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People with Disabilities Face Barriers. Inequality Shouldn’t Be One of Them.

This is what empowering involves –
it’s to reinforce those who are actively engaged and to mobilize those communities that are
not. It starts with a recognition of who you are,
that you are someone with rights. You’re entitled because of your humanity. Often people do not even realize that their
human rights are violated. Why? Because they have not known any better.
They have always lived in that institution. They have always experienced neglect.
They have always experienced abuse. We all face barriers. We face oppression.
We face a lack of capacity. We’re less participatory. If someone isn’t able to be recognized by
our legal system, then essentially we can’t talk about rights.
They have no space to exercise those rights. When we see a problem and if we can identify
a group of people or a person who happens to know it and understand it,
then we empower him or an organization to do it. The Human Rights Initiative comes in with
funding to link coalitions of disability rights organizations
and really create a cross-disability movement. The purpose is to ensure with disabilities
have the same opportunities as all other citizens. Access to education on an equal basis to others.
Access to justice on an equal basis with others. We have radically changed the way in which
legal capacities approached mental health laws. Our focus has been on what we see are the
most marginalizing laws and policies. We work to help those communities and support
those communities because we believe in universal rights. It’s a universal principle. It’s a universal
perspective. It’s a universal approach to make this world
just for all.

Cesar Sullivan

10 thoughts on “People with Disabilities Face Barriers. Inequality Shouldn’t Be One of Them.

  1. Hello,
    Am I the only one asking in Alberta, Canada, "Why are my Human Rights dependent on the status of my service dog."
    We 'must' stop this silent war on people with disabilities. If we as a society do not question why are we restricting people's human rights, it may be your rights that are denied next.

  2. This makes me disgusted. People with disabilities should be treated equally and reelected, fairly, kindly like everyone else. That includes education, safety/security, etc. No matter what the severity to slightest degree of disability really is. I have borderline/mild General learning Disability, ADD/ADHD and bipolar depression including Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Some people who tried to treat me like trash or nothing they will be treated the same. Because I happen to be bright and well fortunate. Very rare that one with disabilities could be break down onery and mean toward a coward who mistreats those with disabilities.

  3. Hello everyone, please watch my videos and subscribe to my channel for special needs children. I am eleven years old and am trying to create more awareness about the disability Global Delayed Development and to encourage and inspire children who suffer with the delay after Drs told my mother I would never be able to talk, I am now on a mission to start my own to show surrounding special needs discussion and I am hired by companies who invite me to make YouTube videos at their venues to promote the fact they welcome and cater for children who have special needs. I also have a book called "NEVER STOP TRYING" which is an inspirational book for children available to order on Amazon for £3.99 FACEBOOK SAVANNAH DOLOR
    Thank you

  4. I just got back illness and talked to 5 well off lawyers. don't let them fool ya u go play a game go to school or any type employment. Kiss are happy miserable life's as we know it good by.

  5. Hate crimes against the disabled are at an all time high hotspots of
    discrimination are government departments and transport.

    The new 2018 disability discrimination act will be the adoption of new
    UN treaty obligations after the 2016/7 review. These may include
    criminal offenses for withdrawing disability assistance and failure to
    provide resources when asked to do so.The police will be given automated
    fine powers and criminal warning letters to directors,civil servants
    and individuals who harrase disabled people.Further plans may see that
    all government organisations and contractors will need to demonstrate 10
    % quotas of disabled people in the workforce. Whilst those disabled
    people who fall under the equalities act part a may have the automatic
    reporting of any inccident ivolving a severely disabled person referred
    to a magistrate.

    Here is an expample recently by an operating company

    The speciially adapted train type is leaving in 15 mins to my desination
    Could I purchase a disabled single ticket today for my destination?
    Train company I am not selling you a disabled ticket
    Passenger why not?
    Train company…because you are disabled!!!
    Passenger….. here is my government registration and ID for very
    disabled passengers regulated by parliment and UN.
    could I have escorted travel to my disnation?
    Train cant travel because you are disabled.
    Could I have assistance in getting to my train in the next five minuted
    as it will leave without me?
    Train company…no…then runs off leaving the passenger with no
    Train company…. We will only give assistance if you buy a premium
    ticket…(this is again against the law) as assistance is not dependent
    on a ticket.
    Police is then called to report criminal harrasement against a blind
    disabled person.

    The intended delay maybe decided as intentional leaving a destination
    delay of 3.5 hours and a tripe to a and e.

    Its amazing what happens when out of earshop of the authorities.

    The 2018 act should change this into an arrestable offense by the staff
    under the nurenburg rules.

    The courts are zero tollerant to this type of incident.

  6. Don't forget that people with disabilities are the poorest of the poor, regardless of skin color or ethnic background. 70% to 83% of blind and visually impaired folks are unemployed and 1 in 4 blind and visually impaired folks are currently homeless, due to employment and housing discrimination. People with disabilities, especially the blind and visually impaired groups face the highest rates of unemployment and homelessness. When it comes to diversity in the workplace, people with disabilities are the group that's never included in the equation. We are always left out. People with disabilities constantly face overt and covert discrimination, when it comes to getting a job, regardless of education level.

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