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r/entitledparents | “I CAN CUT THE QUEUE BECAUSE I’M A MOTHER!”

Entitled bench thinks she can get away with
assaulting an employee, turns out she’s very wrong about that
M I’m one of the shift managers at a well-known
and well-loved fast food establishment. We are famed for having some of the hardest-working
and most respectful employees in the industry. As a manager on duty, I make sure my employees
know I have their back. That brings us to today. Our cast is as follows:
Me: Freaking hate that guy NG: New guy, pretty cool dude who occasionally messes up, as we
tend to expect from new hires. AE: Awesome employee, I usually leave them in charge when
we’re working together because they know their stuff EB: Entitled Bench EK: Entitled Kid So today had been rather uneventful. The occasional
spill here or there, someone got the wrong thing on their order, etc, etc. Most customers
love us, and understand when we mess up. We always make sure to make it right, no matter
if it costs us a few bucks or 50. Cue EB. Now, I was in the manager’s office
looking over some catering orders due for that day. For some reason, it seemed the entire
city of L.A. decided today was a fantastic day to order all the food in the house. No
matter, it’s good money. I was in the middle of trying to call someone in to give Back
of House some relief from all the massive orders they had to now make. AE comes in and
tells me that someone’s at front counter and wants to talk to me. I hang up the call (the
person hadn’t answered yet) and head to the front. There, I meet EB and her monster child who
wont. stop. screaming. EB: Your employee is trying to scam us. I
ordered a large ice cream cone, and he gave us a small. NG looks petrified and isn’t saying anything.
Not wanting this interaction to continue, I say “I’m sure it was an honest mistake.
We’ll fix that for you right away.” NG immediately nods his head and heads to the ice cream machine. EB: Scoffs An honest mistake, huh? Your “honest
mistake” made my child cry. I demand you make that ice cream free. Me: Ma’am, I can either give you a refund
or remake the ice cream. Your choice. EB: WHAT? How dare you? You really expect
me to pay for it after YOUR employee made a mistake? Me: With all due respect, it seems you already
ate the other cone. Besides, at this point there isn’t any proof that a mistake was made
in the first place. We’ll replace your ice cream or issue the refund. NG is walking back with the cone at this point.
EB’s previously enraged demeanor quickly changed to an almost creepy sweetness. EB: Okay, I’ll take the cone. Thank you so
much. I sense something off here, so I linger in
the area. My spidey-senses were on. NG presented EB with the cone. As soon as he turned his
back, I saw EB ready herself to throw the cone right at NG. Luckily, my reflexes were
fast enough to slap the cone right out of midair… into one of our soda machines. I
internally cringed, knowing we’d have to do an extensive cleaning on that later. Not wasting
time, I immediately turned to EB. Me: Leave this restaurant right now. EB: But… Me: NOW. If you ever come back here you will
be turned away without question. EB gathers up her child who is now screaming
EVEN LOUDER. EB: Your food sucks anyways. I hope you go
under. I decide escalating the situation would be
pointless, so I just keep an eye on her until I can see her car driving down the street.
I capture an image from the security footage to put in our DO NOT SERVE list. NG was shaken
up but insisted that he was fine working. I gave him a 30 minute paid break so he could
calm his nerves. This occured all of 2 hours ago at this point
and my blood is still boiling. *Your* birthday should revolve around *my*
schedule! M
So this story is probably much shorter and more tame than most on this sub but honestly,
I went to bed last night more ticked off than 99% of other nights so just kind of wanted
to get it off my chest more than anything I guess, and it seemed like it fit here. Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t want or
ask for much on my birthday. I have the day off from work on Sundays so that was already
a win for me. For as long as I can remember, for my birthday specifically it’s practically
been tradition to celebrate with an icecream cake that a nearby store sells, this year
was no different. My sister has two kids, age 5 and 8. They’re great kids, love them
to death. My sister herself has always had some mental issues (bipolar, switch flips
on a dime type stuff) but refuses to get help for it. It’s led to many of arguments with
family over the years, but her life, her choice, whatever. So they were over. (not really because of
my b-day, it’s very common for them to be here because they live literally 1 minute
away down the street and her house is honestly disgusting and not clean at all, so instead
of cleaning she just comes here instead) It’s around 7:15 PM and they want to cut the cake.
I’m in the middle of something and say I’d be ready in about 20 minutes, and that they
can start on the cake if they’d like. Apparently, my sister did not like this. I was upstairs
and didn’t hear this directly, but from what my girlfriend tells me, my sister just started
exploding on me, talking about how selfish I am, then bringing up other random, irrelevant
petty crap in attempt to justify it. Talking about how it’s a school night and so her and
the kids have to be in bed and need to leave at exactly 7:30, apparently. They ended up
storming out about 10 minutes before I was ready. Kids didn’t even get to finish their
cake. Go downstairs once I was available to, get
told by my mom that I really ticked them off? Like excuse me? Now my sister has spun a tale
to paint me as the bad guy for all of this. How freaking entitled do you have to be to
think someone else’s birthday should adhere to your schedule, down to the minute? Despite
the cake, it just ended the entire day with a terrible taste in my mouth. Hopefully this
wasn’t too scatterbrained, would be too difficult to format this as a conversation since I didn’t
hear it directly. EM trying to Cut the queue at checkout counter
by being an abusive and lying person. L
A little background, I work and live in Dubai and most of the time I shop from carrefour
close to my apartment in here (that’s closest thing to Walmart in here, I have seen Carrefour
in France as well). Since close to 90% of the people living in
here are expats who work and lives in here, evening hours in the supermarkets and malls
can get pretty crowded. This happened three weeks back, So I was getting
some groceries on a sunday evening after work . The queue for cashier in the evening was
pretty long(fun fact :Sunday we work here in UAE, weekends are Friday and Saturday). Since I’m living alone and I hardly cook,
I had around 14 items, which is mostly the snacks I indulge my evenings on. So I was
