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hey you guys welcome to my channel I’m
t’keyah so I’m gonna hop right into this video because it’s just an informative
kind of video and I look .. I don’t really care how my hair looks for
this video but it’s not really cooperating that’s what this
videos about it’s about my hair so I realized that there are a lot of you
guys who are newer to my channel and of course for my returning subscribers for
those of you guys that have been in for a minute I just want to thank you guys
of course I want to thank everyone who’s nude as well but I really appreciate you
guys for just rocking with me I think someone’s watching me from their
window I definitely realized that I had a very up-and-down roller coaster hair
journey I guess here on YouTube so I thought this is an important video
especially because there are so many of you guys who are newer to my channel and
I know a lot of you guys kind of just don’t understand when I show you guys my
hair texture you kind of are like confused like girl your hair always
looks damaged it never curls will do do you know what I really haven’t shown you
guys my actual hair texture and I haven’t done the best job at explaining
the damage or just how easily my hair stretches I haven’t done the best job
explaining it to you guys so hopefully this video kind of clears up questions
that you had about my hair when I talk about damage with my
and when I talk about straight ends I want to make it very clear that I’m not
saying that all of my hair from the roots to the end is damaged so neglect
has played a huge role in any damage that you guys see on my hair but also
stretching my hair I have sensitive hair and when I constantly have my hair
stretched or when I’m constantly stretching my hair I think that would
cause a lot of the inconsistent curl pattern and the damage so when I use
that word damaged I’m not saying like heat then i’m using the word damaged
just because my curl pattern isn’t consistent and it’s looser in some areas
it isn’t normal when you have very inconsistent curls and you know if it’s
tight on the bottom or it’s tight at the root and then it gets looser that’s not
normal and I kind of just classify that as
damaged because to me it is a form of damaged my hair is sensitive like I said
it stretches so easily so when you guys see me come on camera after I have
washed my hair or co-wash it or whatever after it’s been wet and I take the
cotton t-shirt off of my hair or my hair’s been in a little bun and I take
it out and you guys see that very like stretch damaged looking curl pattern or
wave that is not my true texture so I do you guys get confused and I always try
to say in my videos like the reason why my hair looks stretched like this is
because i detangled it in the shower and now I dried it like I’ve probably seen
all of these natural hair youtubers who have these beautiful wrinkly curls and
when they dry their hair their curls are pretty much still looking the same so I
really just wanted to know that when you’re seeing my hair
stretched and frizzy and his dry upstate after it was just wet
that’s not my true curl pattern and that is not accurately depicting the damage
that I’m talking about I just want to clear that up I have my laptop here I
just want to show you guys like what my curl pattern looks like when my curls
hard to find I’m not that good at defining my curls which is why my hair
is always stretched that’s what my hair looks like when it’s defined so this is
from 2015 it didn’t look like my hair was currently even in these videos in
2015 my hair probably didn’t look curly most of the time because I kept it
stretched most of the time so you guys never really got to see this those of
you guys that were around in 2015 this is another picture now I’m gonna go get
my hair wet so that I can come on camera and like show you guys what I’m working
with so I just finished wetting my hair and it is already drying I have my fan
on one and it’s barely going and my hair is already dry so I used a little bit of
the Pantene Gold Series deep hydrating co-wash I have a ton of curls of binding
products but I just have kind of shelves them and I’ve just been like in it’s too
difficult and since I got the haircut I have not wanted to define my curls at
all it’s kind of just a hassle for me which is why I have all I’ve always kept
it stretched and that just has been the way that I wear it and I maintain
and grows but that you know obviously my curls are lacking and just beca
knowledge learning how to define them keep them to find what works best with
my curls that’s just been lacking because I have just stretched it over
these past few years there’s water everywhere it just dries and stretches
out like I don’t really know how to explain it but it doesn’t dry in like
that nice wrinkly curl but you can definitely see that there’s a curl
pattern consistent throughout the Strand but you know it’s a little bit more
difficult to see because of the frizz and like there’s not a lot of clumping
and stuff when my hair is just wet like this Barbara I’m sorry once it starts to
dry that clumping just turns into like frizz clumps but then once you get in
here the curl is tighter and a lot prettier typically you’ll see you know
the curly girls do this and this is how they like get some of the products out
of their wash and goes and then when they take their hair down their hands
just in these pretty little ringlets and it’s shiny and that is not everyone’s
experience with their curly hair and I just want you guys to know if you have
you know a texture or hair like mine or similar to mine where it just frizz is
out of control and before you can get to define it there’s nothing to define
because it’s just a frizzy ball just know that that’s not typical for
everybody that’s not everyone’s experienced with their hair we all have
different hair and that’s okay but I’m going to
really get better at defining my curls and just working with them but let me
know what videos you guys want to see it could be hair videos it could be life
videos fashion videos it could be anything that you want to see this is
what typically I have to deal with once it’s dried up you can still kind of see
like texture in there but it’s just like frizzy it’s actually like hue and it’s
super soft like this so I got my bright tooth comb but let me just use this
little section here where you see some kind of texture and I just want to show
you guys this is how easily my hair stretches it looks like a blowout and
it’s not like I’m like ripping through my curls or anything if you see my hand
I’m using the lightest pressure you see how easily it is to detangle – this is
what I wanted to show you guys this is probably a little bit long-winded by now
I hope you guys enjoyed this video I hope it was helpful if you have any tips
comments concerns questions video ideas I would love for you guys to leave them
in the comments section and another thing that I want to say is if you’re
ever wondering if a video is sponsored or what music I’m using in a video or if
I have any discount code it’s always in the description box so always check
their first look at my little fro yeah I will see you guys in my next

