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Quick Neck Stretch!

Hey everybody. Today’s yoga swatch is
going to work with your neck and a little bit with your shoulders, but
primarily with the neck. So first just take a few moments and notice how your
neck is. Do you have some tension, any tightness? What do you feel in your throat,
the sides of your neck? You want a nice long spine, and go ahead and inhale your
arms up and bring your hands behind your head – and they’re just going to rest there.
They’re not going to press into your skull at all. They’ll just be hanging out
and we’ll be doing a little bit of sort of butterfly flapping with your elbows.
So inhale here. Exhale bring your elbows towards each other just a little. Inhale
until you feel a stretch – maybe in the front of your shoulders or your chest,
and exhale a little more. So first we’re going to warm up these muscles before we do
a stronger move that will stretch your neck more. Right now we’re not stretching
your neck. Okay and then we’re going to make them move a little bit bigger. So
you’ll inhale, arch your chest forward, lift your chin maybe half an inch. Exhale
engage the belly, tuck your chin, and bring your elbows closer together. So
inhale chin up just a little – not all the way towards the ceiling and exhale tuck
the chin stretching the back of the neck. So you’re not pulling on your head your
hands are just resting there but we’re getting some nice stretch and
circulation in the neck. Two more times. You’re also getting some circulation in
your shoulders and in your chest. Opening on the inhale and closing on the exhale and
then you’ll com to the open position with a neutral neck.
So imagine your chin is a little less than parallel to the ground. And
we’ll be working with some isometric movement. Isometric means there’s not a
big move for you to see, so I’ll tell you what you’ll be doing. You’ll want to firm
up your hands and your arms so they don’t move anywhere. And when you inhale, press
the back of your head – the back of your skull – into the hands. And exhale
just relax that press. So we’re strengthening your neck muscles on the
inhales when you press the head into your hands and your hands are unyielding,
and exhale relax. A couple more times. Working with the muscles in your neck. One more time. And at the end of your
exhale your hands come down to your lap. Give your shoulders a little wiggle or
circling. Give your neck some circling as well. And notice what you feel. You are
complete. Your body and I thank you for practicing. See you next

Cesar Sullivan

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