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Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 11, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

tonight the hurricane warning just issued as tropical storm berry churns toward the Gulf Coast millions now watching and worrying the storm expected to become a hurricane by the weekend with more than a foot of rain in some places mandatory evacuations already underway for thousands with warnings about life-threatening storm surge I stuck around a little bit too long during Katrina and don't want to make that mistake again the latest on when and where berry will hit the terrifying flight over the Pacific is a plane with almost 300 people on board hits severe turbulence it went bang and the people just shot up dozens injured the plane forced to make an emergency landing in Hawaii the president alters course on a citizenship question on the census and that big immigration crackdown now expected this weekend thousands targeted for immediate deportation in ten major cities sparking fear across the country fourth under fire reportedly selling two popular car models even though it knew they had major problems thousands of complaints and dozens of injuries reported I would not feel confident selling this car to somebody else and having them driving I don't know if I could sleep at night more than a million of the cars still on the road the price you pay hotel guests shocked by their bills and the fees they had no idea they'd be charged now being investigated in all 50 states and where the wild things are on the trail in Chicago of an alligator on the loose this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening and welcome to our viewers in the West a hurricane warning has just been posted for the Louisiana coast as that tropical threat we've been watching his fun up into a tropical storm named berry strengthening and poised to make landfall Saturday possibly as a hurricane parts of the New Orleans area are under mandatory evacuation orders at this hour the storm could dump as much as 20 inches of rain along with a storm surge that threatens historic flooding our Kerry Sanders is in the storm zone tonight tonight people in Louisiana are heading out with mandatory evacuations ordered in low-lying parishes you're concerned that if the levees give away your house could wind up getting swept away swiped away it's not tropical storm buries winds officials here are worried about its the water with New Orleans already reeling from over nine inches of rain yesterday flooding the French Quarter plus the Mississippi River is eight feet above normal Barry could drive it to its highest level since 1950 and this morning if as expected Barry becomes a hurricane this will be the first time that we've had a hurricane making landfall in Louisiana while the Mississippi River was at flood stage here in Plaquemines Parish flood control officials say a storm surge pushing the river to 19 feet is life-threatening it would cause the water to overtop which means the mighty Mississippi would spill over this levee flooding homes those who survived Katrina know the danger I stuck around a little bit too long during Katrina and don't want to make that mistake again tonight the Louisiana National Guard has been deployed officials are urging residents to have three days of supplies on hand you got to be prepared you never know even if it's a small one something can happen in a flood water can come up storm drains adding to the crisis so tonight they put these giant heavy sandbags on top of the storm drains to plug them up Lester they're doing everything they can to try to prevent a disaster here alright Kerry Sanders thanks for the update and NBC meteorologist Dylan Dreyer is tracking the storm Dylan what are you seeing tonight good evening Lester we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm Barry the outer bands of rain already making their way well inland hurricane warnings are now posted across south-central Louisiana and we are going to see this storm take that turn within the next 24 hours so it's moving west at 5 miles per hour winds up to 40 miles per hour it does not look like it is going to turn into a hurricane but still with tropical storm-force winds areas in Louisiana do need to be a very mindful of this storm moving in we could also see about 10 to 20 inches of rain especially across southeastern Louisiana Lester all right Dylan thank you and far from there severe turbulence sent passengers flying today during a flight from Vancouver to Australia dozens were injured treated for injuries Steve Patterson has more passengers say it struck without warning and all sudden bang had dropped they must have dropped like 100 feet or something because sudden severe turbulence tossing passengers from their seats injuring 37 people on board Air Canada flight 33 the Boeing 777 flying from Vancouver to Australia the airline saying it encountered unfor casted and sudden turbulence about two hours west of Hawaii the turbulence so violent the plane was forced to make an emergency landing flying the plane carrying 269 passengers and 15 crew members landed safely in Honolulu some on board posting selfies wearing neck braces along with pictures of deployed oxygen masks and food scattered across the ground it's the latest in a string of turbulent flights tonight of the more than three dozen hurt nine had serious injuries others happy to be back on solid ground today's incident another reminder always buckle up Steve Patterson NBC News another breaking story were following tonight President Trump just announced he is altering his controversial plan to include a question about citizenship on the 2020 census our Hallie Jackson has the details President Trump tonight still determined to count how many people are legally living in this country today I'm here to say we are not backing down on our effort to determine the citizenship status of the United States population but it won't be a question on the 2020 census instead the president is retreating from that fight and instead directing federal agencies to give records they already have to the Commerce Department to try to more accurately determine the count we will defend the right of the American people to know the full facts about the population size of citizens and non-citizens in America it comes two weeks after the Supreme Court delivered a temporary blow to the Trump administration by refusing to allow the Commerce Department to include that travursel citizenship question on the 2020 census these delays would have prevented us from completing the census on time it's deeply regrettable but it will not stop us from