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Purple Moby Dick feminized marijuana strain EN

The massive yield, mind-blowing potency and huge dimensions of our legendary Moby Dick dress up in 2018 as a result of Purple Moby Dick’s birth: a hybrid that gives the strain that put Dinafem Seeds on the international cannabis map an extra touch of beauty. The features of the voracious whale remain intact, but they’re far prettier. Now, with this Purple version, the great beast of the cannabis kingdom is visually more attractive. Her yield is still massive. This plant becomes as big as before, but now she’s far more beautiful. And her aroma goes one step further too. The mythical Hazey scent of Moby Dick acquires new sweet and fruity nuances. As for her effect, Purple Moby Dick still delivers a potent high, only suitable for regular users.

Cesar Sullivan

8 thoughts on “Purple Moby Dick feminized marijuana strain EN

  1. Looking forward in growing a few of your autoflowers. To see how they turn out in Los Angeles California. Grower Love Ganja Storm Troopers!

  2. I would love to be sponsored or get my seeds for half price if possible! I do not see a lot of your genetics in Los Angeles California.

  3. Has anyone actualy had a chance to grow or smoke this strain…would like to hear some reports…considering on purchasing a few of these beans

  4. Nice project. But isn't original Moby Dick a cross of widow and haze? How does Purple Moby Dick come to it's name then? Much love

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