Cesar Sullivan


    It worked so well at defining the texture I have even with the frizz! Check it out if you're struggling with definition <3

  2. the back of my hair is more strong and even with a consistent curl, then the front of my hair is like yours. it’s so frustrating. i’m not sure what to do.

  3. I know what you mean. When I first started wearing my hair curly it didn't have much of a curl pattern and I had no idea what curl pattern I had ( 3a 3b etc) if you consistently wear your hair curly, I found that your hair will get used to being curly again.

  4. Try detangling your hair while conditioning. Finger rake the conditioner through then rinse in twists. That way when you put the towel on your head after washing your curls or waves will be detangled already

  5. I love that you posted this video because I keep telling all my natural friends that my hair Is sensitive to stretching and since my hair is almost always stretched it basically looks like I have no curl pattern. I’ve watched another video by you and I swear you and I have very similar hair.

  6. This is my hair also! Then I put a demi color and now it is basically straight….my wash and go puff doesn't even curl up anymore. 😞

  7. I use Rhassoul clay and it works wonders on putting my curl pattern back. It detoxes and removes buildup and clumps like crazy.

  8. My hair has gotten to this point which is very upsetting. When i first decided to go natural i didn't even know i had curls! Then when i started taking care of my hair i noticed all these beautiful curls started forming and i was loving it then i decided i wanted to flatten it and damaged it and cut it all off and started over again and my curls have not been the same ever since. I definitely can't do wash and go's because you'll see a few curls here and there and then a lot of straight weird looking pieces and i just dont understand why it looks like heat damaged hair but i cut all that off and started over so idk how or why it is the way it is now. I'm desperate for my curls back 😢

  9. Based on the 2015 pic,it looks like you decided to grow out a texturizer. It can take some time to develop a curl pattern from that…very similar to growing off relaxed ends. I know because I had one.

  10. My hair stretches out easily like yours too but the only difference is that I have mad shrinkage. One thing I think might help you like it does for me is I only detangle with a comb and style with a brush.