collecting the needed information the census determines how many seats the state gets in the US House of Representatives the president's opponents have argued including that question on citizenship could make immigrants too afraid to respond under counting the number of people who live in those communities the ACLU says tonight that while the president may claim victory they described this as nothing short of a total and humiliating defeat for him bottom line Lester the president is basically directing his administration to take steps that they already have the ability to do just to take them more effectively that's right Hallie Jackson at the White House tonight thank you this evening federal authorities are preparing to begin a nationwide roundup of 2,000 undocumented immigrants on Sunday as NBC's Gabe Gutierrez reports the move is prompting waves of fear tonight to senior homeland security officials tell NBC News that nationwide arrests of undocumented immigrants are scheduled to start Sunday conducted by immigration and customs enforcement in at least 10 major cities including Los Angeles Chicago Atlanta Miami and New York ice won't comment on enforcement operations across the country today Swift outraged several protesters arrested in Buffalo New York the president had postponed the roundup but last week said it would begin fairly soon Ghalib is an immigration attorney in Atlanta we're saying things to them like don't answer your door somebody knocks in the middle of the night it's an official from the government they need to have a warrant if they're gonna come to your home Stephanie Lopez is a docker recipient who worries about who care for her young siblings if her undocumented parents were deported it breaks my heart to hear him say or even think about not having his mom when you heard about these plan raised what went through your head it just creates a lot of fear and no one knows if they're gonna knock your door negs families arrested during this week could be flown to detention centers in Texas and Pennsylvania while they await deportation plans are still being finalized Lester all right Gabe Thanks lawyers for Jeffrey Epstein asked a federal judge today to release him on bond while he waits for his sex trafficking trial they said the billionaire would put up his Manhattan townhouse worth 77 million dollars and his private jet as collateral they proposed that Epstein be placed under house arrest with security guards Epstein has pleaded not guilty to the charges against him President Trump today dropped one of his key proposals to lower the cost of prescription drugs a promise that resonated with millions of Americans who struggle to afford their medication and Thompson has that story in our series your money your life it's a frequent promise of president Trump's you'll be sick drug prices falling very substantially in the not-too-distant future and it's going to be beautiful but today the White House abandon its plan to lower drug prices by cutting payments to middlemen just last February Health and Human Services Secretary Alex azar touted the idea as revolutionary we are making the biggest transformation in how drugs are priced in America in history what changed the White House says it's encouraged by continuing bipartisan conversations to reduce costs it also claims prescription drug costs have declined for the first time in 46 years not exactly since the day President Trump was sworn in more than 10,000 drug prices have increased only about 1,000 decreased according to a recent analysis today's announcement is the latest blow to the president's efforts to lower drug costs on Monday a judge blocked his proposal to require drug companies to list prices in TV ads the one big item that is still in play as a proposal to bring the prices we pay in this country for some of our most expensive drugs more in line with the lower prices people pay in other countries like many moms of children with diabetes Courtney Taylor wants prices lowered now since Chase has been diagnosed with type-1 in 2011 up to now I know the price of insulin has tripled seemingly endless price hikes for medicine that is life Anne Thompson NBC News New York now to a joint investigation on for-profit colleges by NBC News and the Hechinger report millions of Americans have gone to these schools to earn a certificate hoping to get a job in a new field with higher pay but we found students who say they have filed that debt and haven't found a job and in many cases taxpayers are footing the bill here senior national correspondent kate snow for Jessica Evers statements in the mailbox are a constant reminder how much debt are you in right now I owe right now as of today 24,000 that's a lot of money the wife and mom of three in oakum Massachusetts is still reeling financially from the decision she made nine years ago when she was a single mother my dream was to have a job to better myself in my life for my child are you unhappy with your current career situation after seeing an ad like this one for Salter College in Massachusetts change your career while changing your life at the Salter school Jessica met with an admissions officer about a certificate program for medical office administration it was very nice personable made me feel comfortable told me that their job employment rate was 97 percent 97 percent she says the college helped her get federal loans does that money go straight to the school yes okay your tuition yep I never saw any of it after an initial job Salter help find her didn't work out jessica says the college offered little assistance she hasn't been able to find a position using her medical certificate since and her student debt is growing bigger Psalter college is in this strip mall no one from the school would speak with us instead they referred us to their parent company premier education group which operates about 20 different campuses of for-profit schools on the East Coast for-profit colleges target low-income students but charge them very high tuitions because these students are eligible for federal financial aid Yan ko who studies higher education at the progressive century foundation warns premiers Psalter college is just one of many for-profit schools offering students certificates in everything from culinary arts to massage therapy to dental assistant they're paying high tuition but they're not themes of mimicking gains and earnings premier education group received about 65 million dollars in federal funds in just one year for 10,000 students the Hechinger report reviewed federal information which shows students at some of premiers campuses have a loan default rate of more than 30 percent when a student