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Never Do This After a Car Accident

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk
about the five things that you should never do when you get into a car wreck,
now get into a car wreck it’s often a traumatic experience, so you have to be
prepared ahead of time, just don’t wait till it happens and then things start
going that are out of control learn to control it yourself, and the
first thing not to do is, don’t let the tow truck drivers that come let them
take your car where they want to take it you want to have a place that you want
that car towed to, to get fixed, so if you don’t know good body shop, hey tow to
your house, by law they have to be able to tow it to your house, then later you can
have it towed to shops to get fixed, but really you want to know a good body shop
in the first place, put it on your phone then you’re prepared, because almost all
those tow truck drivers are what’s called bird doggers, if they tow your car
to shop they’re affiliated with, they get a kickback on the money that’s spent on
repairing the car, you want to have it taken to an honest repair shop, that you
know is going to do good work that isn’t doing kickbacks with people, now the next
thing not to do is, don’t say that it was your fault for the accident, don’t take
responsibility for anything, you let the facts speak for themselves, and in at
respect, see if you can get the police to come to the accident, because nothing
beats a good police report, in case somebody tries to say it was your fault
when it wasn’t your fault, the police report is what they always take in court
has the best evidence, as an example years ago I had a customer in their
toyota, they were driving south on a green light, it had just turned green,
going east west was a guy who t-boned him smashed right into them, he ran a red
light and smashed into them, but the guy who smashed into my customer, Hey
they weren’t waiting around, what they did was, they said oh we got to be
somewhere, we’re not waiting for the police to come and they took off, before
they did, my customer said she saw them giving money to these two guys at a bus
stop who were witnesses and said that oh she ran a red light
not him, now if the police would have shown up, there’s no way that those people were
gonna lie in front of a policeman and say, oh we saw her run the red light
somebody’s sitting at a bus stop yeah they’re watching the light right in the
traffic to see who goes where, they have no idea what’s going on,
the guy just bribed them and her company ended up paying the other guy
even though the other guy t-boned her now she wanted to fight it, but her
insurance company said if you fight it will drop your insurance coverage,
because they don’t want to get involved in a case court well that’s not fair you
know, so if you can get the police to come to the scene of an accident that’s
much better than having some hearsay about what actually happened or somebody
just bribing witnesses to make it look like they didn’t do it,
now the next thing not to do is don’t forget to take pictures, take a picture of
the car the other person was driving, of the damaged area of your car, take
pictures of the surrounding area, if you got a video make a video of it, because I
had a customer wants who was rear-ended by somebody and they claimed that my
customer backed up into them, well they took pictures of it and they proved from
all the surrounding areas that they were just driving down the road and this person
rear-ended them, they didn’t back up in the middle of the road and run into them,
remember a picture is worth a thousand words, take pictures of what
happened in the accident and even though it’s a traumatic situation, make sure you
get the other person’s information, make sure their driver’s license, the name, the
address matches their insurance information, I’ve had more people get hit
by people who didn’t have insurance and they’d say something like, oh don’t worry
we’ll pay for it, you don’t go for that baloney, if the person does not have
proof of insurance there call the police and if they drive away, take a picture of
their license plate of them and file hit-and-run report because there’s so
many people out there trying to pull sleazy things in an accident, you want to
make sure you cover all your bases, and in that respect even if you don’t have
full coverage, make sure you have uninsured motorist coverage like I do,
because one time I got hit by somebody and they decide they’re going to take
off, well I took a picture of their license plate in their car, filed the hit-and-run
report, and my insurance paid for it and then
strangely enough years later, I got a refund for my deductible because they
caught the person, took him to court and made them pay for the whole thing, so you have
to make sure you keep your wits about yourself if you do get an accident
that’s why you got to do a lot of this planning ahead, of thinking okay if this
happens what am I gonna do, have it all set up and if your type of person that
you’re worried you’re gonna forget, put it on your phone as a note or put a
little notebook in your glove box and write down steps to do if I get in an
accident, now the last thing not to do if you get in an accident, especially if
it’s a relatively serious accident is don’t say, oh I’m okay I don’t need to
see a doctor, get yourself checked out especially if it was a big wreck, where
the airbag deployed or you hit the steering column even though you have the
seat belt on realize if you got the seat belt on
you’re still going to get all kinds of bruises from the seat belt, you can get
internal injuries that you think aren’t any big deal that can kill you,
sadly I’ve had more than one of my customers die that way, they get in a wreck
a pretty big one and they’d say, oh I’m okay I can walk around and then later
they died of either an embolism from something finally exploding and finish
them off or they have internal bleeding and they
end up dying from that, if you do get in a big accident make sure you go to the
hospital and get checked out, you don’t want to have something serious happened to
you because it can be a very traumatic experience, I mean I once did the shoot
for the Houston Police Department where they tell you to wear your seatbelt and
you just ride on this little sled and you’re only going like four miles an
hour, at the end of the four miles an hour the
sled just stops and that seatbelt it hurt my
ribs and a month later I could still feel them and that was in a little sled going
four miles an hour with a seatbelt on being an ex hockey player I thought, hey
smash into people all the time on the ice it’s
nothing on the seatbelt machine right, but guess again, your on the ice you get
hit you slide around and unless your rammed totally into the boards, the energy is
gonna be dissipated sliding your body around on the ice, when you’re sitting in
a seat with a seatbelt on, even four miles an hour of a dead stop
and it hurt my ribs for months, so if you get in a larger wreck make sure you go
to the hospital, oh I feel okay, you never know when your going that fast if your
old like me, hey don’t forget to have your Medicare card, cuz if you don’t have
your Medicare card, you might have a hassle in the hospital, they’ll know who
you are and you’ll have the insurance covered at least, and now you know what
to do or what not to do if you get in a car accident, because really it’s bad enough
getting in a car accident, you don’t want to have a whole bunch of more
hassles to follow it down the line, if you don’t do the right things after it
happens, so if you never want to miss another one of my new car repair videos,
remember to ring that Bell!