  11. Currently crying Bc after years of looking for someone with hair like mine, I’ve found her. I was just sick of seeing the really curly/kinky girls when I needed a hair tutorial and it’s just so much happiness has hit me Bc I found a channel to go to for my hair

  12. Thank you for making this video. I left box braids in my hair for 3 yes 3 months and my hair was straight even after I prepooed, shampooed and deep conditioned my hair. Still a month later and my curls did not come back. I refused to do another big chop. My hair is unique and just got to learn what MY hair likes. You're hair is beautiful ❤️

  13. so there some youtubers who says 90% of the time wear it in a stretch state just so your hair will grow! and then say do what works best for you. yes best advice I have ur hair type but I never bleached or straighten .so now black chicks is making it seem like if your hairs not curly then its damage or something wrong🤔🤔..OK🙄. tell them to ask the white media and the rest of the world what they think about curly hair ! jeez I wish they would stfu about it ..smh. blacks people boy.

  14. My hair is exactly like that in the front middle and front left. The rest of my hair has a curl pattern. It's very frustrating

  15. thanks for this! I just finished combing out my sisterlocs and am completely freaked out — because my curl pattern is GONE. mine looks like yours (altho much thinner 🙁 but this has been my question — did the locs (10 years) stretch my hair beyond repair?? it looks like a blow out. its wavy here and there, you can see a curl pattern when wet, but it disappears when I comb it, especially when dry. just to watch your vid on clay/acv mask. THANKS!

  16. My hair is JUST LIKE THIS WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? WTH DO I do? I am desperate. Like comment email do sumn please help

  17. This is the exact way my hair is. My hair easily detangles using just water. I will tell you whats helping me. Daily co washing, and just slicking it back with gel. Even though I just did a big chop recently, I can see the difference in the pattern already.

  18. My hair is exactly like this. Curl enhancing products doesn't really work on m because there are no curls to enhance….just like a loose way. What products do you recommend?

  19. I should have found you before I relaxed my hair out of frustration. I might bug chop again next month. You have no idea how long I thought i wasn’t doing the right things

  20. THIS IS MY HAIR 😠. As soon as a brush comb or anything touches it it’s no definition nothing. Just a huge head of very dense hair. Help!

  21. I haven't even finished this video, but it's been very helpful!!! I don't have any heat damage, but I wasn't sure why my hair doesn't curl right anymore, it's never consistent and my curls go straight after one night, but I never thought my hair could be sensitive.

  22. My hair has really nice curls at the bottom but at the top where it grows out I have no curls and it’s just really puffy. I don’t know what to do. Does anyone have any advice?

  23. Im 13 and when I go to sleep I spray my hair with water, brush it, then comb and then three strand and two strand twist. I do have curls but they aren't defined, my friend says I just don't have curls at all and its really annoying :/ I try the LOCG method but I don't like how short it is, can someone give me tips or anything?

  24. Girl if my hair did that I would have no complaints lol. I’m stuck with 4b/4c hair! But I guess god was just like nope…. I’m gonna make you spend 5-6 hours to do one hair style 😭😭😭😭…. nonetheless, my braid outs be POPPING

  25. I have notice that my hair thrived when I was a child and my granny used the pomade or grease on my hair, after it was processed it became damaged. I went back to natural many years later, continued using pomade/grease, hair was fine. It wasn't until I started messing around with all these other products that I began to loose my thickness and curls. can't even get a proper puff anymore.

  26. What's the issue tho you have a nice grade of hair all black people do the more u stretch it and grow it it changes textures it's still pretty what's the problem

  27. Well I think that you should use no heat if you wanna stretch try natural methods like african threading and try to not use to many products I go simple like use olive oil.

