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MWR In Depth: AK47 Assault Rifle Review

hey guys tripper here welcome to another episode of modern warfare remastered in depth in today's episode we're going to be reviewing the ak-47 assault rifle which is about as classic call of duty as call of duty can get there aren't many games in the series as iconic as the ak-47 you play through it frequently in campaign a version of it shows up in almost every single Call of Duty game since this one and it is a very serviceable weapon in modern warfare remastered / cod4 it'll deal 40 damage up close and decrease a little bit down to 30 at a distance this means that it will take between three and four shots to kill just kind of depending on how far away you are but it's got very long range which we will talk about in just a second after the stopping power damage which is 56 to 42 with stopping power that means that it can kill in two or three shots more often than not it'll be – and that allows it to drop people very very quickly the ak-47 is one of the handful of guns in this game they can compete on par with the m16 and one of the reasons is it has a really awesome maximum damage range of 45 meters which is very very long even after that you'll still get a few two-shot kills because it's got linear damage drop and it's very effective it's fully automatic so if you can get your first two shots on people will die very very quickly however the red dot sight and suppressor have some very unique interactions with this weapon that don't really show up in any of the other weapons in the game I'm going to set just a brief moment aside for a sponsor of mine if you're interested in becoming a youtuber a streamer or just creating content of your own I've been using elgato capture cards for 5 or 6 years now this video was made on an elgato hd60 pro and so are 99% of the other videos on my channel if you're interested there is a link down there below in the description you can click for more info but I think the quality which you're watching right now speaks for itself if you run the red dot sight or a suppressor it will actually change the raw damage numbers and decrease the minimum damage down to 20 that means what was once a 4 shot kill is now going to be a 5 shot kill and that applies across the board same as stopping our and same versus juggernauts red dot our suppressor is going to lower your minimum damage on top of this the red dot sight will slightly lower your maximum damage range giving the weapon overall less range it's something about like 10 percent less and the suppressor will reduce your range by a colossal sixty five percent or two thirds less range or leaving you with one third of your original range just however you want to think about it then that kind of makes sense because that's how suppressors work in call of duty generally speaking I do not recommend the red dot sight on the ak-47 because it decreases your damage and your overall range when you don't want to be doing that on your weapons unless it's absolutely necessary I guess maybe if you really hate the iron sights it's okay but I try to avoid it the suppressor does serve a purpose and I kind of like using it which we'll talk about later headshots deal 1.4 X damage and kind of like the m16 it's mostly not needed you're doing enough damage to kill people very quickly anyway and the ranges at which headshots will kill faster are kind of niche and not really ideal rate of fire is 705 rounds per minute it'll round down and shoot a little bit slower than that after frame rounding and it's just a little bit slow in general but that makes sense it's a classic ak-47 performance high damage low rate of fire high recoil all of this should make sense to you the ak-47 has a very fast time to kill if you're accurate it's not as fast as the m16 and not as fast as some of the crazier guns in the game like the Scorpion at point-blank but it does kill people very quickly this is a weapon that can legitimately drop people very very quickly it can punch through walls very effectively but you do have to be accurate because and this leads into the next section the ak-47 does have a fair amount of recoil for you to get used to it's not a laser weapon it's I'm actually going to classify it as very high recoil it's not the highest in the game there are several weapons to kick worse but this one kicks pretty bad however one saving grace to the recoil is its predictable it may be high recoil but it's mostly vertical recoil and it doesn't kick or wobble to the sides too much so I personally find it easy to control easy to master and most of you will – it's not that difficult to get used to however instead of spamming and holding down the trigger small bursts is going to be much more effective at range the hipfire is normal for assault rifles mathematically speaking hipfire box isn't big or tiny or strange and it's entirely doable it's a high damage weapon you can totally spam this thing at hipfire and kill people if somebody's up close to you and you don't think you can aim down sights and do it quite right hip firing will work just fine when it comes to the iron sights I know a lot of you are critical of me because I don't like a lot of them I think that iron sights on the ak-47 are pretty good I kind of like them I think I like them more from a nostalgic standpoint when I first started playing this game definitely didn't like them that's you know way back in 2007 I believe when it first came out but they grew on me I got better with it and especially since I don't use the red dot sight I guess I just got used to it and now I can use them over all very usable very serviceable but they are a little bit obstructive and they can be problematic at long ranges my best recommendation for this weapon is to use it with no attachments and stopping power because if you put the grenade launcher on there you can't access extra grenades or your primary perk stopping power is great that really amps up the damage makes it a two-shot kill most of the time better at wallbangs better at doing just about everything makes the weapon legitimately scary and that's how you'll see a lot of old-school Call of Duty Cod for veterans using this weapon they'll run around with just no attachments top power and just drop people it can be very precise however I'm going to say the ak-47 also makes for a good stealth assault rifle if you run suppressor and UAV jammer suppressor does lower the range and it does lower the damage but in the assault rifle class it probably has some of the better and more usable iron sights it also has a very good feel to it the suppressor reduces a lot of the muzzle flash and makes it easier to use the iron sights and it's one of the handful of assault rifles that I would recommend running this combo on it definitely does lower the damage you'll totally feel it it won't quite hammer people like it would with stopping power and it is very sucky against Jarvan Ott's but it can be a very good stealth weapon if you want to try that guys that's all for the short episode of in-depth I hope that you enjoyed it and I hope you learned something useful if you did don't forget to Like favorite and subscribe drifter out

