring as Marion Crane in Psycho either. She was so traumatized after watching herself
in the famous shower scene that she became too afraid to take showers and from that point
forward, and only took baths. “I don’t take showers unless there’s no other
way to bathe, and in that case the door is open, if they’re sliding doors, the curtain
is open. If it’s a curtain and the door to the bathroom
is open, so that I can see out.” Rosemary’s Baby Mia Farrow went through quite a few traumatizing
experiences while working on Roman Polanski’s American film debut, Rosemary’s Baby. A strict vegetarian, Farrow was asked by Polanski
if she wouldn’t mind eating raw chicken liver for a scene. Little did she know she would be forced to
consume it over and over again for different takes. That’s the kind of shooting experience that
definitely leaves a bad taste in an actress’ mouth. The Blair Witch Project While The Blair Witch Project is a movie that’s
probably laughed at more than it actually scares people nowadays, the disturbing ways
in which the directors haunted the cast are frightening enough on their own. Filmed over an eight-day camping trip, there
was little interaction between the cast and directors. Sure, they had daily meetings to provide the
actors with more supplies and instructions for where to go next, but the trio that starred
in the pic were mostly on their own. “You’ve got to be kidding me, this is a joke!” To authentically scare the cast, directors
also stalked the actors during the day, rattled their tents while they were sleeping at night,
and intentionally gave them less food as the days progressed so they became more and more
angry and exhausted. The Exorcism of Emily Rose Jennifer Carpenter might’ve been fine with
all the sinister surgical procedures going down on Dexter, but the actress got a case
of the spooks during the production of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. While she was filming the religious thriller,
some strange things started happening to her after hours. She told Dread Central, “Two or three times when I was going to sleep
my radio came on by itself. The only time it scared me was once because
it was really loud, and it was Pearl Jam’s ‘Alive.'” She wasn’t the only one to experience such
supernatural phenomena on the set, either; co-star Laura Linney’s television repeatedly
turned itself on at night during the shoot. Carpenter later chalked up these happenings
to some electrical issue with the hotel where they were staying … “My stereo would come on really loudly and
I wasn’t listening to it, I didn’t know if there was a short in the plug or what, but
it happened.” But she was also really glad the clock didn’t
read 3:00 AM when it happened, since that was such a horrifyingly significant time in
the movie. The Conjuring The real-life ghost-hunting history of Ed
and Lorraine Warren is freaky enough to put anyone on edge. But Vera Farmiga knew very little about her
real-life character counterpart before signing the dotted line on The Conjuring and receiving
her first paranormal encounter as a bonus. The actress revealed that during her first
round of research into Warren’s work she had a brush with the beyond after she hung up
the phone with director James Wan. As she told Cinema Blend, she opened her laptop
to find “three digital claw marks, from the upper right diagonal to the lower left.” Those marks would make a second unsettling
arrival in Farmiga’s Conjuring experience the day after she finished shooting the first
film and returned to her home in New York. She woke up to find a similar set of markings
on her thigh. She explained, “It was these three, very distinct, what looks
like claw marks, that long nails [or] thin fingertips could make.” She chose not to “give into the fear” of the
moment and signed on for the second film, which would give a different castmate a case
of the creeps. Patrick Wilson was no newbie to the scream
scene before he joined The Conjuring series, but the second installment of his ghost-hunting
endeavor did freak him out the most. According to him, there was a “pretty trippy”
moment during production involving a curtain haunting that led the crew to bring in a priest
to bless the set. He told Metro, “It was a huge curtain that went from the
floor to the ceiling, which was sort of waving violently and there was no door open or fan
on, no nothing.” “You didn’t even hear any air, but you watched
these curtains sort of violently going.” Wilson considers himself a skeptic, but all
of his supernatural screenplay may have gotten the better of him at this point, because he’s
admitted to believing his own house may be haunted now. He told The Independent, “I’ve heard people on two different occasions
say they’ve heard kids’ laughter in the middle of the night in my house.” Talk about taking work home with you. Thanks for watching! Click the Looper icon to subscribe to our
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  2. male directors be like "the only possible way my filme will truly Capture my Vision is if I am allowed to torment and harass my actresses"

  3. Man I wish Dexter would come back, that was a great show that didn't even reach its prime popularity till it was already over…

  4. But wouldn't it be a given that Mia Farrow would have to eat the raw chicken liver multiple times for multiple takes? I'm no expert in movie-making, but I'm pretty sure that's just par for the course.