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Never Do This After a Car Accident

  1. A lot of people have been asking me about dash cams and yes I did forget to mention that in the video. Dash cams are a great way to have evidence in the event of an accident and many other things as well. I get dozens of dash cams every year to try out and this is my recommendation for a dash cam, it's not cheap but it's by far the best with the most features and easiest to use, if you want the best get this, if not there's tons of other dash cams out there just look around:

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  2. Having a Dashcam that records front and back in my car is the best witness , why because people now a days will not think twice about flipping the script and turn the fault on you. Some insurance companies give their clients a discount for having a Dashcam in their car.

  3. Scotty here is a very important "not to do"
    And that is, "don't start throwing punches".( Unless you can prevail )

  4. Yeah…My AAA agent just gave me two points and paid off a false injury claim. I had no choice once I admitted my fault.

  5. Scotty I didn’t know you played some hockey! I was called up for six games in the NHL I would love to spend some time with you and talk some puck!

  6. I make reports on car accidents for the insurance companies where I'm from and I always tell their clients to invest in dash cams when faced with contradictory statements. Another common mistake people often make; moving their car before taking pictures of the area. Your first move should be to call the cops. I would not even recommend getting out to check on anyone before you know the cops or some sort of assistance is on its way. The second thing is to turn your phone camera on as you get out of your car and work that baby. The last thing you want to do is secure confidence in the other driver vehicle's documentation; Wheres their car insured, policy number, policy expiration, policy owner, drivers name and validity of driver's license. Also make sure the make and model correspond with the the car that's in front of you

  7. I had an accident awhile back. Guy ran the light and t boned me. Totaled my newish car I just bought about 5 hours prior. Luckily I had insurance on it and one of the 5 witnesses was a sheriff that just retired a day prior. Let’s just say that guy and his insurance company were screwed from the start.

  8. The first accident i was ever in 16 years ago the lady cut the corner and blew the yield sign turning left. She was trying to say it was my fault and told the insurance company i had a stop sign. I lived in a small town too so i heard she was going all over town telling some crazy story about what really happened.

  9. People lie to cops all the time. A police report doesn't do anything, why you ask? Because people lie to cops all the time, so theyll lie stating what happened

  10. Sometimes the police lie. My wife had to stop quickly on a wet road and just as she came to stop the car behind her slammed into her driving her pickup into the car ahead of her, Cop who did NOT witness the accident gave her a ticket claiming she hit the first car before the 3rd car hit her. Tried to fight it in court but the scumbag attorney conned my wife into accepting "deferred adjudication". Damage to the rear of the truck was $12,000. Damage to the front was $3,000 and the airbag did not deploy. By the way never buy a Chevy truck where the shoulder belt is not attached to car frame. Hers was built into the seat frame and the seat gave way.