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45 thoughts on “MWR In Depth: AK47 Assault Rifle Review

  1. I love how you see the grey shells ejecting. I personally shoot those same type of rounds in mine and I thought that was super cool.

  2. I've always been in the camp that the AK47 was the best weapon in this game over the M16. It just suits my play style a lot better.

  3. On your last point, I think a grenadier class is the best for the AK. All of its other attachments lower its performance, so you use the grenade launcher. take danger close and martydom for your perks, and use a smoke grenade to give you several powerful kill options per life. If you are smart, you can use your explosives to let you cap kill streaks or objectives, aside from having one of the best AR's in the game as your primary, and a desert eagle or silenced pistol as your side

  4. Rangers Review!!! I can do really well with stopping power Steady aim + akimbo from the weapon, for insane shotgun distance

  5. from my 11 years of experience you dont need stopping power for this gun, let me explain:
    double tap increases fire rate drastically and slightly the recoil. Yes – just slightly.
    I tested it many times and it is no different in MWR.
    Overall time to kill is reduced when you shoot faster as damage PER bullet is worth more than increased damage because of stopping power.
    What you absolutely need is deep impact because AK has the highest penetration in the auto-fire class.

    So, you don't NEED stopping power to be the best with AK.
    Silencer is great for stealth indeed.

  6. This is actually not an AK-47. It is in fact in AKM assault rifle. One of the ways you can tell the difference between the two is the metal cover on top of the gun. An AKM has a ribbed pattern on the top cover, well the original AK 47 does not.

  7. I feel 0 damage reduction when using suppress although to be fair I've used surpress for so long that when I switched back I thought the gun sounded weird

  8. I find the recoil pattern of the AK47 useful for getting headshots when I aim at the upper chest below the head.

  9. I wouldn't mind if all the guns with this annoying sight bounce just had twice the recoil, Instead of the obstructive visuals, i can compensate for recoil, but I hate having to guess where my bullets are going cause I can't see what I'm shooting at. than again this was cod 4 so I'm pretty sure they just didn't know how to balance recoil properly at the time.

  10. Why does the red dot sight reduce damage and range? Is it a glitch or is it deliberate? Is it for balancing purposes? Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure that the red dot sight doesn't reduce damage or range for any other gun in the game, so why the AK47?

  11. Drift0r, maybe have your advertisements at the start of the videos? It'd be better than suddenly advert when you're discussing a game lol

  12. lmao i never used attachments on the ak… it just didn't feel right as far as looks. you HAVE to run it stock w stopping power to get the full experience lol

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