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Domestic Violence and Abuse

National Library Service for the Blind and Physically Handicapped (NLS): Magical Moments

From the Library of Congress in
Washington, D.C. [Music] “There’s no place like space.”Phone ringing.Grandpa! Look what I’m reading. Have you read about
Astronaut Abby? No, sweetheart. I’d love to, but
the print is just too small.Keyboard typing.Mouse clicking.Phone ringing.Hey, sweetheart! “There’s no
place …” “… like space!” Grandpa, you read my book? I listened to it! Thanks to you
two, I enrolled in NLS. NLS is a free library service
from the Library of Congress for people who have difficulty
reading print due to a visual or physical impairment. Lifetime memberships are free,
and all NLS patrons receive a free talking book player
upon enrollment. This has been a presentation of
the Library of Congress. Visit us at L-O-C DOT GOV.

Cesar Sullivan

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