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NEW Advanced Trick To Take Less Fall Damage (Fortnite Battle Royale)

I'm gonna show you guys a cool trick at four stories high if you fall from the top of the fourth storey you take BAM 20 damage if you fall for the fourth storey and you build a ramp you know typically when you're falling down from really high your instinct is to build a ramp you know where you land on the ramp can differentiate the fall damage a little bit but point is let's build a ramp boom we went from 80 to 69 so that's 11 I think you'll take 11 regardless of whether where you land or whatever now this is a technique that's very easy to pull off once you get the rhythm of it I've never tried it before so this to me the first time trying it sometimes if you're really quick what people try to do is they try to build a they try to build a ramp then a floor then another ramp so it looks like this they try to land on it like that but that's too much like that getting that off is not that easy what's what what's really easy to get off is actually building a ramp than a roof so we're gonna go ramp roof no fall damage taken from four storeys all right let's go let's go seven stories high right well before we do this look seven stories high will kill you if you land on the floor look it will kill you boom I didn't have full health but ramp as I fall down okay I'm still gonna die ramp roof all right you ready for this do not die you take 84 damage but you don't die so also find the person who posted this on reddit so I can give them credit but yeah it's a lot easier to I mean to reduce the fall damage and you think so like it like you're in a build fight you start falling down just instinctively you know if since it instinctively put the you know the ramp and in the the roof because I don't know how many times like I've barely survived falling and I'm sure that with this strategy if you start implementing it there will be times where you nearly die but you don't what did you eat today Finch some mushroom fried onion sliders I don't like other than that sounds delicious sorry aren't you on a diet I am yeah I'm actually seven pounds down ever since I started with my trainer thank you this advant said there's gonna be more background space on my stream cam because I'm losing weight okay use it a basketball house rotated cyber headshot the Little Red Riding Hood chick 460 she has forty huh that one out ten out in the building sigi you ring on dude I do have a ring on yeah I'm used to it now yes we're right it was just something I had to get used to your ear oh I thought you were trolling now the wife he made me didn't make me she's just like I want because I want to promise not a promise ring I wanted a gauge ring as well yeah and and I couldn't game with it on its really it was like really big really thick yeah that's and and then you know just like I was like let's just get a smaller one like for the the actual wedding band and I'll no matter what like I'll get used to it and you're right here I am dude new game with it on yeah yeah yeah dude I got diamonds in mind so I getting away sometimes I told that I was like no one's gonna talk to me while I'm streaming one shot you don't want to give dose well just to be clear I'm talking about people that would approach cyber knowing he has a wife yeah in a sexual manner yeah I really liked how it was my first day with the ring on and my wife told you guys that I never wear it like it was my first day with it on well statistically she's correct right oh this is Garrity Gordon back I just had to write dated with that whoa let me out of this she's got nothing left to super-low we got a long ways to go you want to take this bitch okay we gotta go we gotta go this I saved you guys small I know here's a launch pad I'm gonna come to you guys we'll set up another one I actually might not even need to I took out the guy that was back there Rodney thank you so much for me merch I had a feeling Stepford I'm Jim why do you always get mad when I sing man y'all sings bad all right it was good I'd let you sing I'll go take singing lessons like just like a bust one out no it's on Scarecrow underneath yeah I'm really getting sick and tired of dude I'm gonna ignore the Scarecrow and work towards ninja hearing me wait so I was gonna bring it down Oh keep down yeah bring it every down wait where'd he go he's inside are you talking there's someone else yeah yeah that commando I don't know where she went I dunno we got a leap Launchpad here there is Launchpad here there is so listen cypher I made the joke you can't reuse my joke on myself up in the build in the build me up and I literally cookies a building three guys left this guy's weak hit over seven I hit a / 180 what job this gold trooper has a ballon g-man I see money kill himself to be one I don't know how he did it but he did Tim here yeah on me Oh get out here getting my Hut it is I get it no hard copy definitely wasn't worth it I mean I still have the song he'll just I have extra minis now I had a hundred now I have 105 and Mitch and Max materials and minis and then discard gosh you know I had 120 so I am down healthy right no it's a what's one guy left I don't realize that I've called where he is and I said the one guy left I think bin just said there's one guy life said there was one guy dozen guys I feel like my brain is on a different letter via pigeon mail there was one guy left a week ago it's true he was I saw him right here I shot that side of the porter fort you fell out laughs so you probably slid down what would a noob do it would slide down my runs he to run in the pines exactly all right come here we're gonna go break we're breaching you and me we have to have each other's backs Rainbow six C's let's go I did I'll leave got my six yep all right tink here clear I'm check it right rights clear stairs it's clear watch my right okay clear clear where'd this guy go I just both walk into a traffic sir chest is clear checking up top a little bit wait hold balls holy holy yeah I see a ramp over here it's old but it's a it's a clue you'll notice that the light ammo over here hasn't been picked up from the pistol meaning that he did not walk through this area so he can't be down here or he was max that is another possibility which means we're dealing with a professional who has slayed multiple people to reach maximum light animal I think he's had zone I think he's outside over I'll have to agree with you that I heard footsteps no bottom okay the muscle we must have missed a spot I have this exit I have this exit if he walks he's gone yes sir he's right beneath he's right beneath me I have eyes on him I have eyes on target if you come over here we can drop all right on the left side I'm holding I see downstairs he's down he's got a pump shotgun out I see him all right Tim Tim Tim this is what we gotta do get on this side you know get on the Senate we're gonna use the heavy sniper to breach the floor beneath this right here I'll take the first shot well there's no reason okay now there's a board of reach all right Tim stop resisting I don't know you know what I'm not even happy about that we missed him somehow and he was down there I thought we cleared the whole place

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47 thoughts on “NEW Advanced Trick To Take Less Fall Damage (Fortnite Battle Royale)

  1. I love how Jack is using the same picture of Ninja for the clickbait thumbnails, regardless of what his reaction is supposed to be.

  2. I didn’t check who’s this was by and I thought it was click bait and I said to myself sypherpk will be right

  3. You shouldve replayed to see where he was hiding I'm so confused as to where he was. Great video as usual.

  4. Honestly I would love having one of those clickbait thumbnails we didn’t use as an actual thumbnail cuz they are pretty funny

  5. “Ill have to agree with you that.” Music Stops
    Sypher and his editor are hilarious ! Definitely check out the ending lmao.

  6. How do you guys always find noobs? From day one, every time I run into an enemy, those motherfuckers never miss a shot and 99 times out of 100 I get one pumped to the face no matter how much health I have

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