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Domestic Violence and Abuse


What’s a champion I want to play? (Mike) Uh. Didn’t you say you were gonna to play Kha’zix? Uh, I can’t tho (Mike) Oh. (Mike) I don’t know man. (Mike) Teeto? Karthus (Mike) Alright. That’s what I’m talking about! (Mike)This guy just called you trash man. Im gonna put him in the dirt for you (NB3) Don’t worry NightBlue is trash Don’t worry I got him Yo wh-why is everyone spamming Portugal though? i-i-is it football? portugal loves you Nightblue i love portugal too –
yeah screw that losing team wait wha hello oh someone… yo does she have flash? (Mike) Who? Wha? (NB3) HER?? (Mike) uhh… morg does not, no sit down put him in the dirt ok I’ll
take it I’m gonna be uhh… roleplaying Ziggs here all right here we go and I see the
jungler behind me? (Mike) Uhh Hello? HELLO?? no no this is fine this is fine this is fine yo hit him (Mike) yeah yea fine (Mike)what did you what was that you can you
are it so your new goal is to see this (Mike)this is your line (Mike)you’re not gonna cross it YOU SHALL NOT PASS Don’t tell me what to do (Mike) Please stay away (NB3) Excuse me I’m the jungler hear you’re a dirty adc main, adc mains don’t tell me what to do. ok you make my small banana into a big
banana (Mike) hahaha I just heard that for some reason, I was like farming and then I heard you say that and I stopped Same dude same with me man same all right ok let’s go let’s go
let’s go let’s go let’s go I stepped into that you’ve gotta be trolling me that’s that’s neat that’s really neat (Mike) yo olaf’s bot again help help help help help help help help MOM where are you guys man I’m Ulting a rage
Ulty brewed (Mike) Is that a rage ult? Yo mike why don’t you shout that out dude Mike what are you aiming at? (Mike) Really? (NB3) Let me show you guys Mike’s aim for a second here let me show you this real quick (Mike) I
thought he was gonna go the other way but it’s okay great he hit us in this
stationary target watch this watch this last one right I thought was going to go
away yo can this explain why goes somewhere haha I’m rusty then rusty took break i
took a long break from the skin day it’s how we do it all to you just just
say the word can you like hello could sub would help me id a
miracle actually picking at all from the thing
I’m resulting God got my note our team is already and
it’s here that’s a bargain oh this is not fun it’s not an enjoyable experience of
Michael I go I’m here I’m here we got we got some damages oh can I get the triple going to be as
well let’s go get stuff get stuff that’s so weird it’s just a full-color stream kappa they
try to apply dude come on man she see me if I talk that
does this will find out at the half of it you know what okay here Merry Christmas Oh sit down oh baby a chicken what are you
two doing down there this other team goal i never was done we should get this don’t mind me I’m
just here to take your krokodil yup chill chill crocodile channel oh my that is damaged legendary you hurt you hurt her you hurt
her I’m gonna get you with me the last thing I do God nothin yes that’s going to do and he
gave easy life I mean if they don’t want to check this
out check this out not even look no hands mom for and fire right what happened you all know you all are yeah – you all no I did all teams what am i a parent
and I can feed myself how come it’s uncool loan me your
screens which didn’t mean to monitor all not the candidate anything but to
get Yoshi low is low why don’t you say anything Mike bought a
big bottle no hands can find out the door in action that’s a nice and easy life right there
did I get killed trying you guys nice nice you’re like me you like what
are you doing I’m not talking about your dream bunnies map right sergeant twenty bucks for this
lawn mowing all in a minute although i can’t drive your one more
through turrets food you can not when there’s a chase behind the Martin Luther
King said that he couldn’t do that o.o up a Pilate you’ll help me help you guys
you sure can you shield yeah that’s right yeah and I have what
they said about it staples to do animals stable but he’s
not one of the room on arrival on yeah everyone at the bottom I’m fun it’s running out of running out of time oh you’re gonna get it now you outside by AP bike Michael by AP 1.1 k p like do you not know you know I just all
chatted that is all chatted games she comes to shove them you know if you
have all I’ll stack like on top there is a multi
for fun you should result in for fun i mean i’ll all when you all tell me
when you’re going on all right now ready ready good always holding 20 hit him with
everything that not good……Dont do it boosted I’m surprised this is just my version
Gallagher and elder elder elder and farad how much am I gonna have 1250 AP flour a boy I’m gonna all your life for fun watching
with HP she has a girl talk whatever watch Reggie Peter what oh my god oh my
god did I kill them from across the map dude if we can kill them from base like
you’re always come from India see almost killed more gotta go swimming I was just timing timing timing ok Oh like that I took the third damage i let me get
plus 50 here we go – oh man ever lucky else we can do a little dance for 50p
achieve do it is your life yeah yeah

Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “Nightblue3 – NEW 1200+ AP KARTHUS BUILD INSANE DAMAGE

  1. And I am a Satin worshiper lol stain LOL🤘✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌

  2. Maybe someone can answer this for me, cos I'm still confused… Why does Nightblue have Ludens Echo effects.. When he hasn't built Ludens?

  3. NB3 im one of your biggest fans
    Today i watched some old videos about master yi jungle and i tried to play it for the first time with the same build and you know what? I got a freakin Penta and i was spaming "solado" cause you helped me achieve my first penta i love you more than everyone😍😀

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