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Domestic Violence and Abuse

No More Aggression – German Shepherd – Don Sullivan The DogFather

my husband and I were just about at our wits end because Samson would mouth off that every dog that walked by he actually took the stroller over on its side twice cuz I have a 19 month old baby and was out of control whether it was going after a bike or after another dog and just wouldn't listen it's too difficult it was too embarrassing and he was miserable because he was just aggressive and chaotic towards everything and we were on a because we didn't know how to control him and get him in line so I called Don and trying to hold back the tears I said I think I need your help as a result of of working with Don system and teaching Sampson as we have and learning the different commands that were supposed to know and working with the collar all of this has made such a difference he he now respects us and Don system Don systems made all the difference

Cesar Sullivan

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