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Ordinary Things CUT IN HALF

Hey Guys what’s good but better watching the video And yo girl lookin’ like a hot mess today :P. I literally JUST got back from Area 51. I did a video on it on both my channels if you guys want to see all the crazy stuff we did. Anyways today we are going to be checking out what is inside of things! sHoW mE yOur iNsIdes! Oh! So Ben and Jerry’s has this ice cream where the core is either filled with cookie dough, caramel (yummy!). I’ve had it, it’s delicious! So when you cut it in half, you can see it in all it’s cookie dough glory. They ain’t lying when they say issa cookie dough core. Like I am SO sick and tired of ice creams skipping out on the mix-ins I bought a pint of ice cream once, it was cookie dough. And it had- I’m not even kidding. I dug around the whole thing ’cause when it’s cookie dough ice cream or brownie ice cream, I will only eat the bites that have the cookie dough. And this WHOLE pint had TWO pieces of cookie dough in it I’M SUING But yeah, I was very upset. I might as well have just bought my own thing of cookie dough and just mixed it into some vanilla ice cream. GENIUS! (gasp) You tellin’ me a pineapple got MEAT in its hair?? wAT? Maybe it’s its unborn child! We out here seperating them and just throwing it away. (#fruitabuse) Okay this is new to me. See, everybody just cuts off the top and just eats the bottom. But you got a perfectly good mini pineapple inside the hair! I don’t know want you want to call it, leaves, hair… But that is WILD! I had no idea, I thought it was just straight up leaves. But okay, wow, go off. So this is what the inside of a piñata looks like. You know, I’ve always wondered… All people do is just hit them, beat them down, take the candy. But we don’t even know what the inside of it looks like. Okay, it ain’t got no stomach, it ain’t got no heart. Trachea you say? That’s just some laffy taffy. No, that’s not how it works! Isn’t it just an empty cardboard shell shaped as a llama? This one is STUFFED! FULL of candy! You got the twizzlers in every nook and cranny. Also, it’s like what’s the point if this candy comes out? Like it’s not wrapped or anything. As soon as it hits the floor you got FIVE SECONDS to pick the candy up and eat it. Otherwise.. CONTAMINATED! So you know when you got to Home Depot and you buy some paint and they have those free paint sticks Yes, I always used to take those. ‘Cause when I was a kid, we would spend a lot of time at Home Depot. So basically you use these sticks to mix the paint. And this is a stick that was used to mix paint for 50 YEARS! So basically, hundreds of layers of paint, throughout the years, formed over the wooden stick and just made like this really cool layered thing you see right here. I mean, it would’ve been cooler if y’all used like.. brighter colors or something. Ooh! So this is what the inside of a toothpaste looks like. Wow, it’s magical, I know. It’s like a mini version of what it squeezes out. Yeah, that’s exactly what it is! Who knew it had like this super cute pattern inside. And then when it squeezes it out, it’s like a baby version of the big fat tube of PASTE. Okay, but I can tell you that’s not what mine looks like. Mine is basically this, but like mushed all up. I feel like this is only what a brand-new, never squeezed tube of toothpaste looks like. If you’re wondering how a gas station works, here it is. Woah, I did not know any of this. So this is the gas pump right here. And there’s a LOT of underground stuff going on So you got all the gas underground in a big old tank. And it connects to like a manhole, and then connects to the tank of oil. What about supreme gas vs. regular gas? Does it all just come out of the same tank?? Are y’all bamboozling me?? I mean, do they all come out of the same place? I’m so confused right now! (yes I can tell) The inside of an iPhone! Okay, you know what, that’s actually pretty boring. But dang, it’s got a big, long, and jUicY battery. I didn’t know it was so long! It takes up most of your phone! And then what’s the rest like a camera? And tools for the government to spy on you! So I saw an ad about iPhones NOT giving out your personal information. Like a privacy ad. Saying like, “Your iPhone knows a lot about you, but we don’t!” mMm! (dabs) So basically, a lot of people have been complaining.. I’m not gonna call out specific phones, but like your phone will LISTEN TO YOU. Like me and my friend were having a conversation in REAL LIFE about this one makeup brand. It was a very specific makeup brand that was pretty small and (idk what this word is lol) And then literally a few hours later, she got an ad for it on Facebook. Mm, Facebook, see that’s what