defaults it's a terrible result for a student and ultimately in terms of our higher education ecosystem taxpayers are left holding the bag this month premiere settled a federal whistleblower lawsuit in which seven former employees said the company misled students about job placement rates and falsified records to keep students and their tuition money flowing in premier agreed to pay 3.4 million dollars though the company denies that it acted wrongfully in a statement to NBC News the company said its graduates do find jobs in their fields premier added it makes no guarantees of employment and programs past the overall official gainful employment requirements of the Department of Education as for Jessica it said Psalter College has been in contact with her on several occasions for employment assistance although we did find some Salter grads who found jobs in their fields jessica Evers says she learned just one valuable lesson what do you think the certificate you got from Salter is worth nothing nothing Lester news late this afternoon the Massachusetts Attorney General announcing that premier education must cease operating in their state by the end of the year also saying premier will provide more than one point six million dollars in debt relief for students what other options are there for folks who need a certificate to try to find a better paying job so community colleges are an option they're less expensive and experts we spoke to say you can actually get a better job a better paying job after getting a certificate from a Community College all right Kate thank you ahead for us tonight as we continue the dangerous problem with two popular car models and why Ford sold them anyway and what a new lawsuit targeting those hidden hotel fees means for you in the price you pay Ford is at the center of a new investigative report tonight that suggests the automaker knowingly sold Ford Fiesta and focused cars with defective transmissions NBC's Tom Costello tells us what it means for more than a million drivers for nearly a decade they've been to affords least expensive models promising great gas mileage but the Ford Focus and Fiesta were almost immediately plagued with transmission problems now a Detroit Free Press investigation has uncovered internal documents suggesting Ford knew from the beginning the cars had defective transmissions but emerging from the Great Recession and desperate to sell cars Ford rolled them out anyway even as company employees warned that the cars were not roadworthy despite the warnings they went ahead and in fact fast-tracked development so there were red flags caution slowed down but they were meeting deadlines customers complained the transmission would randomly lose power on freeways or suddenly engage and jump into an intersection Ryan Carr Chesky says he's replaced two clutches in just five years I would not feel confident selling this car to somebody else and having them drive it I don't know if I could sleep at night if that happened the paper found no deaths but 50 reports of related injuries yet despite nearly 4400 customer complaints the government still hasn't launched an investigation or ordered a recall in April Ford warns shareholders it could cost billions to fix the cars and potentially more in class-action lawsuits in a statement the company acknowledges transmission problems but says while we have addressed quality problems with the transmission vehicles in which it was installed were remain safe ford says fixing the problem has taken more time and is more complex than expected meanwhile one and a half million Fiesta and focus models remain on the road lustre Tom Costello thanks coming up the price you pay a lawsuit battle over alleged deceptive Hotel pricing what that could mean for you we're back now with the price you pay our Miguel Almaguer has details tonight on a new lawsuit claiming Marriott earned millions by deceiving hotel customers with hidden fees a lot of Americans say it's happened to them the hotel bill isn't what they expected when they booked online with extra resort or urban destination fees added in it may be disclosed in the fine print but DC's attorney general calls it deceptive and is now suing Marriott over so-called drip pricing the thing called a resort fee is lumped in with taxes and other fees we think that consumers want transparency they want to know what the real price is the fees range from nine to ninety five dollars a night and often don't cover extra amenities DC suit comes amid an investigation launched by all 50 state AG's with customers venting on Twitter when I arrived it was an extra $40 a night I was charged those fees this past weekend at Fort Lauderdale Westin beach resort part of Marriott and particularly hilarious when the resort fees are at hotels that are clearly not resorts DC accuses Marriott of failing to disclose the feast for more than a decade Marriott declined to comment but did say we look forward to continuing our discussions with other state AG's now DC wants Marriott to compensate affected customers and fully disclose all fees upfront before customers booked other states could take action against Marriott and hotel chains with similar practices Laster all right Miguel thanks a terrifying scene here in New York this afternoon as a cab driver lost control jumped the curb and crashed into a restaurant at lunchtime officials said eight people were in up next for us an elusive alligator captivating the Windy City finally tonight an unlikely Tanana staking up residence in a Chicago Lagoon much to the delight of locals Kevin Tibbles has more on alligator mania right there Chicago caught in the jaws of alligator love he's a celebrity the Rockstar reptile spotted this week in a local lagoon draws a curious crowd now has its own Twitter handle tease totes and more what is this from the park lagoon alligator sausage it's even singing Chicago's song the city's asked alligator Bob to rescue the five-foot-long visitor something that they're not used to dealing with why then how many alligators do you see in your backyard Bob assures me the Gator used to be someone's pet and needs to be caught before winter even a contest to choose a name was held finalists Frank Lloyd bite Kruk Obama Ruth Gator Ginsburg and the winner chance the snapper meanwhile the paparazzi prowls the pond and you're not going in to get them are you no I'm not Kevin Tibbles NBC News Chicago Florida we'll be looking real good around November that's nightly news tonight thanks for watching I'm Lester Holt for all of us at NBC News good night hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching

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