  11. Dashboard Cam is very helpful to insurance & I wish that car rental install them by law. Or in your personal car.

  12. You are a star, Scotty. Absolutely right on, bingo! Just had my first crash a month ago–first ever for me, with decades on the road (she did an illegal u-turn against green-lighted oncoming traffic, w/blind spot). Even my cat-like reflexes couldn't save me/us from this one.
    I was anything but prepared. But a witness appeared in a heartbeat, said she saw everything, it wasn't my fault, nothing i could do– and she had it on video! "God bless you!" i said. She typed her info into my phone. Then she took pictures with HER phone (pictures by the witness, that's pretty good, huh?). She must've called 911 too. Everything unfolded. I was in shock, but not obviously so. Police came. Firetruck came. Police called EMS to come after firetruck left bc there was a 4 year old in her car, a "CYA", he said.

    It's funny, they ask, "Are you alright?" I had to say "I don't know, i think so." Intuitively, i knew not to say yes. Turns out i was alright, thankfully. But my sweet creampuff 2007 Impreza with only 94K was totaled. In the end (31 days out, today) all turned out okay, though it took a full month. I am grateful.

    I don't want to experience another, but just to be on the safe side, i am going to make a little card for the glove box of my beautiful new(er) Deep Cherry Impreza Premium–point by point from your video. Funny, it was the EMS guy, last guy to the scene, who said "do you have her Insurance info?" I didn't. Because Police suggested taking pictures (of her license, of her plate). So the last thing i got before everyone left the scene was the name of her insurance company (duh!). First call when I got home was to my Insurer. The second was to hers. Put the whole claim through hers (thus maintaining my perfect driving record and top discounts for same), since i had zero fault (and a rock-star witness).

    No one can be expected to be thinking clearly after a crash. So your EXCELLENT advice to be prepared in these ways is priceless. Thank you. You're an angel from heaven 🙂 – bless you.

  13. Here is what i do….
    Get out of my car and run like hell.
    No seriously…
    His 1st point hits home.
    Our car got towed to a slimy body shop. Not knowing any better…
    We got "had".

  14. I was in an accident and they refused to take my truck to my house, 1000 ft away. They took it to a garage, then I had to pay towing X two to get it home. The police backed them up!

  15. I went to the hospital after an accident. They sent me home with a broken neck and a shattered left humorous, along with a serious concusion. Great. My nerves were pinched, so I really didn't feel it till years later. Too late for a law suit! Cost me a normal life.

  16. Sad that the court would take police report as evidence.. police can sometimes make mistake or mayb the police just like the other person more then u, enough to bend the report in their favor… that has happend to me before….

  17. The first thing you do is open your car door and start yelling "My neck!!!, My back!!!, My neck and my back!!! I can't move!!! I! I can't move!!!" 😆

  18. you're a good man, Scotty! this is a very good, very informative video! you're helping a lot of people with the videos you put out. thank you very much, Scotty!

  19. I was in Thailand on vacation and every taxi had a dashcam and all of them (except for tuk tuk’s and scooter taxis) were Toyota corollas, mostly manual transmission.

  20. I once got in an accident at an intersection right before I got to Kings Island and didn’t call the cops… a state trooper was right behind the guy that pulled out in front of me 😂

  21. He is wrong. If a cop calls for tow, let tow guy take it to tow yard. Insurance will pay. If u call tow, u will pay up front. Learn ur polixy

  22. I bought a SJ400 camera 5 years ago that was intended as a cheap GoPro alternative. Got bored with it and now use it as a dash cam. It automatically records and stops with power so I never touch it. Its been working great even with a none high endurance micro sd card (get a quality high endurance sd card not the standard ones) and dual dash cam.

  23. We had to ride the "convincer" sled as part of our driver's ed training in high school. We also had to watch those grisly films about horrific car accidents. Do kids still have to do those things in driver's ed these days?

  24. If you were in Ontario canada (can't speak for the rest of the provinces) the guy would have been charged with leaving the scene of an accident.

  25. If you're an auto mechanic for over 50 years, oh you'll have customers die from auto accidents. The probabilities are simply there.

  26. I was rear ended at a dead stop by a girl on her phone going 45+mph in her truck. It was my first accident. The most i can stress is TO GET CHECKED OUT. By the end of the day i was in so much pain it was crazy. Took me 6-8 months before i started feeling normal again. Its been a year and a couple months and just in these last couple month i've felt 100% enough to start working out again and being more physical.

  27. I think the most important thing to do straight after an accident is to make sure you are in a safe place away from any fast moving traffic after an accident. Fast moving traffic near the accident can be lethal after an accident!

