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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 2nd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

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100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – December 2nd, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

  1. The east coast pansies crying about the snow while the west coasters grabbed their gear. 😂 Lace up NY! Enjoying 3' of fresh in Deer Valley Ut!!

  2. Please stay tuned for the upcoming breaking news on Prince Andrews Suicide.The stage is being set and the scripts written.R.I.P prince Andrew

  3. I feel bad for those whom are lost their life on plane crash , but what kind of person whom he flies under this kind weather conditions and he must be stupid and crazy arrogant and fool

  4. 8:12, where are the parents, gr parents, aunts, uncles, sibs, when these girls are trafficked all over the world, giving 300.00 massages, disappearing to exotic islands on private planes w rich and famous???? If these minors were not emancipated where are family members???

  5. "The whole thing is a hoax; everybody knows it."

    That's funny Donnie.. everybody I talk to knows the impeachment doesn't even begin to scratch the surface. You're guilty nine ways from Sunday.


  7. Republicans demanding to be part of the hearings and have their say. Offered a chance to testify and they refuse. They are so guilty of wrong doing and this just further proves it. If you are not guilty of anything, you would want to have your say. Says it all.

  8. How do you hunt, exercise gun safety, ride bush planes across the African continent, provide hunger relief under the shadows of both Islamic Radical and secular warlords and their child armies, just to not figure out that the weather's too bad for a little Cessna-type plane right here in the good ol' USA?! I don't mean to minimize the tragic loss of life, but somebody got too comfortable with their luck and took it for granted.

  9. Why are these women coming out now? She knew what she was doing and she enjoyed the trappings of wealth and meeting famous people. Just because she regrets it now, is her problem. I'm sick of hearing about it, go away already!

  10. Im so sick of our government! They are all shady! Hope they know that they will be judged by the almighty God. We give billions of dollars each year to nato country’s… Columbia got over 10 billion so far.! Our tax payer money goes to many different countries.

  11. Are American's really so vapid? Deals happen all year and we don't need to buy stuff to show people we care about them. Most importantly; if we buy less, we contribute less to the destruction of the only world we have and use fewer of the resources that will one day run out.

  12. Kennedy and the RePUTINkin party he belongs to will side with Putin and line up like ducks going to slaughter. They have blinders on their eyes and plugs in their ears. The RePUTINkin party is a cult whose leaders will direct their followers to mass political suicide just as Jim Jones led his followers to mass suicide in November 1978. If it looks like a duck.. you get the idea ..Quack Quack.

  13. well for anyone in the you would think they would be taught how to lie better. anyone who knows microexpressions would be able to see literaly seee his body language when lying

  14. The Baby in Chief was crying for weeks that he couldn't participate in the early stages of the impeachment hearings. Now he has his chance and he cries. I don't know how anyone could twist themselves into incredible shaped to make excuses for that lying, corrupt man. He is such a whiny baby. If it is all a sham, he'd easily be able to prove it. But he can't. Because he is GUILTY!

  15. What is happening to America? When I went through school from elementary through high school no one would ever think of putting a police officer in a school!

  16. I'm so grateful to hear about Sarah Russell and kinley,these story's are what really keeps alot of us Americans grateful to be one.

  17. Why is it democrats always look mentally sick/ unstable with crying hysterical faces, and republicans always look healthy, happy and successful 🤔

  18. Fianlly they got rid of that piece of crap Pice Chief in Chicago you will see change now he is a useless Black American he wasn't doing anything to help or solve problems in the police Force or Black Community now to the the Mayor Lightfoot needs to go as well ahe looks tired and out of solutions.

  19. This bad weather reminds me of all the bad Characters in my case. Like the weather. They are going to have to go away soon enough. Until then. I tell People not to worry. Be careful. Its NOT worth jeopardizing your life. For whatever reasons People start driving faster in bad weather.

  20. Okay, so now it's standard practice here at NBC that we're going to hear local weather reports, and every single car accident across the country is going to be reported on the national news…as the FIRST news item. NBC, you've gone WAAAYYYY off the wacko scale. 6 minutes at the top of a 19 minute national news broadcast spent on the weather?!?
    Well, at least now we know why the census is so important…not so that electoral college votes are appropriately assigned and not so communities are correctly represented in budget appropriations…it's so NBC can tell us exactly how many people, to the very person, are experiencing to see a snowflake – in winter.

  21. Meanwhile in Florida it's sunny and nice. Oh but for the summer, we will all probably just melt the moment we go outside thanks to global warming.

  22. LOL on Duncan Hunter, hiding behind the skirts of his wife. Looks like those golf balls kinda shriveled up a bit when you got caught, eh, Dunc??

  23. How about "the other American family" that died in an air plane crash on the Canadian border, last Thanksgiving weekend, too ? Who were they ?

  24. Was Epstein paying off the parents of these girls to keep quiet? Should their parents be endicted, too?🤷‍♀️

  25. What "exactly" does Trump "have or offer" that so many people defend him ? Some of them are already in jail too…"for covering up for him."🤔

  26. . . . . . . . What a shock NBC News . . . . . . .
    For the first time since our 2016 elections, NBC News waited a full 10 minutes into their
    program to get at their dailey slander, insults, and blatant propaganda against President Trump.
    However, , , ,
    NBC News still shamefully rates as Americas Partisan Propaganda Headquarters.
    You are still an insult to the traditions of American Journalists NBC News.

  27. I'm sure the kid with the gun was white, probably why he is in the hospital,I wonder where he will be if he was black

  28. that plane crash looks like one with fixed wheels instead of retractable wheels. Landing that in a field is asking for trouble, since the wheels hit and cause a flip over. Better if a plane with retractable wheels can flat land on such a surface.

  29. Prince Andrew is using the same defense as the "Hillary "I DON'T REMEMBER" Defense". Why not? It's seemed to work for her! Unfortunately for both, witnesses DO REMEMBER.

  30. Trump's not gonna get any sleep on Impeachment Eve, bring in the Pull Ups.

  31. The only traffic you leftie news fakers get is because YouTube keeps sending EVERYONE to the MSM new sites. Like all libs, you condone cheating whenever it helps you. No standards. No morals. Thumbs down this clip, and all who feel as I do should thumbs-down as ell. YouTube will smarten up, fast, if we do.

  32. By the mere fact that student wasn't killed shows that they can shoot without killing, unfortunately many times unarmed black people don't get that same consideration even though they committed no crime's and had no weapons

  33. If I had been a member of that group I would have done them a favor and stuck a knife in a few tires. Then I would have spent my night in a cozy hotel room as an unknown hero for saving 12 lives

  34. If Esau aka the white man (Genesis 25:25 kjv)want the world to be free the Israelites: aka the Black, Hispanic and Native Americans:
    Christ is Black Revelation 1:14 kjv
    Christ was born around Spring:
    Luke 2:41-kjv
    Christ have parents: Matthew 1:1- kjv

    Jeremiah 14:2 kjv the Jews are Black unto the Ground.

    No more lies Satan

  35. Why should we subscribe to this channel if they cannot keep up with the news each day on here? it's always two days late sometime…because it is now 12/4/19. And where is the news for 12/3/19.?

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