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Domestic Violence and Abuse

Paulo & Miguel 13 Damage Control (EN.ES.FR.IT.DE.EΛ.SR.中文)

DAMAGE CONTROL Miguel could even be right, but he lost the reason when he hit Paulo. I find it very weird, that you can’t understand this. – What could Miguel have done? – He could had at least a bit of decency. – Your brother is the one that’s not decent! – I’m really sorry for you to think that way. Usually I’m the conservative one, here… But it looks like you and your brother are beasts. – Calm down… There’s no need for that, António. – Violence is the weapon of the weak and incompetent, do you remember? You used to believe that! What? It does not apply to your family? – What are you doing? – I’ll delay our meeting to another day. It looks like we’re not in the mood to talk about business. – Our family issues can’t spoil our business! – It’s really interesting that you say that. Since this whole crisis because of André started, this office was never the same again. And now I ask you: If you’re not able to separate the issues, why would I be? – Yes, Luisa. Tell him to wait a bit, I’m finishing a meeting. Hi, Teresa. How is Paulo? – In the bedroom! Straight ahead! Here, here… Hello, how are you? – Oh, my god! What happened to you? – It was… an accident… – Teresa told me it was playing football… I already saw a lot of fighting scenes and I recognize pretty well that kind of marks… – Marta, don’t take it personal… but, I don’t wanna talk about it, ok? – I know that we don’t know one another that well… But, there’s one thing we already know: we can trust the other. Paulo, I’m here to help. You can count on me… – Yes, but did he make all the medical examinations? At least he didn’t break anything… Ok, we’ll speak better later… Don’t worry. Only me and Fernando know about this. We obviously will not tell anybody. Ok, dear, see you later. Kiss. Paulo is in bed. It looks like Miguel hit him a lot… – I’m sorry, António. We’re both sorry for this. António, I overreacted… Excuse me… – I also… went too far… I’m sorry. – So, what do we do now? – Only Teresa, them and us are the only people knowing about this… – Miguel wants to keep this as a secret. – Paulo won’t surely want anybody to know, as well… – So, this is an agreement. – I’m like this because… … I was drubbing by my best friend… – But why? – Marta, this is a very delicate matter… I don’t know if I’m able to talk to you about this… – You speak if you want to, Paulo. – Look, I really need to share this with someone, otherwise I’ll explode! I’ll explode! – Then, tell me! Come on! Why did he hit you, if you’re friends? – Because I betrayed him. – Did you steal his girlfriend? – It’s much more complex than that, believe me… So, what happened? – Paulo, forget it. You speak, if you want to. – My issues with Miguel… have nothing to do with fights because of any girlfriends… I had a secret… and I was keeping it for a very long time… And Miguel discovered in the worst way… I am gay, Marta… and Miguel is not only my best friend… He’s the man I love… I always loved him… – So… he hit you… because he discovered that you liked him? – No Because… … He found out that he had been in bed with me… – He found out? Didn’t he know it? – We were pretty drunk… Marta, I know this must be a shock for you… – No, not at all! I mean… Of course is a shock that your friend hit you that much… But… But, sometimes passions become really complicated and they can bring violence… – A unrequited passion, you mean… – So… he’s not gay? – No… He’s a homophobe. – How is he? – In his bed. He doesn’t wanna see anybody… – I wanna talk to him. – Give him time, António… – He’s my brother and I wanna talk to him! – What for? To give him a lecture? – Of course not! I just wanna see him! See how he’s doing. – I didn’t tell him that you already know… I only ask you one thing: take it slow because Paulo is very traumatized with all this story… – What are you doing here? – I came to see… what Miguel did to you… – Who told you? – Fernando. He know it! already? – Miguel had a problem at home and he told everything to Fernando. – What problem? – Why didn’t you tell me? Why didn’t you trust me? How is André? – He’s better. He’ll have an extra consultaion with his psychologist. You made the appointment? The psychologist stays in Lisbon one more night, just because of André. – How nice of him. He must have liked him… – Yes… It must be that, I’m sure… My little love… – Aren’t you uspet anymore? – Pardon me, if I was rude with you, this afternoon… – You were a bit unfair… – I lost my mind… That story of you giving the pill to André… then the thing with your brother… – I don’t wanna talk about that matter anymore… I was bothered enough for today… – How stupid of him… I don’t get it! Is it that big issue? … If you and your brother weren’t so conservative… – Do you think that too? – Come on, Fernando, for god sake!