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Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

What is your favourite sexual position? – Doggy. – Oh, God! I’ll go first. ‘Scuse me. I’m David and I am her son. My name’s Lyn, and this is my son, Tyler. – I’m really nervous for this. – I have a feeling… – [OFFSCREEN] Do you wanna take half a shot? – I’m probably… the first one, I’m gonna take a shot. – No, she’s fine. Did you perform oral sex on dad? Did I perform it? It’s not a three-ring circus, it’s not Barnham and Bailey. Did youuuu… …perform oral sex on dad? I don’t know what they mean, okay? Dad’s private parts, you put your mouth on it. Oh, please, no. Oh, God, I… Oh, really…? Do you perform oral sex on mom? Like, today? No! She hadn’t showered yet, so I left her… Oh, my gosh… – That’s so gross! – Oh my God. Did you ever drink, smoke or do drugs when you were pregnant with me? Nope. I kind of feel like, because of who I am, that’s untrue. A little bit, but… that’s okay. When did you lose your virginity? Um… I lost it… When I was… – Just don’t tell me sixth grade. – No. – Oh, okay, thank you… – Seventh grade. – Seventh grade? – I’m just joking! Two months before I turned 17. Not too bad. I thought it was younger. Haha, sorry! It’s the way she dresses. Eighth grade? Eighth grade. What’s something I do that embarrasses you? On Facebook, one of the things that you do is that when you leave a comment, you leave it in the format as if you’re writing a letter to me. Like “Dear Brian, nice picture. Love, mom. Have you ever had a threesome? – Yes. – Ugh. Alright! Okay! Have you ever had a threesome, and would you? I don’t need you to answer that. I don’t even wanna know the answer to that! Well, since I was from the 60s or 70s, who didn’t have threesomes? – Ooooh… – Yes, I have. Hmm. How was it? Stick to the cards. Who is your favourite child? I don’t have a favourite child. – I like you both the same. – I think that’s a lie. Er, no it’s not a lie. What is your favourite sexual position? Please, drink. PLEASE, drink. Me on top. This is so weird. Questions! What’s your favourite sexual position? When your mom pretends she’s asleep. Ooh! Do you send nude images to people you’re dating? I hope not. Images or videos? It says… images. Oh. Images? Sure. Videos? Hah. No. Oh my goodness! If there was one thing you’d change about me, what would it be? I’d want you to be less selfless. You care too much about other people and you don’t put yourself in front. Ever. Mmph. And you need to figure out what you want for your birthday. – Oh, God. – Don’t. – Have you ever stolen from me? Haha, yes. I got one of the easiest ones in the world. – I took the TV the other day! She took my TV, frickin’, two weeks ago! I had it in my bedroom, a big screen TV! I didn’t know how long they were going on vacation, so I was like, you know what? It’s light, I’ll bring it back… When I get old, will you let me live with you? Or will you put me in a home? I’ll put you in a home but I will definitely visit. Can you believe that?! Man, I can’t believe that. Believe it. When I moved out, were you relieved or sad? – Um, sad! – Now I’m crying, don’t cry! Mom, we need to lie. Me too! Now, that’s rude! That’s not the right question. I was very sad. – I look really ugly when I cry. – Me too. Okay, here we go. Let’s drink to that. Here’s to us. Do you wanna play truth or drink at home? We’ve put a full list of questions as well as all information down in the description box. If you haven’t already, be sure to click subscribe So you can be the first to know when we post new content. If you wanna see more from this series, check out the truth or drink playlist we made right up here. Then let us know which question you would have had to drink on in the comments down below. Cheers!

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100 thoughts on “Parents & Kids Play Truth or Drink | Truth or Drink | Cut

  1. I think the Chinese mum did not really understand what was waiting her when she accepted to take part in the video

  2. * We're u happy when I moved out* my parents would be like yes u were a little monster to everyone at every school u went to

  3. 3:53

    What is wrong with him, thats ur mom, how could u say that.
    And the look he gave when he said “ Believe it” !!!!

    Speechless 😶

  4. The white kid with the beanie was soo rude to his mom.. It almost feels like he hates her.. She fucking raised him and spent all that time on him so he could put her in a home at the end? God..

  5. I'm really impressed by this channel…ive been binge watching this all day…great idea n great work.👍👍😁😁

  6. Holy shit this one guy is a literal blasian. ( not that that’s a bad thing AT ALL) I’ve just always heard jokes about them lol

  7. I think something really screwed up happened in the family to have that much awkwardness between the beanie guy and his mom…

  8. I will leave you in a home and go visit? wow these people need to learn with Italians and Brazilians… always keep your parents, do everything for them no matter what

  9. When your mom pretends she is asleep BEST ANSWER EVER in any of these videos , the shower one was awsome to , super savage dad

  10. That dude with the beanie seems like something is off with him lol he answered his questions like he got deep harboring feelings about his mom.. Basically he looks like he spent a lot of time in the basement if you cat h my drift..

  11. Wait I don't get the guy who said the way he is makes him think his mum smoked/drank/drugs whilst pregnant? Anyone that can explain?

  12. Every time I see the guy with the beanie, there's a hidden veil of negative experiences and social awkwardness. I peeped the same weirdness when he got high with his dad. Must've been a very strange childhood.

  13. Son: have u ever had a threesome
    Mom: well, we didn't have those back in the 60's

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