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Neck Strain & Whiplash / Douglas Cutter, MD, CAQSM

– A neck strain is
nothing more than a muscle injury to the different
muscles around the neck. You know, the whiplash injury is a, is a kind of a stretch injury. Any, any, you gotta think about a muscle. A muscle does two things. It gets shorter under force, or it gets longer under force. So if I lift a weight up using my bicep, my bicep is doing what’s called a concentric contraction. If I let that weight down, it’s not the tricep pushing it down, it’s the bicep letting it down. So that’s called eccentric contraction. It seems kinda contradictory. I’m using the word contraction, but the muscle’s getting longer. And the whiplash injuries
occur when there’s a, you know, when you get a
force that’s trying to, the muscle trying to decelerate a force. So, when you, if you get hit from behind, your head starts going
back ’cause your body’s going this way, so these muscles are
trying to decelerate that, then all of a sudden, you get the force, you stop and you start going this way, and the muscles in the back of the neck try to decelerate that injury. Happens a lot in car accidents. But it can definitely happen, it can happen in soccer, in can happen in football. And those injuries are very, what’s very typical is injuries, we have something called delayed onset of muscle soreness. They’re a little sore when it happens, the next day they can
barely move their neck. So if you see somebody
with a whiplash type injury you put them on
an anti-inflammatory really quick to decrease
that inflammation. And that’s just, it’s just treatment of the symptoms.

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