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Domestic Violence and Abuse


Cesar Sullivan


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  2. he was definitely in the 6th ward on St. Ann and Roman. That is not the Lafitte project in that exact spot….im from the Lafitte. People from other parts of the country don't hear about the 6th ward much but trust and believe most people from the 6th are gone!!

  3. I grew up in NOLA, Lafayette wasnt too bad, now that Iberville….. that was another story, this guy is in a safer part of town hahahah

  4. The guy he interviewed seemed to have good sense and seemed nice, unlike others he had interviewed in the past. I feel bad for him living in that dump. He will probably end up dead like that guy. I hope he moves out and gets a good chance at a career – he seems to be smart by the way he talks. Sad….

  5. The M.O. is the same in every city overly populated by blacks, purposely done with conception of increasing the crime rate… The stressed inductions in the city are money, drugs, sex, and turf… #issatrapblackpeople

  6. Oh yeah sure, the mayor is doing such a fine job. Lmao. You fools. Dont you know the white liberal is the most racist people in this nation. He takes down a few statues for you to show you hes not racist. Meanwhile black people are nice and cozy in tent city under the bridge. But he appreciates you for sacrificing so he could spend over a million dollars on getting those so called racist statues down. Now make sure you vote for him when he runs for POTUS. Look at your city dummies. How did the last conservative mayor that you voted in do. Oh yeah, you've never voted for a conservative to fix your disgusting poverty stricken city. So get comfortable in those tents cause you're gonna need them.

  7. Charlie: Is the Mayor doing a good job?
    Boy: Yes
    NOOOOOOOOO he’s not!!! But it’s always been bad so they don’t even know what good COULD look like! They just don’t know any better!!! It’s going to take videos like this and people from other places to speak up! Essence needs to stop having their music festival their every year! If the money isn’t going back to the people then STOP SUPPORTING THE CITY!!! I spoke with some workers while I was there and they’re getting paid pennies!!!

  8. Stop actling like all big cities dont have this same problem.Lots of great things about this great city.WHODAT!

  9. Y’all saying New Orleans a bad place but sometimes you gotta accept it like I accepted it. 7th ward st.benard

  10. u american call this hood….. all house looks nice like suburban…. compare to 3rd world country this looks better smh

  11. New Orleans has always been a wide open, rough and tumble city. It has one of the most turbulent histories of any major US city. So this violent crime scene is just another event in a city largely prone to violent behavior.

  12. You mother fuckers think you got it bad yall living in luxury compare to poverty in most thirdworld countries stop blaming the fucking government and go to school and get a decent job lazy spoiled fuckers

  13. Fact you a street a city block and house a place you can rent or own so what make it the hood ? The same street he drove Down was once owned by whites and blacks the Domain st . Around the corner from Bell jr high. The street and building have nothing to do with it …..the mind set of the residents in the area……

  14. No matter how bad it is in some of these videos, they still have new I-phones, nice shoes and some nice cars. Priorities I guess,,,,

  15. Imagine opening your door after hearing gunshots and seeing a dead body slumped over right in front your door.

  16. Stayed there two years in the 9th ward on jourdan. It was bad and a lot of stuff went on during my stay but yes there are bad ppl but majority of the ppl I encountered were great. My daughter and I would walk to brothers and some of the men watched out for us, waited to walk us home. I’ve even walked plenty of times at night alone (like 3 am)or with my siblings. Overall there are still good ppl there. I moved there from Birmingham’s it wasn’t a big difference to me. Things happen everywhere…

  17. My city New Orleans is a jungle and a war zone the strong cant even survive you either kill or get killed and if you don't get killed you go to Jail for the rest of your life

  18. So I guess that you're somehow able to handle the sight of a dead body but we're not? Wow, how presumptuous. I hate pretentious editing! We might as well watch NBC or CNN. The whole reason we come to social media is to get away from the pretentiousness (among other bs) of main-stream media.

  19. as a man or women think so is he and this is the result of long term economic oppression of blacks and mental enslavement causes things to remain like this -only we can free us

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