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MWR In Depth: G3 Assault Rifle

Cesar Sullivan

47 thoughts on “MWR In Depth: G3 Assault Rifle

  1. G3 with red dot sight, bandolier, stopping power and deep impact AND a good trigger finger is a lethal combination. One of my top 3 favorites since COD4.

  2. In CODMW AK47 and G3 are really bad. Recoil is awful on both, AK47 had no DMG and G3 has not enough ammunition.

  3. I'd rather use the AK :v
    What's the point of the G3 when the ak has better iron sight, same damage, fully automatic, better recoil, better looking? (Highly subjective but i think the AK looks marvelous)

  4. The best killstreaks I've gotten in MW are tied to using UAV Jammer and suppressors… with pretty much every weapon, except LMGs and sniper rifles. Just get behind the enemy lines, start hosing them down when they are NOT expecting to see you, and try to move around their spawn and pick everyone off. Its real fun, causing so much headache and havoc in another team, its an awesome feel

  5. Struggling to get the camos for this gun. I'm usually an aggressive player. But this gun almost forces you to sit back and pick people off.

  6. +Drift0r I myself own said modded controller and I personally find the g3 superior to the m14 in all ways except damage but the recoil is so bad it's like the g18 from mw2 shoot 2 times and your looking at the sky. G3 has very little to no recoil and doesn't have the fire rate cap. So theoretically my ttk with a g3 vs m14 is greater.

  7. Crash isn't a G3 map!!! Take some advice coming from the G3 GOD. Ambush, Bloc, Bog, Countdown, Crossfire, Overgrown, Pipeline, and Strike are the best for this gun.

  8. I have to say, I didn't like this gun the first time through…. now that I have unlocked prestige and have access to it again, I am finding it a beast.

    On Overgrown, that damn roof that snipers love to hide on… I couldn't hit them with my Lynx… a few hit markers, but no kills. After using the G3, however, they started finding other hidey holes to sneak into. Well, after killing the same guy 3 times with a headshot LOL

    Ya, on PS4 there isn't a "cheat" to make it fire faster than how quickly you can pull the trigger, but I have learned to like that as I feel I am conserving ammo when I miss.

  9. It's definitely a tacticians weapon. I love this with the suppressor on it and it's great for those going behind enemy lines. So silent, and the 'pew pew' noise is fantastic. I wish I could equip the silence MP5 and the silenced G3 with UAV jammer, the perfect covert weapons.

  10. If you put double tap on it does it turn auto? I feel like that was something in COD 4. Correct me if Im wrong.

  11. Little tip for that 1200 rpm. Turn your controller slightly up and use your wrist to bounce your hand. You won't be able to aim but you can dump the clip.

  12. I prefer Double Tap over Stopping Power because without Double Tap the gun would stutter quite often and I couldn't shoot it as fast as I want. If I use Double Tap then there is no stuttering at all and I could just melt people with my trigger finger.

  13. Are you sure the G3 still fires at 1200 RPM? It feels waaay slower in MWR than it did in CoD4. The semi-auto rifles and pistols feel like they're capped at 625 RPM now.

  14. I'm quite sure the g3 doesn't have 1200 rpm, I can fire the barrett as fast as i can however the g3 seems to be capped at like 600 – 800 rpm. I don't know for sure though

  15. Same dmg with M16? WTF, do you know what happens if G3 hits a target within 600m? the target becomes 30 kilos lighter….

  16. So I got this gun to gold. I liked it due to my trigger finger, but I think the M14 will perform better overall.

  17. got my first nuclear medal with this gun, that bandolier comes in handy espeically if u sit back and pick enemies off

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