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OM Meditation for Positive Energy | DEEP POWERFUL OM MANTRA CHANTS | M16MM1212


Cesar Sullivan

100 thoughts on “OM Meditation for Positive Energy | DEEP POWERFUL OM MANTRA CHANTS | M16MM1212

  1. Wow! This has got to be THE BEST "OM" Meditaiton video on YouTube! I'm blown away by how powerful it is to Meditate too. Great work Meditative Mind!! REQUEST – Do a video just like this, same image of Buddha, same type of tonality, but with the Mantra – OM MANI PADME OM (in a very long drawn out, monotone way – like you did this video, ex. "OOOMMM MAAANIIIII PADMEEEEE OOOMMM etc.) and make a similar video with a red background with the face of Shiva in the center and a very slow OM NAMAH SHIVAYA (also in a very slow mono tone way as well). That would be great!

  2. World Leaders could do with Listening to this instead of trying to start wars around the world, this is powerful stuff .Peace to all 😃✌🏻.

  3. Great video, very peaceful and calming. Anyone know where I can find the background online? I'd love it as my desktop background.


  4. Wow I don't ussaly comment but I felt a rush of energy go down my entire neck and back and got really warm and cold strong stuff and I don't comment on these vids

  5. Hey budistas, falso es el buda, falsas son sus enseñansas, yo soy un santero y os desafio a que me destrullan con sus estupidos mantras que no son mas que una perdida de tiempo.

  6. Please give me the strength, my lord, my God, please give me the strength to wake up every day and dedicate my being and soul into your service. Please allow me to be one with you, one with this universe that I consciously express every moment.

  7. I just want to shut out all the horror in this world for just a little while!! Peace, love, and blessings to humanity😘🙌😘🐋🐚🐡

  8. Is this good for meditation? I am doing right in meditation that when thoughs are arising i Watch them little time and than i release them and i focus to this mantra Song?

  9. Still my favorite meditation track to listen to in the morning. Thank you so much for uploading it. RHamptonCISSP

  10. This is deep, and VERY powerful. So stressed over current events. Made the effort to meditate this morning (yes, one must make the conscious effort), and filled with reason, peace, feel regenerated, and can see things more clearly. Its staying on in the background ALL day.

  11. Relaxing and scary at the same time. It sounds almost like the sound that the tripods made on the Independence Day movie when they were about to consume additional human victims.

  12. So powerful that I felt an electric shock in my right ear with the ear bugs♥️♥️♥️🎈🎈🎈😍😎😊😆😀🕉

  13. I dont' think this is 528hz. It sounds like a different "tone" that the 528hz in this video: In fact, on my piano, the "tone" being chanted is the A note on a piano (1 octave below middle C), so its probably 432hz or 440hz, not sure. Odd….

  14. Hi Great content! I just have one feedback. The volume on most of your music tracks is very low. Especially while using it for the house nothing can be heard… In this track as well as Your angel healing music tracks! Could you please do something about it. Not everyone has speakers so it would be helpful. Thank u! Infinite love and light 🙏💜

  15. OM or AUM anyway you want it…
    the sound of the universe…
    Puts anyone in the moment, through peace and calmness and a bring a sense of unity with the ONE, the source of all creation…
    Sounds of harmony! I imagine a chorus of thousands of men chanting OM at the same time and location… imagine the energy and ascension to another density that would create if only for that time being … Namaste 🙏 to all of those that seek to align their personality with their soul in order to find their true meaning and path on this earthly life journey…

  16. Om Namah Shivaya! Hum! Iti Shivam! Swaha Om Namah Iti! Thank you Guru-Ji for this interesting video on ghost. Jai Guru Om.

  17. I remember years ago I heard a doctor say that moaning is supposed to have some anti-stress healing effect. Never understood it until now. I know OM meditation is much more than moaning, but the sound is along the same vein.

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