  5. Steven Spielberg and Richard Dreyfuss years later,after Jaws,were both afraid to go swimming in the ocean.(I know,that surprised me as well)

  6. We should thank these actors and actresses. They risked everything to give a good performance, and they were taken for granted

  7. The conjuring crap is obviously fake, but everything else in this video seems legitimate so i wont dislike lol

  8. I read years ago that Hitchcock's father took him down to the police station one night and had him locked in the drunk tank all night. He was quite young. That would explain a lot..

  9. Shit go up to Wendys and throw french fries in the parkin lot, those killer seagulls are savage. Thats prolly all they did to make that movie.just get a value menu fry, go up to someone and say "surprise bitch" and dump the fries at em, those seagulls will murder that motherfucker.

  10. The triple scratches are pretty damn common and it took me awhile from a spiritual, medical, and scientific point of view. Yeah they look like scratches but they feel like a burn and heal like a burn.

  11. Björk in Lars von Trier's Dancer in the Dark
    Shelley Duvall in Stanley Kubrick's The Shining
    Diane Kruger in Quentin Tarantino's Inglourious Basterds
    Robert Downey Jr. in David Fincher's Zodiac
    Klaus Kinski in Werner Herzog's Aguirre the Wrath of God

  12. Why is it all scarey films something out of this world happens. Eres one three men and a baby there is a card bored cut out on set did the cut out start the thorey of the ghost 👻 or is there a ghost on set. Someones thorey said its a little boy in olden day clothes from another set watchiing dehind curton.

  13. My bad. One of the first movies I seen in the theater was A clockwork Orange. Loved it. Thanks for posting! 😋

  14. They are acting outside of the role in the interviews as actors to make it seem more creepy. Pretty simple.

  15. When Blair Witch came out, there were several moments when the theater was completely dark and silent. It was packed and no one, no one was laughing. It was intense and I thought very well done. I'm pretty sure most people there were intensely captivated and frightened. Myself included.

  16. The shower scene I can RELATE to that one. 🚿🗡ree 🗡ree 🗡ree 🗡ree🗡🛁😱!😵😵😵😵

  17. Ok so the movie clock work orange messed up Malcom McDowell’s eyes and it messed up my head. .. lol

  18. Where's Heath Ledger? He developed insomnia from his role and died because he took one pill too many to help.

  19. What is the point of the movie “The Birds”? I don’t get why people are terrified of birds in that movie?

  20. The woman in the rape scene in Clockwork was much worse off than anyone else in that movie. Google that stuff. Maybe not as bad as Duvall in the Shining…but no bueno regardless. The short version is that they had to shoot that scene many times and the "singing in the rain" thing was an ad lib (was NOT in the script)

  21. That Conjuring thing is just Publicity, probably dictated by the producers – just like that whole "based on a true story" bullshit becomes quite shaky if you research that case.

  22. If you are a sadistic sociopath, which jobs will you choose? Of course: Politician, primary teacher and movie director.

  23. I used to live in a very old house but 150 year old house in Elderton Ontario Canada that his house was haunted for sure I had the same situation happen to me I had Lights TV turn on different things every time 3 in the morning I would hear children whistling and laughing and I could hear my name stuff would move code to fall off the coat rack . At times I would set the alarm to go off or a TV show to record and if I was talking on the phone they wouldn't start until I hung up the phone. I have had these types of things happen all my life but nothing as bad as that time I lived in that home. I did find out that the last 3 people that stayed there left for that reason alone.