I’m telling you, they watchin’ you at all times. They’re listening to everything you talk about. Even when your mic is muted on Fortnite, they still listenin’. But like it’s not a coincidence because it’s happened so many times. Like I would be talking to somebody about something in REAL LIFE and then I would get an ad for it! Hello, FBI, I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m gonna need some answers! What does the inside of a baseball look like? Woah, this looks like a diagram of the earth. If you cut the earth in half and all the layers of like dirt, rock, and LIQUID HOT MAGMA. So basically it’s yarn! Most of it is yarn. Then you have cowhide on the outside, and the very very inside is made of cork and rubber. wOw! And now you know! So if y’all ever go on Who Wants to be a Millionaire or some kind of game show or whatever, and they ask you “What’s inside a baseball?” Now you got that knowledge! Did y’all ever watch Ed, Edd, and Eddie, and they would have those like humongous jaw breakers? I believe it was the currency in their land. Like everything they would do, they would do it for a jaw breaker. Like they were huge, massive, and they would go in your cheek. Jaw breakers in real life ain’t that special. But once you cut them in half… look at all the layers! Just count those rainbow layers. Like how do they do that? How do they make them? It’s like they dipped them in various candy coatings like again and again and again and again and it makes this incredibly mesmerizing ball. It seems like so much effort for candy! I feel like they are the most underrated candy. Well probably because they don’t taste very good. And they will literally break your teeth and give you diAbEeTess BUUUT… So much work goes into them because they’re literally dipping the ball into like 50 layers of different colored candies to make this effect. So it’s like when you suck on it and then you take it out, it’s always changing colors I would do that when I was a kid. Every time I had a jawbreaker But it would only be on Halloween. Because you know you would always get one random jawbreaker in your Halloween candy and you’d be like “ooh! where did this come from?” *puts jawbreaker in mouth* sMaCk sMaCK pBLAHH! Spit it out, check the color, and repeat until it’s done Or was I the only one that did that? (no lol) I don’t know. If you’re wondering what the inside of a car key looks like, it’s just a battery. And a barcode. You know what, I opened mine up for the very first time a few weeks ago, and yeah. It’s just a battery, so if your key doesn’t work anymore and it’s not locking, and you just sitting here in the parking lot like “D amn, my car really gon’ betray me like that?” I paid for you. I gave you a home. And you’re not gonna love me back?? But it’s just a battery. It’s got a battery. It died. Replace it. You know, I can’t believe I’m doing this. I hate to burst some of y’all’s bubbles.. But like.. deadmau? I don’t even know how to say his name.. Is it deadmouse or deadmau? deadmau5? I don’t even know how to say it, but his helmet is a helmet. It ain’t his actual head. He wasn’t born this way. “wHat are you gonna do next? tell me santa clause ain’t real?” So this is what the inside looks like! What did somebody just cut it apart? Or is that what the like neckhole looks like? Is it a neckhole or a headhole? So if you put on the mask, the hole that you put your head through.. is it a neckhole or a headhole? Comment below, because I am very confuzzled. Oh! So he can see! I see those there’s like eye holes and what appears to be googles and like.. oh it’s a head! Oohhh! It’s like a helmet built inside! So it’s like comfy. There’s SO much wires going on inside there! Isn’t he like terrified that it will malfunction one day and then everything goes “POP!”? You know, like a light bulb bursting? But like.. in your FACE! Oh it’s even got like a left and right like a headset. Like “this is how you put it on” I would feel invincible if I put this on like I can see everybody and everything and nobody can see me! “*presses button for light up smiley face*” That’s pretty cool! Woah! This is what the inside of a camera lens looks like. My heart hurts looking at this. Camera lenses are HELLA expensive! And somebody just like cut it in half. FOR SCIENCE! So basically there’s just like so many layers inside it. WOAH! You tellin’ me this? What is this? Inside a bowling ball? I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely heavy. So bowling balls are pretty much known for having heavy things inside them. And not all bowling balls are made equally. So if you ever go bowling and you throw that bad boy and you’re like “oh my god it just went to the side what is thissSS? IT’S NOT YOU! It’s