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MWR In Depth: G36C Assault Rifle

Cesar Sullivan

27 thoughts on “MWR In Depth: G36C Assault Rifle

  1. This gun has always been my favorite and I'm loyal to it so for that reason alone I'll be maining this gun

  2. @Drift0r – Excellent coverage of the mechanics.
    Subscribed, and a 'thumbs up', to you; hopefully, we
    get the chance to watch you cover the next iteration
    of the Modern Warfare Franchise, MW2.

  3. The thing that I always disliked about the G36C is the ugly irons. You're basically using a clunkier M4.

  4. The G36C had always and will always be my favorite AR in any game. From BF4 to Cod and GTA. The gun just looks cool and always will look cool.

  5. got a vicious medal with this gun (30 kills without dying) i spent my prestige token on it and dont regret it

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