  24. The Emily rose movie wasn't scary but EVERY time I wake up at night I'm scared to look at my clock thinking it might be 3 am lol! I actually didn't even remember what movie it was from till now.

  25. Mia Farrow. As a fanatical Leftist nutcase, her mind was already damaged..oh the raw chicken liver trauma..

  26. None of this is very surprising; actors tend to be a very superstitious lot at the best of times, prone to believing in the paranormal, and in the constant search for roles they often end up having to do distasteful things they hadn't bargained on when they accepted the work, because they feel they have no other choice if they don't want to get fired. Only a select group of actors have enough star power (or good enough agents) to be able to clearly spell out in a contract from day one what they will and will not do.

  27. For decades I have heard of behind-the-scenes phenomena. But through the decades I have yet to see any of this car by the film crew none nada. That's what they do there they're filming and especially now with the technology everyone has a phone in hand with great cameras built-in and still nothing is captured pertaining to any of this with these movies. Makes a person wonder

  28. Hitchcock was undoubtedly totally a satan worshiping, sex abuser, torturer etc… nowadays we know more about these sicko things and they are coming out into the open for prosecution!

    I've been able to tell how many movies are made in these ways, with actors actually being terrorized etc in order to get the scary emotional effects. Plus, movies are satan worship, period. Demons & demonic activity are unleashed on set and in the people involved. Hollywood is Hellyweird.

    Good grief, raw chicken liver is a quick way to get salmonella & other dangerous infections.

    This video is we made and very enlightening. Thank you!

  29. Well, to act convincingly they have to convince themselves they are the character they act, and the plot is real. Some do that too far.
    Then there are the unexpected nasty tricks producers spring on actors to film real fear.

  30. It's such a shame how some of these actors were treated. Shame on their directors, ESPECIALLY Hitchcock. Horrible people.

  31. The last 3 I found really unsettling. Especially Emily Rose. That one freaked me out, seriously. I don't get scared much. Emily Rose scared me.

  32. obviously you don’t know who Shelly Duvall is. She went crazy after The Shining because Stanley Kubrick was so hard on her. Do your research next time

  33. The Blair Witch Project is scary as fuck, it really depends on the mindset of the viewer, you have to be very patient and let the tension get you, that comment really annoyed me, you said that shit like it was fact.

  34. I can totally sympathize with Malcolm MacDonald…I got a hold of the BOOK A Clockwork Orange when I was about 12, and it took me a LONG time to translate the language, and THEN I wished I hadn't…to this DAY, I shudder at any photo stills from that movie!!

  35. me : reads a comment about how shelly duvall became nearly insane because of the shining
    also me : goes to the google "shelly duvall crazy?"

  36. I'm really surprised Shelly Duvall wasn't on this list. She was famously abused by the director while doing The Shining! Read up on it if this is news to you, it's sickening.

  37. The woman with the claw marks on her thigh was suffering a stigmata or psychosomatic reaction in which the body responds to mental impression and physical marks, bruises, lacerations, bleeding or cuts appear.
    Some people have had this happen in reported cases.
    The body responds to the minds influence and the then literally damages itself.
    It’s a perfect fact to how powerful our mind is, and things like traumas can cause the body to respond by inflicting itself with damage.
    Also spontaneous combination, telekinesis, telepathy, prophecy and such things are very really we are just kept under control for our own good.

  38. I was watching this while my phone was charged, and at the Conjuring 2 part my charged fell out of the outlet and I almost had a heart attack ._.

  39. I feel like Heath Ledger should be in here…… it is said that he locked himself in a room all day to prepare for the joker role I feel like it took a toll on him

  40. I think Kubrick kind of forced "method acting" on his actors. A lot of them were affected by Kubrick, including Kirk Douglas, who said of him "He was a bastard, but a talented, talented guy." And Hitchcock was known for his sadism toward his actresses, at least in Tinseltown.

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