the bowling ball! The bowling ball SUCKS! So it depends where the holes are drilled in the bowling ball and where the things are inside it. So like the weight distribution, the holes, everything about how the bowling ball was made plays a huge factor into you like.. being able to hit a strike, you know. So it’s like if you ever try to go bowling, and you suck- Don’t feel bad! Blame the ball! The balls did this, not you! I mean, maybe a little bit of you. But like, it’s mostly the balls. Not all balls are made equally! I should probably stop saying balls… What is inside of a stress ball? So there are two different things that people use inside a stress ball. One, SLIME And two, some kind of seed? I don’t know what kind of seeds these are! (I think it’s millet) It looks like mini popcorn kernels. But it’s a type of seed. Wait.. Almost all the ones I’ve squished were slime! Like it felt like slime inside of it. I felt like they like seeds or rice or some kind of food inside like a hacky sack. Woah, so a plane is like half people, half storage. You know, understandable. OOF! This is another ice cream cut right down the middle! Gotta make sure it’s got a brownie in every bite. That look pretty stuffed to me. This looks so good! i wAnT iCe cREaM riGhT noWW This is what a chair looks like! You know, dad’s comfy, cozy chair.. that only dad may sit on. This is what it looks like cut in half. I mean, somebody got really curious one day and was just like “you know what, we’re just gonna machete this.. like down the middle” I want to know what’s inside this bad boy! What makes it so comfy?? So we got springs, you know it’s like a mini mattress seat. And then we got like foam, and then just cushion. I mean, what did you expect? Were y’all tryina hide like hidden treasure in there or somethin’? I don’t know! Seems like a waste to me. Bruh.. you tellin’ me this whole time those big batteries.. This is the one that I put inside my camera.. It’s just six mini batteries?? But y’all won’t let me use six mini batteries. Y’all make me use the rectangle- I don’t even know what it’s called.. RECTANGULAR PRISM Battery. Last time I needed one of these batteries and I tried to buy them, I went to like three different stores and NOBODY had this battery. And then every time I would ask, they would look at me like, “What you need this battery for?” “Who uses the rectangular prism battery?” It’s literally going extinct. Y’all ever wondered what the inside of a printer looks like? Well here it is anyway. Ooh, you see all the ink cartridges and all the colors And by all the colors I mean blue, red, and yellow. Isn’t it just wild how three dang colors make all the colors in the world? I want black. This is what the bottom of an electric car looks like. So like Teslas this is specifically the Nissan Leaf. And they all have a GINORMOUS battery at the bottom of it. I remember going into a Tesla store and seeing this a couple years ago because I kind of wanted a Tesla. And then the sales person kind of talked me out of it saying that there was a battery at the bottom of the car and that if you possibly hit that battery or someone crashed into it somehow, it may EXPLODE. So I was like “you know what? I’m not taking any chances.” “We’re not buying a Tesla” And I guess to this day, I don’t have a Tesla For the .01% chance that the battery might explode. Also, I’m not very good at charging my things. My phone, my camera. Y’all want me to charge my car?? What if I’m tryina go somewhere and like OOPS! I forgot to charge my car last night! Well hecc! Time to Uber! Nah, I ain’t tryna deal with that! So this inside of a Russian submarine. (very specific) I don’t know why, who, how, or when, but they cut it in half. Damn, y’all got more stories than my house! We got three levels! So the bottom looks like the control room, where I think all the technical stuff goes and I think the top two levels are where submarine stuff GOES DOWN. Get it? Like in the water? But anyways, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this video and learned something new. If you did, make sure to hit that like button in the FACE! And comment below! Let me know what you learned today! And make sure you turn on notifications! CLICK! CLICK! And subscribe to join the Wolf Pack! (howl) OWWWW! I love you guys so much! Thanks for watching, bye guys!

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  5. 10:41
    before anyone comes at me i’m not trying to be mean! i just didn’t know this for a long time and wanted other people to know!

    red and blue aren’t primary colors, magenta, yellow, and cyan are.
    also white and black aren’t colors, white is a tint and black is a shade!

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