… You two are totally conservative! You’re the same as your father, he was completely homophobic! – How can you say such things? – Do you remember Mário? The one that was our age, he worked at the mini market. Do you remember? – Mário wasn’t gay! – He was completely gay, but people didn’t talk about it, at that time. and your father fired him right away, as soon as he found another little reason to! – Seriously! That’s enough for today… I had a fight with António because of this… – Let me guess: you told him that Miguel hit Paulo, António freaked out and now he must be thinking that Miguel is a Monster. – It was more or less that… Yes. – You didn’t defend Miguel, did you? – Of course I did! He’s my brother! – And Paulo is António’s brother!… My little love… Fernando… You’ve always been a fair man… That’s why I fell in love for you. That’s why I love you. And I know that there’s a lot of stuff going on at the same time… … But don’t you stop being yourself just because your brother is playing the victim. – I never had the courage… that’s the truth… And… we were always distant from eachother… Honestly, I never thought you’d accept it. – You could have told me… You could have tried to know my opinion about that… – I never dealt very well with this… – But, It’s your life, Paulo! – I know that’s my life… But suddently… the idea of telling I’m gay… … I don’t know… It always seemed too frightful to me, you know? I didn’t wanna disappoint you… I didn’t wanna disappoint mom and dad… – How could you disappoint me? – By being different… – That ‘being different’ story… I don’t buy it, you know? To me, you’ve always been my little brother… That’s the most important thing to me… You can count on me always! Whenever you need me, ok? You could have told me as you told Teresa… – Teresa is the only relative who knows about this… – But that may be about to chance… – What did Miguel tell to Fernando? – It’s not quite what he did… It’s more… what he did. … He drank too much and he fell down in Fernando’s pool. He was about to drown. – What? Are you sure he’s alright? – Yes. Fernando took him out of the water just in time. – No… This can be happening again. It can’t, Teresa! – Calm down! Everything’s alright with Miguel! – ‘Happening again’? What are you talking about? – It’s nothing. Paulo is just a bit disturbed with all of this. – What are you hiding from me? – Paulo, you can’t be like this. This was just a fright… You have nothing to do with it. – Don’t you get it, Teresa? I’m bad to other people! They get close and look what happens later! – That is a nonsense! You had nothing to do with what happened to Leo and you have nothing to do with what happened to Miguel! – Leo? Who is this Leo? What happened to him? – Leo was my boyfriend… We broke up and I was pretty rough with him… I was stupid… … and he couldn’t stand to live without me and he committed suicide. – Oh, my god! – Leo’s dead was not your fault. He was living in London… … he could have killed himself for anyother reason. We just don’t know it! – The things I didn’t know!… The amount of things that passed me by all these years… You’re my family, damn it! – You have your life… We barely see you… – I have to call to Miguel, I have to! – No, you won’t! You must be quiet, Paulo! Please! Do you wanna stay for dinner? – Sure! – Let me prepare it. Stay here and keep him company, ok? – I need to know if Miguel is ok! I need to know! If something happened to him, that’s my fault! – Paulo, you can’t be responsible for what Miguel does with his life! Miguel must learn how to control himself! – I don’t know how your hair doesn’t fall. You pull it so strongly! – Let’s stop the funny jokes because I’m not in the mood today! – So, are we upset today? – No, we’re not upset… – Humm, so this is us, when we’re not upset. – We aren’t, but we’ll be if you don’t explain to me with all the details what happened to your brother Paulo!… You don’t even know how to lie. I’m sure you’re hiding something… – Xana let it be, please. – No, I won’t! You’ll have to tell me, Sir! – We’re getting into the ‘Sir’ phase? – And you know what that means, don’t you? Ok. Very well. I thought we were one of those couples with no lies to eachother… … With no secrets! But it looks like we aren’t! – My brother is gay! – I wasn’t expecting him to accept it so well, you know? – António is not so squared as we tend to imagine him… He’s just cautious. – I didn’t feel good before, when he didn’t know about my life. But… .. we never had a moment like yesterday. He was really available to talk. – Look at least something good came out of this situation. … and now you’re quieter. – I told Marta, as well. – Really? – Yes. – How was it? – Honestly I don’t know why I did it… It felt good to tell it to a person that’s not so close… – Yes, it’s normal. Sometimes we’re more open with strangers. They don’t have a previous idea about us, they don’t judge us… I totally understand it. I met Marta recently, but… I feel like