  28. My hair is just like this in the exact same areas in the front my hair is straight on the ends and very frizzy and under that near my ears I have coils and clumping but the thing is that if all of my hair was like that it would be better but the back of my hair is a lot more corse and it's not in coils it's in tight crinkles

  29. my hair has no pattern, some are straight, some are wavy, some or wiggly at the bottom, some have a random bend in them (its pretty sharp bend too, like a fold), i have no idea how to deal with it

  30. So what would you say your hair type/curl pattern is? I have a different pattern too and not a lot of curl pattern. I think I have 4c hair

  31. My hair is the same!! People are very easy to say… you use heat. When in fact my hair loses its pattern with the simplest form of manipulating. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one

  32. I thought I was the only one!! That is exactly how my hair is at the very top!! From the middle of my eyebrows to where they meet, that is my exact texture! I thought it was just my curl pattern being weird since the rest is wavy/curly

  33. I cut all my hair off and it was curly at the ends and not roots so how it that damaged because it curls more at the end

  34. I’ve been slicking my hair back into low puffs and pigtails for a week and I noticed loose, almost STRAIGHT looking pieces in the front of my head. What in the hell 😭😭 NO HEAT AT ALL

  35. Omg I finally found someone with hair like mine! The joy that just hit my heart, u just don't know. New subbie

  36. My hair is exactly like that , long and puffy while dry, it looks decent when wet , I see cute waves but once it air dries it just puffs up , looks like I blow dried it or something …..i keep cutting it but it's just the way my hair grows out of my scalp🤷🤦since I can't rock curls like other naturals, I just keep it in a low bun, slicked back with gel so my waves can be seen that way, but I'm so glad my twin girls have beautiful natural spiral curls, they get so many compliments!☺👯

  37. So what is your hair type since it doesn't have a defined curl pattern , I'm so clueless about my hair bc of this … do we keep this type of hair moisturized , my hair stays so dry looking🤦

  38. This is exactly how my hair is. It makes me sad that I can’t get my natural curl pattern back because of all the stretching and damage. I’ve tried so many things that now I just gave up. Idk what to do.😭😭😭

  39. Omg the front of my hair is like this and it’s frustrating. I always wanted do some of the simple hairstyles like a curly puff ponytail but couldn’t because of my curl pattern.. Is there something you could do to make it more define other than twisting it?

  40. Your loose curls are like Chime's. This is why, in my opinion, the hair typing chart does not work. You have 2b curls on Type 4 hair.

  41. When you're stretching your hair you're training it to be in a straighter, looser form. So you might need to stop stretching it so much. I've been natural for 2 years and I've never stretched my hair or used heat or dye and I still got the same hair structure I started out with 4b/4c. But that's just my hair, everyone's hair is different. I'm actually scared to stretch it, I'm scared I will lose elasticity in my hair. Little or no manipulation is the key to keeping my hair on point.

  42. Hello Queen I hav same hair but guess what, it could be worse….I hav no curl pattern ever, Lol I love my hair tho cause at least we have hair good luck ma sis you’re hair is beautiful and so are you, Oh! I subscribed

  43. My hair is exactly like this, only difference is the back of my hair curls in it's natural state but the crown area is very frizzy even though you see a curl and help?

  44. My hair is the same. I didn’t understand at first (still really don’t) but I would get so frustrated because I really wanted to be a super curly girl lol. I have to figure out a way to define the curls that I do have. My hair is just really straight and frizzy when I do try to define it. My stylist even once was confused as to why I didn’t have curls lol thanks for this video though!

  45. This is exactly what my hair does. there are a few curls/waves when its wet, but as soon as its dry or when I detangle my hair then its straight and frizzy. I’ve done the Indian clay mask routine but not often. I'm tired of doing bantu knots, braid outs, and different curlers to make my hair stay curly.

  46. My hair does the same except I did one whole year of no heat. It was good for my hair. I use heat maybe four times a year.

    I see a curl pattern in some areas at times but I have never had define dry curls.

  47. . Constantly stretching your hair is what is making your curls be weird, you literally trained your hair to want to be a loose straight look instead of curly like the picture. As a hairstylist I see this problem a lot. Leave it down and do moisture and protein treatments for awhile and it will come back .

