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Object 430U • JUST 13.5K DAMAGE • WoT Gameplay

Cesar Sullivan

46 thoughts on “Object 430U • JUST 13.5K DAMAGE • WoT Gameplay

  1. I was afraid of the s1, 103b and e50 dpming me down with the skoda on the side it was either commit to 3 tanks or play half way get clipped by the skoda in middle and take shots from the tanks in front of me that’s why I was played the way I did. if you want to fully understand why I made the plays I make I’m making a voice over explaining what I was thinking at the time on my channel.

  2. Not played that well he could easily kill the last dudes cause of his hp so the camping was completely unnecessery

  3. Вас наебываю как детей в электронных играх вы стараться, эти бои дают не всем, победу и зелёный свет, пока

  4. Дрочить меньше в кустах надо было и бой бы выиграл. А так, очень даже красиво! Лайк не ставлю за дрочилово.

  5. This is just simple example how to play like a c**t and just let the team die.. Farm your mark and not play for the win…

  6. Good player, but TOTAL selfish player, most damage he made because of ˋ drinking teammates blood´, other way for himself, even one drop of his blood, he is not willing to contribute to victory.

  7. Draw? What a big shame. You camped all game with your full hp and let all the team die? Lolll and that should be a good replay because of your damade dealed? Big loll…

  8. Бой хороший. Был у него шанс затащить. Много времени потерял,когда в кустах простоял в конце. Почти фуловый.Надо было сразу стартовать за шкодой

  9. Капец.. Я думал только у нас такие бараны в тимах, читаю чат и прямо сопереживаю, как он пытается объяснить команде, что у него тупо не хватит снарядов, чтобы убить всех, как он просит давить, если хотят победить, потому-что время заканчивается. В команде 4 танка, которые кроме него выстрелили и пробили более одного раза.
    Правильно сын говорит – практически одни дети в игре остались, и те, кто на "расслабоне под пивко заходят оттянуться".

  10. Time/circumstance robbed you of the win. Sometimes it pays not to rush. An exceptional game, even played by your opponents. I'm amazed the Jag tiger lasted against your opponents. Good game to watch.

  11. world of tanks sucks. the economy (credits) system is designed so that you will never get ahead without a premium account if you want to play tier X, and even with premium account you still have to grind prem tanks if you want to play tier X… wtf is that!!? also, skill based mm needs to be introduced before the new players fuck the old/good players out of the game.

  12. 5:01 How did that not hit?😵 Perfect replay btw absolutely loved it😍😍😍 except those 3 blindfires at the middle of the game those could have saved the game…

  13. Having to watch team mates like the Jagtiger ans S1 being pure fucking cancer almost made me too nauseous to finish the video. Great effort by the 430U, but alas some teams cannot be carried

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