there getting close to the cashier, there was just another guy in front of me with a
Shopping cart full of stuff, and I was on my phone taking to a friend. “Excuse me Mister” I heard someone talking
to me close to my left ear. I told my friend to hold and turned around, there was this
EM with a Kid, now this kid is not an entitled kid by any means. She is too young even to
say something. I told my friend on the phone that I’ll call later since it wasn’t anything
important. Me:” Yes ma’am..” EM:”You mind if we go before you? We are in
a hurry” And EM(Looks 40) points the basket in Kids
hand. Its a small Basket with some chocolate and a colour book. So I look at the 8 or 9
people behind me in the line and no one seems to have a problem judging from their face. Me: ” Sure no problem, you can go ahead” Now EM doesn’t say thank you, which doesn’t
matters to me anyway , she cuts in the line, the guy currently at the checkout is swiping
his card and cashier is bagging the stuff. Em suddenly turn around and waves her hand
and starts yelling EM:”EK come over here”!! HERE! Surprised as me, everyone in the checkout
counter turned around only to see the EK, with a trolley full of stuff. Literally more
than 100 different items for sure. Everyone in my line combined wouldn’t have that much
stuff to checkout. ME: “excuse me mis, I was under the impression
that you had 2 or 3 items to checkout. But this is a bit too much and I can see no one
in the line would approve that. Most of us been waiting here for over 15 minutes” EM: “What you saying? I was here before you” I was genuinely shocked I was like.. Wtf. ME: ” No you weren’t” I was a bit confused like may be she was there
and told me to hold the place or something and i didn’t notice because I was on the phone? Now already couple of people are having big
trollies on the checkout counter which is pretty narrow (its two line in the middle
and two checkout counters in the both side kinda set up). So EK(About 14)comes by pushing
the cart through the line in a forced manner. Like literally he was not giving a dang and
doing it by force. So there is one bald guy(BG) , he was on his
phone all the time, I thought he didn’t care or he didn’t even notice the whole thing.
But.. He just happen to stop the cart by holding it when EK was trying to squeeze it pass him. BG: “You not gonna cut the line, not today” EK: “Mom.. This jerk is stopping me” Now the EM storms pass me and go to the BG, EM:”who the freak you think you are?” BG: “look these people are nice, might let
you get away with your bullcrap, but am not gonna let it happen, and you need to teach
your little crap some manners” EM: “I was in the queue ahead jerk and don’t
you dare to preach me on parenting ” BG: “No you weren’t ” EM: “Ask that guy” ME: “No you weren’t, you happen to trick us
in to thinking you got two items to cut the queue, then you are being a really Crapy person
about it” This time I was sure that she wasn’t in the
line before me by just looking at her face. It was literally the face of someone who thinks
themselves as ‘I am so smart, rest of the people are stupid… So I can get away with
YOU STARING AT MY BUTT PRETENDING ON PHONE ALL THE TIME? ” ME:” Now that’s it. You not gonna get on this
queue or any queue today without waiting your turn bench ” I would have stared at a pack of sour candy
than her butt.. And I hate those candies (I really wish that I could have come up with
this line there atm) So we hold the queue and call the manager.
To my surprise everyone else was calm and supportive. And one guy actually said like”
may be it would have been much quicker if we let her first, but let’s wait and get this
crazy women sorted out” After few min manager shows up Manager : “what’s the problem”? EM: ” I was on the queue first and these two
are not letting my kid through, pointing at ME and BG Another guy on the queue “Bullcrap.. She was
cutting the line saying she have only two items. And her kid showed up later with a
truckload ” Manager just look at everyone to see the nodes
to confirm his words Manager then asks the cashier and she confirm
the same EM:” These people are freaking lying ” Manager :”Its safe to assume that you were
cutting the queue than assuming everyone else is lying ma’am. So you have to step out of
the queue and start in the end of any queue ” EM: ” Bullcrap” turn toward me “You freaking
lier” and she tried to grab my phone. May be to break it? Idk… I withdraw my phone
and hand out of reflex. Manager : “That’s it.. You are done in here.
We don’t want you in here anymore” Apparently they can ban customers inside a
store. So EM was removed immediately by the security and the Manager apologised everyone
for the trouble. The whole thing took about 20 min of everyone’s time. And that
was it. Karen harasses a girl to the brink of tears
on a bus stop because she gave her seat to Karen
M This happened this morning and I’m fuming
about it. So I was standing near the bus stop and a
girl was sitting on the bench and talking on her phone on the bus station. Suddenly
Karen strolls past me with her toddler winching/making loud noises in the baby carriage, she has
a bag of chips in her hands and tells the kid to cool down and he will get it. Karen
goes to the bus station where the girl is sitting, still speaking on her phone, and
almost directly the girl stand up and gesture that the seat is Karens’ since she’s on her
phone and moves away. Well, this nice gesture lead to Karen FLIPPING
OUT. The moment the girl stood up I hear Karen yelling at this girl and almost let her baby
carriage roll on the street when she hastily tries to park it so she can confront this
girl. Karen walks up to this poor girl and literally YELLS in her face, while gesturing
aggressively, her face less than 10cm from the girls face and acting super threatening.
I’m talking “fight me” kind of body language. I don’t speak the language spoken since I’m
an international student, but I do understand some keywords. Karen yelled at the girl that
the girl needed to excuse/apologize for something and the girl keeps repeating she’s on her
phone. I start walking closer to the girl and Karen sees this and decides to leave the
girl alone, going back to her noisy kid. At this point the girl was on the brink of
tears and sniffling, and I feel absolutely guilty I couldn’t help her earlier, so I write
on Google translate that I’m sorry she had to experience that and the bus arrives. Later
when I was walking to uni the girl approaches me and tells me Karen yelled at her for giving
up the seat, saying she was “mentally ill” and accused her of being crazy and on the
phone with her therapist and that she needs to be locked up, because she wouldn’t sit
down and talk on the phone next to her. All because she tried to be nice to Karen. I’m so mad for the poor girl and hope she
never has to experience this again.