  28. Always call the cops. I live in a County that has a high population of Illegal aliens. I got rear-ended one time, and the damage was minimal. The kid, who barely spoke English, gave me his license and Insurance documents. Turns out the kid had no license (It was his brother's) and his insurance company tried to refuse the claim. My insurance company went after them and the truth came out, and they finally paid for a new bumper. My insurance company warned me, in Westchester County NY, always call the police, because there are a lot of people driving around illegally with no licenses or forged documents. Let the police handle it.

  29. "i feel ok" ur not a doctor, u dont no if ur ok…… Thats why people who "feel ok" every day drop down dead….. A doctor can see things far far before you can feel things…… Just see a doctor

  30. Called 911 told them pushed into Simi the other driver said backed into him
    Then cops lied in court then keep me there cause more harm I can't sue cause police report there was 2 people that ran if other driver sue me got photos bury him and cops
    It took them 45 mins to go 3 miles and my medical bills are high and e r Dr backed the cops my Dr found ton more injury

  31. All good points,pretty much the only things I haven't been told before were, I think just the Medicare thing (I'm not yet 30) and the police being there because they consider police report as the best.

  32. Your 110% right. One can't trust others nowadays. Everyone is out for themselves especially if it's going to cost them.
    I had a 78 Buick Regal at the time and this woman with a big Olds wagon went through a red light. Fortunately, there were witnesses and the police showed up. I bruised my knee back then (over 25 years ago) now my knee gives out on me. The doctor claims it's just arthritis and just learn to live with it. I don't have a problem with the other knee. So even if you have a bruise have it recorded.

  33. I rented a car. Paid for car rental insurance. I was in a parking lot and someone hit me. It was their fault. The car rental company tried to file a claim on my own car insurance. I refused to give info to give info about own car insurance company because that what the car insurance was for. It seemed very silly. In the end the other person was charged with the accident and walked away without paying for rental car.

  34. First thing I do after an accident: hazards, check if it’s safe to get out, take pictures, check on other person, call police

  35. Don't forget to try for witness statements. Really helped me in a case when I was out in California, side note Cali cops only come if there's injury's so claim whiplash to get them to the scene.

  36. A person approaching a steady circular red light must stop behind the limit line until the light turns green AND THEN PROCEED WHEN SAFE. A person who enters the intersection before the red light is fully illuminated has right of way over a person who was approaching a red light which just turned green.

    It was her fault she was t-boned because she failed to stop.

  37. You know what he say is big common sense. I had a friend who was behind a guy at a light. The light turned green and she rolled right into him. They both got out and they both took pictures. He said he was shook up but okay, and she was walking around like him and she was okay too. He didn't call the police but she did not, she should have, cause you don't know crooks when you see them. Well 3 months later, his lawyer filed a lawsuit against her for hitting and totaling his vehicle. Even with her pictures, her insurance company could see it was not like her revving her engine and going full speed forward. It was a bump with a small scratch on his bumper. Her insurance company looked into it and he had junked his car. They found the car at a junk shop and they inspected it and there was nothing wrong with it except the bumper in the back. They took this vehicle out of the shop with a court order and held it for the trial. Well his lawyer has been postponing the day in court. He even got an injunction against the use of the vehicle involved with the scratch bumper. In the meantime, she realized her stupidity. Kinda of TOO LATE! Now it's been 2 years, and he still has a law suit against her, this time for over $50,000.00 damages, loss of work, and whatever he could think of. She said am not paying a dime the insurance will have to fight this one for me. Her rates jumped not 25 percent but 50 percent. She went about talking about it and making excuses, but I did not care. It was her stupidity not to call the police. So if some little ole lady or man hit you, call the police. Take picture if they look like "naw, nothing wrong here and they take off" be alert and take the tag number!!! I don't care if it's a minor fender bender, call the police, start filming from the moment you are involved. If you have two cell phones, one film the other take pictures. Keep in a safe file on Cloud.

  38. Years ago, when I lived in Houston, I was backing up slowly (head turned towards back and traveling a couple of MPH), in a mall parking lot and didn't see a light post, which was in a "blind spot" and a day or 2 later my neck was sore… so imagine a collision at greater speeds

  39. I was once stopped at a red light. The car next to me was anticipating the light turning green, and went before the light had turned green. Coming across at high speed was another car trying to beat the red light on their side. Fortunately, the first car was able to hit the brakes and avoided an accident. The light turned green soon enough. I think both of them were at fault, both running the red light.

    Another tip, get a reliable dash cam (front and rear). Even if you don't get into an accident, you could capture something interesting.

  40. Scotty never flash any kind of identification on a camera too many identity theft out there that will pause and try to get your information off of it

  41. I never take responsibility for anything. Guess what I am!
    Clue: the word begins with the letter L & ends with the letter L

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