I can trust her… I don’t know why. I don’t know how to explain it better… it’s just like that. – Yes, you can be good friends! – Yes, and I will surely need some new friends from now on… … Because my friendship with Miguel… It’s over for good.. – Paulo, ‘For Good’ and ‘Never’ are too much definitive. Let time pass. You’ll see that things will change. – No, Teresa. It’s over. I’m absolutely sure about this. I spoiled everything… – It’s unbelievable, António! You can’t dump a story like that to someone who’s not ready! – I’m sorry. – That story is macabre! – Come on, Xana. Don’t overreact it! Do you think I’m overreacting? I mean… Your brother is the one who abuses and betrays his best buddy, and I’m the one who’s overreacting!? – Xana!… They’re both adults! – Chanel!!! Chanel, bring me the butter, please!!! – I’m coming, Mrs Alexana! – What were you saying? – I was saying that Paulo & Miguel are both adults. They drank too much and they got involved in a… complex situation… But they have to admit what they have done. – So you think it’s normal for a person to abuse the other when he’s drunk… moreover when he’s GAY? – I didn’t know you had a problem with that. – No, I didn’t. I just started to have a problem when ‘That’ came to our family! – Is everything ok, Mrs? – Everything’s great, Chanel! What’s up? Go away, I’m talking with the Sir! Can’t you see? Out! – I can’t imagine the hell that Rita & Fernando must be in! … Not to talk about Miguel, poor boy… Your brother didn’t have the right to do such thing! He just didn’t! – Seriously? Am I really listening to you attacking my brother and defending other people’s family? – Other people’s family are our best friends and they need our understanding! – Where are you going, Carlota? – I’m going to meet Duarte. – Don’t you eat something first? – I’ll eat later. I really must check something with him, before I go to school. – Let her go, honey. She’s going to meet Duarte… Give him a kiss from me, honey. – Thank’s mother. – Didn’t she look strange to you? – No, I think she’s great! – She seemed tense to me.. and she didn’t eat. – At least your daughter is normal, did you notice? She’s not in love with a girl, she’s in love with a boy… – Look, I’m going to pick up some juice for us. – Is everything ok? You look a bit nervous… – No, I’m just waiting for André, he went to the kitchen. – Don’t you wanna wait for him by the pool? I was going there, right now… We could take a dip or something… – I guess I didn’t get you very well… – I guess you just did… – I’d better be going… – What’s happening? – Ask your unlce! – What happened, uncle? – Nothing! I just invited her to go outside by the pool… – Did you freak out, uncle? – What’s the problem? I didn’t do anything wrong! – Maria thought you were seducing her! – Actually I weren’t. What if I was? What would be the problem? She’s a pretty girl… – She’s Duarte’s girlfriend! What’s wrong with you, uncle? – Nothing! Nothing’s wrong with me, ok? – Seriously, António. I didn’t know that trait fo yours: so quiet, so modern!… … So trendy! First you accept that your brother is a fairy… – Xana, respect him, please! – … Now your daughter is getting naked on the web and you’re so peaceful, so calm… Everything great!… – You’re confusing everything… You’re misrepresenting everything! – Me? – Yes! You worry about what others might think. I worry about the well-being of the people I love! Got it? You think I’m insensitive… You think I just care about money and material things… – Isn’t it like that, António? – No! It’s not like that! I am not like that! Money is nothing more than a tool to survive. Yes, we must be carefully, of course. But money is just that… Family in another matter!… … It’s blood, feelings, affections… That’s the most important issue. If sometimes I’m hard, it’s because I’m thinking about the future… … and I’m trying to safeguard the feelings of the most important people to me. … The people I love!… – It’s amazing… It’s amazing, António… We’re married for how long?… Years! … and nevertheless, my love, you keep on surprising me! – Isn’t it a good thing? – Usually you don’t show that side of yours, António… Especially lately… – Maybe… I’ve been more emotional… – Yes, maybe… maybe… Either way… Our daughter will now have an old fashioned punishment!

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  2. Honestly no matter how much you love that person you should not let that person hitting you like that if it's was me no matter how much I love you if hitting like that I'll be break your arms

  3. Honestly no matter how much you love that person you should not let that person hitting you like that if it's was me no matter how much I love you if hitting like that I'll be break your arms

  4. Je suis un fan inconditionnel de le série je regrette énormément qu'ils aient supprimés les vidéos s sous titrée français de la série 1 à 34

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