  48. I’m new to this channel! New subbie! But I know you probably won’t be able to see this since this video is old, but I want to explain my hair, so after I shower I use a cotton T-shirt and dry it, I don’t use any products just shampoo conditioner and a leave in. After that I put my hair in braids, and sleep, when I wake up my hair has really nice gorgeous curls, but at the top, it’s big poofy dry and frizzy, so I usually wet it and brush the top only, so I leave my hair down it looks good for about an hour, but this is where the problem begins, it dries, and the curls are gone it’s frizzy poofy some parts the hair is really nice and curly and then at the back part or any other random part it’s really bad it’s like really poofy and no curls and very dry, I wanted to know if you can help me! And is there any way to keep my hair the way it looks like when it’s wet, because my curls look so nice and gorgeous! Thank you if you can help me any help appreciated! 💗💗

  49. Girl I cut off all the loose curls & it grew back loose I think it’s just my hair pattern at the front & I hate it 😔

  50. No curl pattern here! I did the big chop and that’s just my hair pattern. No patterns at all😭

  51. When I wash or put water in my hair it is kinky/curly but then I braid it up to protect it and then when I take my braids out no product but water will curl it up. I’m not really sure how to take care of my hair but whenever I try something it does nothing. Can someone please help me?

    Also the reason why I don’t just put water in my hair is because it shrinks up and I’m not able to style it

  52. Just when I thought nobody had hair like me ,she does and some of you guys too and I’m glad my I’m not alone😭!

  53. I personally think your hair is fine texture. Everyone's hair don't have defined curls. My hair is fine as well. People always say I have damaged ends. No I cut my hair down to a twa. My hair grew back this way, as a matter of fact I have more than one texture of hair. My crown have rather tighter curls and my sides and the back have these big loose s shape curls. People always have their foot in their mouths. We are all different so that being said keep on going happy health.

  54. Never have I seen a video so accurate🤦🏽‍♀️. My hair is exactly like this idk what to do at this point

  55. Im dealing with the front of my head its looks like stretched curls edge controllers never work no curl definers work no oils holds up its just dry and brittle however the back of my head moisture is apparent its bouncy great coils ive been natural for three years with no heat for one year how do i make my crown the same curl pattern all around

  56. I am convinced you just are using the wrong products (with ingredients that don't benefit your hair) and your hair doesn't have adequate moisture. Crazy, frizzy hair = dry hair. Poppin' curls = the right moisture/protein balance.

  57. So, what do you do to not stretch it and get your curl back? Because the front of my hair is EXACTLY like your hair…. as soon as I touch it all the curl pattern leaves the building , NEVER TO RETURN. It’s always been like that, I’ve been natural since 2006, long before it was popular to be natural, I have chopped, and grown out my hair and I cannot seem to get the darn frizz out of the front of my hair. And the back of my hair is like perfect 4A – 4B curls. There is no "wash and go" for me… There is "wash and swear", "wash and ‘threatening to cut all that sucker off’ "…."wash and brush-flinging", anything but ‘go’!…..I just would like a consistent curl pattern and the closer you get to the front, the straighter and frizzier it becomes …… I have about 4 maybe 5 patterns – some not even on the charts, ….. any help will be appreciated.

  58. Yo omg.. I literally have the SAME texture. I thought it was just me honestly lol it’s like my hair is thick but wavy at the same time. The moment I deranged or even just pull at it all the wave/curl goes away. But it’s actually a little curlier at the roots. I also always either have box braids in, or I wear my hair in flat twists or a bun. Twist outs don’t even look good on me. My hair is super soft but it’s just a frizz ball. I usually cut my hair off and wear it as a twa but after doing that 3 times I’m honestly just thinking about wearing it how it is lol

  59. There are literally no videos on damage from stretching your hair – I always have my hair in buns and in doing so my curls are ruined. I’ve got fine soft hair so really need help getting my curls back! Any advice?

  60. What hair type would you say you have according to the hair chart? Because I think I have your type of hair too, but I’m wondering where do I fall, 2, 3, or 4?

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