Cesar Sullivan

31 thoughts on “r/entitledparents | “I CAN CUT THE QUEUE BECAUSE I’M A MOTHER!”

  1. 5:14

    I did a "slowmo" catch just today.

    Was cutting the top of a plastic cereal bag, and the top snapped off faster than I wanted it to, resulting in it falling to the ground.

    I, scissors and bag stump in hand, lunged down with both hands and grabbed it 3ft further down.

  2. What is with McDonalds ice cream machine always being broken? Is this an American thing? I have never gone to McDonald’s and had their ice cream machine broken and I always order ice cream whenever I go. I actually make it a point of stopping pretty much every time I go by.

  3. I have noticed that even in other cultures if having a semi private phone conversation people will move to a slightly less crowded area.

  4. I've only had a problem once or twice with not being able to order ice cream at McDonald's and either time it was on a really hot day when a lot of people would be ordering ice cream, so I wasn't terribly upset.
    And yes, I live in the United States.

  5. I've always found vacation parents to be extra entitled, I've seen them let their little minions run amuck on the boardwalk. Especially into the cycling lanes and feel the need to evil eye or yell at me for swirving my bike away from their kids, I guess I'm the asshole for "scaring" their kids?

  6. The Karen on the bus was likely insulted because she thought the girl gave up the seat because she thought the Karen was β€œelderly” and therefore needed the seat.

    So she attacked. People are dumb.

  7. The Dubai story – I do not know how many grocery stores their are in the ex-pat area of Dubai, but I bet it isn't a large number. The EM probably has caused herself a great deal of grief.

  8. I legit wait for these to come out!!! And i get so excited for some juicy stories, that I turn on youtube and just listen to amazing stories while at work. I have my own EP stories however I am unsure if I should share

  9. The dig at McDonalds is legit. There are a few close to me, and if I want ice cream, whichever one I go to first has none. As far as the sister, it is no longer "you do you" when you have children. You have a responsibility to your family to be mentally stable and take your meds.

  10. β€œI have a mental disorder so it’s ok to act like the ultimate ass.”

    Bull! I have a low grade depression goin on 20+ years and when my depression starts hitting me and I upset others then I expect them to tell me so so I can better myself. It’s not an excuse or a free pass

    I don’t take medication either cause the side effects

  11. If I am not in a rush, I might invite someone to go ahead of me if they only have a couple of bit… and if that doesn't involve them skipping anyone else. However I never ASK to jump ahead, and never allow anyone else to go in front if they ask… no matter why you're in a hurry, it's not for you to decide that your time is more valuable than anyone else's…

  12. I live in Italy. Carrefour is a thing over here too. In fact, we have memes about it (and my friends and I have inside jokes about a specific Carrefour not far from my home)

  13. You would really be surprised the refextes ypu get working in fast food. You become a reflexed master. Essecally when with ice cream.

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